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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Lone Wolf vs. conspiracy theory in the Boston terror attack
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

"Some left-wing media are already touting the 'lone wolf' theory that the two young terror bombers acted alone. Talking Points does not believe that theory but well understands why it is being promoted. Let's look at the facts: Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had no money, so how did Tamerlan afford a six-month trip to Russia? Also, who bought the guns, the explosives, and the cars the brothers had? It simply doesn't add up that these two financed the Boston Marathon terror attack on their own. But why do some on the left want the lone wolf theory to be true? Because if it is shown that organized Muslim terrorists helped the two brothers, that would lead to a crackdown on whoever did it. As we pointed out last night, President Obama doesn't even want to describe the terror attack as an act of jihad. So there is strong media motivation for the left-wing media to tell you that the attack was the action of self-contained zealots. Summing up, these brothers had access to no money, so let's find out where the money came from that financed their terror spree."

The Factor invited Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain to evaluate the Talking Points. "I get your fundamental point," Powers said, "and we probably mostly agree on this. For some reason the term 'Islamic terrorism' has become a racial statement, and you get called a 'racist' or an 'Islamophobe.' That's ridiculous because there are Islamic jihadists all over the world who want to kill us. It's not 'anti-Muslim' to criticize Islamic jihadists." Obenshain tried to rationalize why so many self-described progressives leap to the defense of Islam. "The Obama administration is still calling the Fort Hood massacre 'workplace violence' and the President has an edict out that no one will use the term 'radical Islam.' The Muslim radicals are targeting the United States because they hate freedom, individualism, and markets, and there is something about that liberals find appealing. It's a bizarre alliance."
Should the U.S. halt Muslim students coming into the country?
Guests: Bob Beckel

"The Five" co-host Bob Beckel, a loyal lifelong liberal, has called for a reevaluation of Muslim immigration. He entered the No Spin Zone to explain. "I have been taking a beating from my side," Beckel admitted. "I think the 75,000 Muslims who are here on student visas ought to stay, although about 15,000 of them have never showed up for schools. But there are 20,000 more coming in September and the FBI has a number of open cases on student visas. Let's take a two-year hiatus and finish up those investigations, and when we are satisfied that the Muslims are not radicals, let's put it back together." Beckel also denounced those Islamic leaders who turn a blind eye to terror. "I would feel more compassionate if I heard one person in politics or in the mosques step forward to say terrorist acts are bad."
Did Hillary Clinton mislead Congress on Benghazi?
Guests: James Rosen

Congressional Republicans have issued a scathing report accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of lying about the attacks in Benghazi. The Factor pursued the controversy with Fox News correspondent James Rosen. "The Republican committees that prepared this report," Rosen reported, "saw a cable that they say was signed by Hillary Clinton that rejected requests for greater security in Benghazi. We know these requests for greater security went to high levels of the State Department, but we don't know whether Secretary Clinton is telling the truth when she says she never saw the cables." Rosen put forth credible evidence that Mrs. Clinton knew, or should have known, that the attack was an act of terror. "On the night of the attacks on September 11th the State Department circulated a bulletin that an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group was claiming credit. It strains credibility that the report was withheld from the Secretary of State, but she has testified that she was aware of no reports."
72 members of Congress ask networks to address their lack of coverage of the Gosnell trial
Guests: Rep. Marsha Blackburn

The mainstream media have largely ignored the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is charged with murdering infants who had been born alive. The Factor was joined by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, one of 72 members of Congress who sent a letter of complaint to the three legacy networks. "We are asking for a clarification," Blackburn said, "of why they are not covering the trial. We think this is a terribly disturbing issue and we want to know whether they are not covering it because it involves poor women in minority neighborhoods, or because they cover abortion issues ideologically and politically, even in cases such as the Gosnell house of horrors." The Factor accused the traditional media of blatant bias, saying, "Many people believe that the network news is generally pro-choice and they don't want to cover any story that puts abortion in a bad light."
Miller unleashed on the Boston terrorists
Guests: Dennis Miller

Nine days after the Boston bombings, Dennis Miller offered up his observations. "Veterans are telling me their aid is being cut," Miller groused, "while the older terrorist was on welfare. Can we at least cut the welfare off now and not pay for this kid's funeral? You ask why the President is afraid to say 'terrorism,' and it's one of three things: He's either stupid or he's creepy or he's like a super-computer that has thrown a gear. Why isn't he saying that radical Islam obviously clings to their gods and guns, why does he say that about the electorate in West Virginia? If we want to take the high ground in a war on terror, we are going to have the best seat in the house to witness our own demise. Wake up, America!" The Factor concurred that President Obama has been too restrained: "We're trying to get to the bottom of why President Obama will not say 'Muslim terrorism.' I think he has a reason and I'd like to know what the reason is."
What do the Boston bombers Internet postings tell us?
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy, who has been poring over the Internet posts of the Tsarnaev brothers, reported on her findings. "What's disturbing is seeing how radical the older brother was," she said. "Four months before the Boston Marathon, Tamerlan posted video of a radical Muslim cleric saying it's okay for anybody, even children, to kill. He also had a video of a prophesy about the radical jihadists rising up in Central Asia to defeat the infidels, the Islamic version of Armageddon. And last year the younger brother Dzhokhar said he's been in America for ten years and it's time to leave."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Christine Greene, Griffin, GA: "Mr. O'Reilly, Nihad Awad was very respectful to you and you should have allowed him to make his points uninterrupted."

Sal Cruz, Colorado Springs, CO: "Bill, I'm glad you told Awad you didn't want to hear his speech about Islam. The subject was terrorism!"

Jim Mcburney, Aptos, CA: "O'Reilly, browbeating peaceful Muslims isn't getting you any points with me."

Sonya Federman, Jerusalem, Israel: "Bill, you were not too hard on Awad. This is what Muslims do: they divert attention away from hard questions by accusing everyone of attacking Islam."
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