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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
The Factor Rundown
Analyzing the Sideshow
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

"While President Obama is calling the Benghazi controversy a 'sideshow,' this week two more stories broke that cast doubt about whether the Obama administration is running the country honestly. The IRS has admitted that it targeted some conservative groups for scrutiny, and the Justice Department secretly looked at the phone records of some reporters working for the Associated Press. This morning I went on Good Morning America and Fox & Friends and found two very different situations. On GMA George Stephanopoulos is not convinced that Benghazi is a big deal; on the other side, Laura Ingraham is already convinced that the AP story is a 'scandal.' President Obama can get away with saying that all his troubles are caused by political attacks because some on the right go way beyond established facts. The heavy odds are that the President did not directly order the IRS to pound conservative groups. If he did, it's an impeachable offense, but evidence must come forth. Same thing with the AP story - if there was an abuse of power, facts must back that up. Benghazi is different because there are facts and they point to misleading the American public for political gain. That story is huge! Down the road the IRS and AP stories might become nightmares for President Obama, but that has not yet been established."

The Factor was joined by FNC's Bernie Goldberg, who analyzed media coverage of the Benghazi affair. "Liberal reporters, with a few exceptions, have played down the Benghazi story," Goldberg stated, "because President Obama, their hero, wants it played down. But things changed when ABC News' Jonathan Karl, a mainstream reporter on a broadcast network, broke the story that the talking points were scrubbed of any reference to terrorism. That gave permission to other mainstream reporters to go after President Obama in a way they haven't done before." Goldberg lambasted unfair reporting on both sides of the political spectrum. "There are people on the left who will acknowledge that Benghazi is a big story, and there are people on the right who would not give Barack Obama credit if he came up with a cure for cancer. So we're not dealing with journalism or honest opinion, we're dealing with raw partisanship."
Did President Obama have a hand in the IRS targeting conservatives?
Guests: Senator Marco Rubio

Republican Senator Marco Rubio entered the No Spin Zone with his reaction to the news that the IRS was singling out conservative groups for extra scrutiny. "I don't know if the President had anything to do with this directly," he said, "but it has become apparent that there is a culture throughout the federal government. They basically use the government as an instrument to target political opponents and to make life difficult for people who are saying things they don't like. I believe all that comes from the top of any organization and this is embarrassing for the country. These are things you typically see in the third world, not here!" The Factor agreed that the administration is currently rife with stonewalling: "The President, Jay Carney, and the Attorney General keep saying they're investigating, they want to find out what happened, but they never do. That's the oldest ruse in the world."
Is the Benghazi coverup heating up?
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

Asked about the various problems facing the White House, Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes reached vastly different conclusions. "I would like more transparency in this administration," Colmes conceded, "but you have to admit there is an agenda against Hillary Clinton and the President. The question is how high up this goes - does it extend to the Secretary of State, does it extend to the President?" Crowley insisted that the President and the former Secretary of State deserve the scrutiny they are getting. "President Obama and Hillary Clinton have created 'cults of personality' and, with the protection of the press, they are loved without having to perform. You can not just accept all of the glory of your office and not accept the crap when it comes down. What was Hillary Clinton doing? What was the President doing?"
Victoria's Secret model gives up lucrative career for God
Guests: Kylie Bisutti

The Factor welcomed Kylie Bisutti, a former lingerie model who gave up her career for religious reasons. "I started modeling when I was 14," Bisutti said, "and I won the Victoria's Secret 'runway angel' competition when I was 19. In the beginning I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, but God changed my heart completely over a period of time and He opened my eyes to different things in the industry. My younger cousin was eight when she told me she wanted to throw up her food to look like me and feel pretty. That weighed heavily on my heart as well as being seen in lingerie by millions of men, rather than just by my husband. So in 2010 I gave up lingerie modeling."
Controversial undercover video of abortion doctor in Maryland
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl

The anti-abortion group 'Live Action' sent a woman to visit Maryland abortionist LeRoy Carhart when she was more than six months pregnant. He told her the baby would get "soft" and "mushy" after it was killed inside her womb, and actually told the woman the baby would be like "meat in a Crock-Pot." Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle laid out the legal ramifications of the gruesome admission. "Not much can be done to him under Maryland law," Wiehl lamented, "because it's a state where abortion can be done up to 26 weeks and then beyond that they give the doctor wide discretion. It's very difficult to prosecute unless you can prove that the baby was actually coming out." Guilfoyle urged states to do more to protect late-term fetuses. "If you cared about the children in Newtown, care about the babies in Philadelphia and Maryland and all these other states. The science that we have is very clear."
Federal government spending taxpayer money on oil portraits
Guests: John Stossel

Fox Business host John Stossel, no fan of government spending, complained about taxpayer money being lavished on oil paintings portraying cabinet secretaries and other government functionaries. "A portrait of EPA Administrator cost $40,000 and you paid for it," he groused, "and you paid $41,000 for a portrait of an Air Force Secretary. A portrait of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was $25,000, so he's a bargain, and a HUD secretary who served only seven months got a $20,000 portrait. One Congressman has a bill that would eliminate this, it's called the 'Ego Act.' Let's just eliminate these entire departments, we don't need them." The Factor contended that the money could be put to far better use, saying, "$40,000 could buy two Trackchairs for guys who don't have arms and legs."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bill Storey, Rancho Murieta, CA: "The Obama administration is trapped. They have told so many lies, they can't come clean lest all their deceit will be revealed."

Dr. Raanan Gilboa, Pittsfield, MA: "Bill, I'm amazed that after all the deception, you still take the president at his word when he talks about the IRS debacle. Wise up, please."

Trisha Wilson, Cockeysville, MD: "Mr. O, thank you and Jesse Watters for exposing the outrageous events at the Baltimore City Detention Center. The arrogance of Governor O'Malley is something we've been living with for years."
It's a little bit funny
After Bill recalled his extraordinarily uncomfortable car ride with Elton John, he offered this pithy advice: "Don't get in a car with Elton John."
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