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Friday, April 12, 2013
Liberal activist Jane Fonda angers veterans
Greg began Friday's show with the news that some veterans are boycotting Jane Fonda's new movie, in which the far-left actress portrays Nancy Reagan. Cpt. Pete Hegseth and professor Richard Walter entered the No Spin Zone with different views of the Fonda-as-Reagan casting. "There is no statute of limitations on treason," Hegseth declared, "and that's precisely what Jane Fonda did when she went to Hanoi and sat on that anti-aircraft gun and recorded propaganda statements calling our brave Vietnam veterans 'war criminals.' Veterans are completely justified to be outraged about this." But Walter advised vets and all Americans to consider forgiveness. "Jane Fonda has said a lot of dumb things over her life and certainly she was wrong to go to Vietnam, but she has apologized for that and asked for forgiveness. It's part of the religious tradition in this country to forgive people who ask to be forgiven. God bless our veterans, but how are they served by having a political test for actors who are portraying a character?" Greg pointed out that Fonda's upcoming film is chock full of lefties: "The Weinsteins are putting out the movie, John Cusack is playing Richard Nixon, and all that's missing is Michael Moore playing Gerald Ford."
Frightening new revelations about North Korea's nuclear capabilities
Should the world be concerned about Kim Jong-un's nuclear threats? Greg posed that question to Gordon Chang, whose book "Nuclear Showdown" analyzes North Korea's military capability. "This is a volatile situation because we have a lot of new leaders," Chang began. "Kim Jong-un has been in power for less than 16 months, he hasn't consolidated his position, and he's been purging many officials. So the regime is in disarray and at no time since 1949 has a North Korean leader had a smaller base of support, which means this guy might risk everything. Then you have the South Koreans, who are on a hair-trigger alert, and the Chinese military, which is supporting the North Koreans. So this is moving in the wrong direction." Chang ominously added, "Within three or four years the North Koreans will have a nuclear warhead that they could deliver to any U.S. city with a long-range missile."
Far-left protesters shout down Karl Rove during a college speech
A couple of students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst tried to shout down Karl Rove when he spoke on campus this week. Rove ridiculed the protesters and their tactics. "These two lunatics had to read their heckle off a piece of paper," he said, "and how pathetic is that? But most of the crowd was respectful and we had a great evening." Greg asked Rove why leftists often try to silence their political opponents. "Liberalism claims to be tolerant," Rove replied, "but there is an intolerant element on the left that doesn't want you in their playground. What do they have to fear? They don't like having conservatives on campus because they know our arguments will sway some people." Greg offered a pithy explanation for the lack of heckling by conservatives: "They're usually working."
Jay-Z responds to Cuba controversy with new song
Rapper Jay-Z has implied that President Obama facilitated his trip to Cuba, but the White House denies any involvement in the visit. Greg invited author James Hirsen and professor Mark Sawyer to analyze Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuban adventure. "If Beyonce and Jay-Z had grown up in Cuba," Hirsen observed, "they would not be free to create the kind of artistic expressions that have made them successful. As Senator Marco Rubio pointed out, a famous Cuban rapper is rotting in a prison and it would have been nice if they had visited him." But Sawyer, who spent a year in Cuba, defended the glamour couple's visit. "Interacting with Cubans is about changing hearts and minds, and having rich American celebrities hanging out in Havana undermines the message of communism. Our embargo policy is insanity and Marco Rubio is an idiot who is completely emotional about the policy." When Sawyer insulted Senator Rubio, Greg immediately fired back: "Do you think calling Marco Rubio an 'idiot' helps your argument? It kind of makes you look stupid. Why is pointing out that two celebrities are pawns in a propaganda machine idiotic?"
Which way is the jury leaning in the Jodi Arias murder trial?
Greg next welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who contends that accused killer Jodi Arias should not be facing the death penalty. "I think capital punishment," Rivera said, "should be reserved for those hideous, horrible, mass-murdering dogs who rape children or have multiple victims. If we're going to apply the death penalty to every woman who kills her husband or boyfriend, the death chambers will be busier than ever. You can't start killing women who are filled with fear of a boyfriend twice their size. The state has overcharged Jodi Arias, as they did with Casey Anthony, and I think it will rebound against them." Greg reminded Rivera that Arias has not been a model of consistency, saying, "She changed her story so many times that he could have been murdered by aliens by all we know."
Why is the mainstream media ignoring the Kermit Gosnell trial?
Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial for killing at least seven infants moments after they were born. Greg asked communications professor Jeff McCall why the media has largely ignored the gruesome story. "This topic needs news coverage," McCall declared, "and this is a conscious decision by news executives to not cover this. News decisions are made in part on the biases and whims of the editors and producers. This shows the darker side of the abortion controversy and there are some grisly and inhumane details that directly confront the notion of 'freedom of choice.' Living human beings were allegedly being killed by this doctor." Greg concluded that media bias is the reason behind the conspicuous lack of coverage: "The underlying factor is that most people in the media are pro-choice and this makes them uncomfortable. This doctor is essentially a serial killer and you can't even read the court documents without turning your stomach."
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