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Friday, May 17, 2013
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Grilling the IRS
"Today the House Ways and Means Committee questioned fired IRS commissioner Steve Miller and one of his deputies. The IRS has admitted it unfairly targeted conservative groups for years, although Miller said he didn't know much about it. But the inspector general discovered the IRS targeting conservative groups months ago, so surely Mr. Miller and the White House knew the IRS was being investigated. Talking Points doesn't know who directed IRS agents to target conservative groups and individuals, but surely Miller knows much more than he's saying. Only when IRS people from the inside start to blow the whistle will this scandal be defined; until that happens it's all speculation. What's not speculation is the chaos we are seeing in Washington right now, which is damaging the nation. The President is rightfully taking massive heat."

The Factor welcomed Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot, who was audited by the IRS soon after he contributed $1 million to help Mitt Romney. "My life changed on April 20, 2012," VanderSloot said, "when eight of us were singled out on the Obama campaign website. The website said we had 'less than reputable' records and had been 'on the wrong side of the law,' which certainly wasn't true. Blog sites and 'journalists' started repeating those messages, I started losing customers, our phone lines lit up, and all hell broke loose." VanderSloot recalled how government auditors showed a sudden interest in his business and his finances. "In June of 2012 I got my first letter that we were going to be audited. Then I was audited by the Department of Labor and had two other audits by the IRS. But there were no penalties, no fines, and they owe me a large refund!" The Factor concluded, "It seems like you were a target because you gave money to Mitt Romney, and we can't have the IRS terrorizing American citizens."
Can IRS be trusted to oversee Obamacare?
The IRS will play a huge role in enforcing the mandates of Obamacare, and the woman heading that effort is Sarah Hall Ingram, a central figure in the current controversy. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to explain. "We should be very concerned," Dobbs said, "because she was actually the person in charge of the tax-exempt division at the IRS during much of the time when these egregious acts were committed. She's now in charge of implementing the Affordable Care Act. If the President were going to fire some people, you would have thought she would be the first person on the list. This is an absolute validation of every fear we ever had about what this administration is about."
Do Americans care about the White House scandals?
Polls show that about half of Americans are closely following the Benghazi and IRS scandals, but when Factor producer Dan Bank hit the streets to ask folks about the controversies, he discovered that many people had never even heard of Benghazi. The Factor sounded off on the stunning display of ignorance: "There's no question that we the people are becoming distracted. When you spend most of your leisure time tweeting, gaming, or on the cell phone, you don't have much time to absorb information. It's no surprise to me that half the country has no clue about how the Obama administration is running things. And many of those people don't care. It may be a slight exaggeration, but if Albania took over the USA but the tech-heads still had their gizmos, hey, welcome Albania!"
L.A. school board votes to stop suspending students if they display defiant behavior
The Los Angeles school board has voted to stop suspending students who display "defiant behavior" in the classroom. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone to opine on the ruling. "Students will not be ejected from the building," he reported, "but they can be put into kind of a 'rubber room.' The theory is that if you send these kids out on the street during the school day they'll go back to the gang and you'll have an exacerbated situation. So as long as the student is not a threat to himself or other students or the teacher, there has to be some kind of mid-level punishment that stops short of getting them out of the building." The Factor ridiculed the school board and its defenders: "So it's better to have them polluting the building and infecting the other students than suspending them for a few days? This was done in L.A. because most of the suspended kids are minorities, so the school board is saying we surrender, we're going to let these kids do what they want."
Study: "Physically strong" men more likely to be conservative
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk evaluated a new study showing that physically powerful men tend to be more politically conservative. "Almost all professional athletes are conservative," Gutfeld declared, "because team sports rely on results, where A + B = C. If you're a liberal, A + B = Racist. Guys who lift weights are generally more conservative because they actually see results and every action hero is a conservative." McGuirk endorsed the plausibility of the study by pointing to the hosts on a certain ratings-challenged network. "Exhibit A in all this is the whiny, pencil-necked wimps on MSNBC. To paraphrase the great Charles Krauthammer, real men do not suck on the teat of big government. We've had Charlton Heston, John Wayne, and Ronald Reagan, while they have Woody Allen, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher." McGuirk also mocked retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, which refuses to make clothing for heavy folks. "These Abercrombie & Fitch people are like perverts who market near-porn to tweens and teens. They're kindred spirits with Mayor Bloomberg, they look down their noses as my overweight brothers and sisters."
Pinheads of the Week!
The lads returned to name the stupidest people of the week. Gutfeld went with an obvious pick, White House mouthpiece Jay Carney. "He is our generation's Eddie Haskell, he'll say anything to Mrs. Cleaver. This guy used to be a reporter, now he's an apologist, and the transformation makes a sex change operation look like a wart removal." McGuirk selected the men and women who are signing up to colonize Mars. "78,000 people have signed up, and when I read that I thought this is great, this is a good way to thin the herd. It's a one-way trip." The Factor went with the "art" lover who paid $1.9 million for a portrait called "Bea Arthur Naked." "$1.9 million could buy 127 Trackchairs for our amputee veterans, but this idiot wants to pay that amount of money to look at this painting every day." Gutfeld found one bright spot, saying, "This means my watercolor of Lou Dobbs in a Speedo is going to get $5 million!"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Marie Pirrrie, Elkhart, IN: "Don't know about Fast and Furious, don't know what happened in Benghazi, don't know how the IRS thing happened. Chaos."

Emil Marino, Painesville, OH: "Mr. O, you stated you did not understand why more people weren't concerned about the scandals. The reason is they do not directly affect them."

Sharon McGuire, Corpus Christi, TX: "There have always been women attracted to notorious men. These women are thrill seeking, but you're right, Bill, they can become bad people themselves."

Janet Pollan, Bradenton, FL: "I was sick listening to the segment explaining why thousands of girls are sympathetic to the Boston terrorist."
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