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Wednesday, May 8, 2013
The Factor Rundown
What did we learn from today's hearing on Benghazi?
"There is no question that the USA did not protect Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans who were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi last September. So today the House Oversight Committee tried to find out exactly who screwed up and why, although a few committee members used their time to protect the Obama administration. There are three major areas of concern for those who want to know the truth: Why did the White House not deploy a rapid security team when all hell broke loose in Benghazi? Why did Ambassador Susan Rice mislead the world when she said a provocative anti-Muslim video could have ignited a spontaneous attack on the Americans? Was President Obama and/or Hillary Clinton at fault in the Benghazi debacle? The witnesses today were compelling, but they are not at the level where they could level direct charges against the President or even Secretary Clinton. Mr. Obama was barely mentioned and his role remains largely undefined. We the people are left with these facts: The U.S. government did not protect its people in Libya the way it should have, it was not forthcoming about who launched the attack, and it has not brought the killers to justice. The Benghazi incident speaks to a failure of leadership in the State Department and the White House. There is no way Ambassador Susan Rice should have been allowed to mislead the world. The truth is that Republicans want to know the whole story because it embarrasses the Democrats, while the Democrats don't want to know the whole story because it helps the Republicans. But the folks should know what happened, especially the families of the murdered Americans."

The Factor welcomed Congressman Jim Jordan, a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee. "It was established today without any doubt," Jordan stated, "that Ambassador Rice misled the American people and she went out and told a different story than the facts showed. Even the Democrats agree that we need more hearings so we can get to the truth and find out who told her to go lie to the American people. The other fact made clear is that this goes to the very top of the State Department." The Factor was reluctant to describe Susan Rice as a liar: "I don't think Ambassador Rice knew what she was talking about, she was a pawn in this. But there was somebody who pushed her out there and that's what you guys have to find out."
Jury finds Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder
An Arizona jury has found 30-year-old Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder in the savage slaying of her boyfriend. The Factor scrutinized the verdict with attorney Monica Lindstrom. "I thought for sure that when the jury said 'guilty' she would scream or cry or something," Lindstrom said, "but there was nothing, she was just very stoic. I believe the jury always agreed that this was a premeditated murder, and the state will now try to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was mental or physical cruelty when she killed him. If they find that beyond a reasonable doubt, then they can impose the death penalty. But I don't think they're going to put her to death, my gut tells me it will be life in prison."
New developments in the Cleveland kidnapping case
Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer entered the No Spin Zone with the latest news from the horrendous case in Cleveland, where three girls were held hostage for a decade. "The FBI and police say they want to move slowly with their interviews," Hemmer reported. "52-year-old Ariel Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape, but there have been no charges yet against his two brothers. I have been told that Ariel Castro is wearing a large smirk in jail!" Hemmer also updated the location and condition of the three young women. "Amanda Berry is at home with her sister, Gina DeJesus is home with her parents, but Michelle Knight is still in the hospital. Apparently she was pretty roughed up and needs more treatment than the other two."
How bad is kidnapping in the USA?
The Factor asked legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle to quantify the danger of kidnapping. "411 people were kidnapped by strangers in 2012," Wiehl reported, "so it's a fairly low number compared to the 650,000 people who go missing every year. Most of those missing are runaway kids." Guilfoyle added that the statistical rarity of abduction can lead to false assumptions. "When you get reports of a missing child or teenager, the initial assumption can be that there is a problem in the family. They assume it's a runaway, but then after a certain period of time they can designate the case as a 'missing person.' That's frustrating for family members." The Factor lamented that kidnapping, while rare, has an inordinate impact on American families: "Kids can't play outside on their own because of the molestation problem and this kind of stuff that pops up. Do you know how much this has cut into our freedom that you can't have children go play in the neighborhood anymore? These evil people have destroyed a lot of our freedom."
Are Democrats protecting the Obama Administration on Benghazi?
During Wednesday's Benghazi hearings, some Democrats on the House Oversight Committee devoted their time to defending President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton. The Factor asked Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrats Kirsten Powers to opine. "I think the behavior of the Democrats today was astonishing," Powers declared. "They had no interest in what the witnesses were saying, which was riveting. Gregory Hicks was not there as a Republican, he was the number two person in Libya!" Obenshain flatly accused the administration of engineering a cover-up. "The first thing that happened after the attack was that the President and the Secretary of State engaged in an extended political cover-up. Everyone knew that this was not a spontaneous protest, it was a terrorist attack. And yet for weeks, even with the families of the victims standing there, the President asserted that this was the result of a hateful video. This is stunning stuff and the dam is about to break. The truth is about to come out and that's the last thing the Democrats want!"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Lacey Barrett, Gulf Breeze, FL: "I am outraged at the lack of accountability over the deaths of four Americans in Libya. Someone needs to tell the truth."

Kevin Dunn, Ojai, CA: "The reason Benghazi has not resonated with the American public is because the network news ignores it. Not everyone has cable."

Randy McLean, Evansville, IN: "More gun laws will only create new criminals."
Punishing evildoers
People who commit heinous acts of evil, especially against children, need to be removed from society for a long, long time.
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