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Thursday, April 18, 2013
Latest on the Boston terror attack investigation
The Factor led Thursday's program with the news that the FBI has released the photographs of two suspects in Monday's bombing. Retired FBI agent Bill Daly dissected his former agency's decision to show the photos. "This is a huge step," Daly said, "and the FBI learned its lesson with the bombing at the Olympics when one person was named as a suspect but turned out to be not guilty. So I think they are highly confident about these people and they have something else showing these people in that place putting the packages down."

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer entered the No Spin Zone with the latest from Boston. "The thing that has struck me," Hemmer said, "is the discipline the FBI has employed over the past two days. They did not speak, they did not address the public despite the amount of pressure on them to produce something. In the press conference today the FBI said they have photographic evidence of 'suspect # 2' leaving the bomb on Boylston Street, which is a strong indictment and strong language. Just listening to the FBI tonight and knowing how careful they've been, they did not want to make a mistake here."
Can the government protect us from violence?
Guests: Bob Beckel

"President Obama gave a rousing speech in Boston Thursday, saying the city would never give in to violence and the nation will never be defeated by terrorists. He did a good job with that speech, but on Wednesday the President's tone was very different; he was angry about losing the gun control legislation in the Senate. Why did background checks fail? Surely it would be better if criminals and insane people were stopped from buying guns, but checks will not keep guns out of the hands of bad people, who will buy guns illegally. If the President were really serious about protecting Americans from gun violence, he would federalize gun crimes. If you're caught with an unregistered gun you go to a federal prison for at least five years; use a gun in the commission of a crime and it's ten years! That would take gun criminals off the streets fast and drastically cut gun violence. But President Obama's gun legislation is targeted at law-abiding people, not the criminals, and that's the reason he isn't getting anywhere. And finally, a word about terrorism. Since the attacks of 9/11, 34 people have been killed by terrorists in the USA. So authorities are doing a darned good job protecting us and we should be grateful. The bottom line is that the government can protect us from harm somewhat if it acts in a tough and smart way."

The Factor invited Democrat and "The Five" co-host Bob Beckel to evaluate the Talking Points Memo. "I like your ideas," Beckel said, "but we also should use background checks on people who buy guns at gun shows. In Virginia you can go and buy seven guns without checks and then sell them to criminals - every single gun used in a crime in America was bought legally to begin with. It was a cowardly act by the Democrats who jumped ship in the Senate " The Factor reiterated that background checks would be useless, saying, "There are more than 100-million guns on the street, so any kind of registration is a moot point."
How does President Obama handle high-pressure situations?
Guests: Ed Henry

President Obama reacted angrily after the Senate rejected his call for stricter background checks. Fox News correspondent Ed Henry analyzed the President's overt and uncharacteristic ire. "He's frustrated," Henry theorized, "because he sees an issue that is not going anywhere. The White House made a calculation that background checks was the most popular thing and the easiest thing to get through. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe a bigger and more comprehensive bill would have convinced more people. He's running out of time before he's a lame duck, so if he doesn't get it done now, he's not going to get it done." The Factor added that President Obama lacks credibility with gun rights advocates: "People don't trust him on the issue. They say, 'If gun control is so good, why all the violence in Chicago?' He has no answer."
Texas couple charged with capital murder in the deaths of Texas DA
Guests: Megyn Kelly

The Factor welcomed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who was on the air live Wednesday afternoon when rumors started flying about an arrest in the Boston terror attacks. "We were seeing reports of an arrest," she said, "and CNN said three federal law enforcement sources told them an arrest had been made. But we didn't have confirmation so I told the viewers that other news outlets are making these reports, but we are being careful. Then we saw the other news outlets reporting that no arrests had been made. It's cable news and one reason people tune in is so they can be part of the process, you hold the curtain open and let them see in." Kelly turned to North Texas, where two prosecutors have been murdered. "Originally there were reports that a white supremacist group was behind this, but former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams and his wife have been arrested. The murdered prosecutors had gone after him for allegedly stealing three computers from the courthouse and authorities now say that his wife has confessed to being the getaway driver."
Texas fertilizer plant explosion injures hundreds
Guests: Wesley Adcock and Parnell McNamara

A massive explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant has killed at least five people and injured dozens of others. The Factor spoke about the incident with Wesley Adcock, who tried to rescue some of the injured people. "I was working down the road," Adcock said, "and I saw a big mushroom cloud. I told the sheriff I knew CPR and first aid and he sent me to the community center, which was like a war zone. People were hurt and didn't know what to do, so I took people to hospitals in the area." Sheriff Parnell McNamara described the widespread devastation. "This was an extremely large explosion and it does look like a war zone. Buildings were leveled, houses were blown off their foundations, roofs and windows are missing as far as six or eight blocks away. We heard there was some looting and we addressed that very quickly and stopped it."
Down by the banks of the River Charles
If you visit Boston this summer you'll help the local economy, learn some history, and make a loud statement to the murderous villains behind the terror attack.
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