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Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Three more arrests in the Boston terror bombing case
Guests: Kevin Cullen

"We told you that the Boston terror suspects had to have help, they couldn't do what they did without training and money. The FBI is investigating that angle right now in Russia, and today agents arrested three men in Massachusetts who allegedly helped Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after the bombing. Two are exchange students from Kazakhstan, one is an American citizen. These guys knew their pal had been arrested for the bombing and decided to help him anyway! There is obviously a huge problem at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. What kind of students are they accepting? Four bad seeds on campus? How many more? Massachusetts is a magnet for students from all over the world; that used to be a strength but now there is suspicion, especially on the Muslim students. Along with the criminal investigation, there should be a state investigation into what exactly is happening in the welfare and university precincts."

The Factor was joined by Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, who opined on latest arrests. "We have to keep things in perspective," he began. "There is not a huge number of foreign-born students at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and it's going to take some time to figure out whether these kids were nefarious, or were they more Borat than Boris Badenov? The feds say these kids knew their buddy was implicated and they tried to get rid of evidence. That's wrong, their first phone call should have been to the cops." The Factor also suggested that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's widow Katharine Russell should be scrutinized: "It strains credulity to think that this woman wouldn't know that her husband was involved in this."
New Pew poll shows majority of Muslims want Sharia Law
Guests: Harris Zafar

A disturbing poll indicates that a large majority of Muslims wish to live under the strict edicts of Sharia Law and that a large number believe violence is justified. Harris Zafar of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community assessed the findings. "This is a matter of concern for us," he said, "but it's also important to note the vast difference between American Muslims and non-American Muslims. The problem is not systemic within Islam, this is happening in countries with incredibly high rates of illiteracy and extremely low economic prospects." The Factor agreed that Muslims in the USA tend to be peaceful and productive citizens: "I don't consider American Muslims a problem at any level, but our problem is that Muslims from overseas think they can come over here and blow people's arms and legs off in the name of Allah."
Gay Rights Activist: Institution of Marriage should not exist
Guests: Bob Beckel

Author and reporter Masha Gessen, a vociferous gay activist, recently proclaimed, "The institution of marriage should not exist." The Factor invited reaction from Bob Beckel. "Comments like that are not helpful," Beckel said, "when the Supreme Court and state legislatures are going through issues about gay marriage. Marriage is a great institution and for her to be stating this is not very timely." The Factor contended that some extremists have as their goal the end of marriage itself: "This woman believes that when gay marriage becomes law, people will just not bother getting married at all and there will be any combination of living arrangements. A lot of far left people believe gay marriage will be the end of traditional marriage." Moving to another subject, Beckel reaffirmed his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. "I got attacked from my friends on the left, but these guys arrested today were Muslim students, and Muslims have been behind every terrorist attack I know of."
Wild government spending continues
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

The city of Philadelphia, $13 billion in debt, will now pay for sex change operations for city employees. Meanwhile, Illinois is funding a museum for Mexican art, and California has 11,000 workers in the Department of Corrections earning six-figure salaries. The Factor invited Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain to opine. "I don't think it's fiscally responsible to spend money when you're in debt," Powers conceded, "but it's not just a problem where there are liberals. We certainly had this problem under a Republican Congress when Bush was President." Obenshain disagreed with the notion that the problem is bipartisan. "California is ready to fall off the map because it's so heavily in debt, yet they will give state aid to illegal immigrants to go to college. These are far left agenda ideas that are being perpetuated by leftist elected officials and public sector unions." The Factor agreed that big spenders tend to be on one side of the political fence: "The far left, which controls the legislatures in California and Illinois and the city council in Philadelphia, will spend as much as they can until they're either arrested or voted out. The left doesn't seem to care about fiscal responsibility."
Dennis Miller evaluates President Obama's comedy routine
Guests: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller, who knows a thing or two about stand up, assessed President Obama's routine at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. "I wish we could give Obama his own late night show," Miller said, "because he's great at that. But I don't know if he could do it because if you can sleep through Benghazi you can sleep through the opening of a show. As I watched all the fawning acolytes in the press corps looking up at him, I finally figured out that he's Frank Sinatra and the press is Peter Lawford - when they're bathed in his reflected glory they feel like they're players. He's a great stand up comic, but as good as he is at that, he's that bad at being President. Let him sell ShamWows." Miller also delivered a personal message to quarterback Tim Tebow, who was released by the New York Jets. "God speed, my friend. You're a class kid and I admire the way you handle yourself. If it's not football for you, it's something else."
Will the Benghazi chaos erupt into a full-blown scandal?
Guests: James Rosen and Carl Cameron

An anonymous military man has told Fox News that the government is not telling the truth about last fall's embassy attack in Libya. The Factor asked FNC correspondent James Rosen for the latest on the story. "If you're asking me whether this is a major scandal," Rosen began, "the answer is yes. I define scandal as a situation where you have a major event and the official version of that event is riddled with inaccuracies and half-truths and falsehoods. Four whistleblowers on this case have been threatened with reprisals, according to attorneys representing them." Rosen's colleague Carl Cameron turned to the chaos surrounding the short-lived furlough of some air traffic controllers. "The villains are bureaucrats and administration political employees. The automatic cuts were designed to be painful, so the implementers were told they had to go with across-the-board cuts, they couldn't lessen the pain in any way. The administration warned people that there would be delays and they made sure that would happen."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Ken Summers, Carlsbad, NM: "O'Reilly, I honestly don't know how you can sit across the desk from Colmes without strangling him. I had to leave the room when he justified welfare payments to the terror bombers and their family."

Stan Hamilton, Bozeman, MT: "Colmes was right. A modest $10,000 a year in welfare payments for a family of four is in context. Your rudeness to Coles was way out of line."

Merrell Denison, Roseburg, OR: "O'Reilly, you were courageous to say that the Chicago violence problem is race-driven not gun-driven. Stossel said that more whites are on welfare than blacks, but he knows full well that 48% of welfare recipients are black while African-Americans comprise 13% of the population."

Dr. Neil Skogerboe, Bemidji, MN: "The problem of violence is driven by the destruction of the traditional American family. Prisons are bursting with men who grew up without fathers."
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