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Thursday, May 23, 2013
President Obama trying to reassert his authority
Guests: Ben Stein

"In a major foreign policy speech today, the President put forth that his administration is winning the war on terror, although he does not use that phrase. He explained how the drone attacks are effective and legal, and Talking Points agrees. He once again called for the closing of the prison at Guantanamo Bay and talked about increasing security for American diplomats abroad. Finally, Mr. Obama promised to protect the rights of journalists. It is clear President Obama is doing damage control, which was also done in the Washington Post Thursday morning, which had an article about the IRS scandal that was clearly planted by the White House. It said the President was not in the loop and that his top advisers kept IRS information from him for a variety of reasons. So the White House strategy is clear: The President did not know anything about the IRS targeting conservative groups, even though his top advisers did. It is clear that a host of top administration officials must testify in front of Congress; the IRS story is just beginning to surface."

The Factor analyzed the IRS debacle with Ben Stein, an economist and former aide to President Nixon. "Something's clearly wrong here," Stein declared, "because you don't have a top IRS official pleading the Fifth Amendment if there's no likelihood that a crime was committed. Also, the idea that the President is not responsible for his top aides or the Department of Treasury is just ridiculous. They say all this conspiring was going on but somehow he was kept out of the loop. This is just the Nixon playbook minus all the foreign policy achievements." The Factor reminded Stein that President Obama has denied all knowledge of the IRS targeting: "It's not beyond comprehension that all the President's men and women in the White House decided not to tell him anything in order to protect him."
Is the president in danger with the IRS scandal?
Guests: Marc Lamont Hill

For a different point of view on the IRS scandal,The Factor welcomed Professor Marc Lamont Hill. "There is not only plausible deniability in the case of President Obama," Hill stated, "but it is quite reasonable to assume that he really didn't know, which is not to excuse his behavior after he found out. The American people do not want a White House, either Democrat or Republican, that targets political groups based on their beliefs. I don't think that's what Obama was attempting to do, but the right has attempted to paint this as some Nixon-like moment." The Factor pointed out that Hill is not exactly an unbiased observer: "You and Bob Beckel are giving the President the benefit of the doubt because you're both supporters of the President. But I'm in neutral as far as President Obama is concerned and if evidence points to the fact that he did know and he's covering it up, then he's through."
Two Muslim extremists murder a British soldier in the streets
Guests: Laura Ingraham

London was stunned this week when two home-grown Islamists butchered and killed a British soldier in broad daylight. Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham entered the No Spin Zone with her take on the savagery. "This was so shocking," she declared, "and people in London are worried for their safety. They're concerned that they have a whole separate group of people who are not assimilated and are prone to radicalization and jihadist sentiment. There is an adamant refusal on the part of new Brits to accept British tradition and values, which is setting up a clash of civilizations." The Factor theorized that this week's murder could be a turning point: "The United Kingdom has been very lenient with Muslims, but most of them have not assimilated, they speak their own language, they have their own customs. I think there's going to be real violence there unless the British authorities really start to clamp down on these jihadists."
Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's attorney enters the No Spin Zone
Guests: Jack McMahon

The Factor was joined by attorney Jack McMahon, who represented abortionist and convicted triple-murderer Kermit Gosnell. "I was complimentary to the jury because they did their service," McMahon said, "but I don't believe that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established that the three fetuses were born alive. You have to remember that they were injected with a drug in utero and the purpose was to cause fetal demise." McMahon tried to rationalize Gosnell's performing illegal late-term abortions. "A 13-year-old girl would come in with her mother, crying and with no place else to turn. She would beg him and he thought it was the right thing to do, to help that girl at that particular time in her life. In his mind, Dr. Gosnell did not kill live human babies." The Factor protested, saying, "These babies will never ever exist on this planet because he killed them!"
Why did the Department of Justice target James Rosen?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Attorney and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly analyzed the revelation that the FBI obtained a warrant and scrutinized the emails and phone records of Fox News correspondent James Rosen. "James is a great reporter," Kelly began, "and here's what irritates me about this situation. I have no problem with the government investigating leaks of national security information, but in order to get at James' records and not notify him they said he was part of a 'criminal conspiracy.' A lower level judge approved the warrant but there was no reason not to give James notice." The Factor called for the firing of Attorney General Eric Holder: "Holder has to explain this and of course he is not going to be able to, so he should go!"
Bette Midler thanks IRS for targeting conservative groups
Guests: Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla took aim at singer Bette Midler, who applauded the IRS for singling out conservative groups for especially harsh treatment. "I've seen her specials where she goes out on stage dressed as a mermaid," Carolla began, "so we're taking political advice from a giant fish! The hypocrisy bothers me because obviously if it was a Republican administration going after Planned Parenthood she would eat her own fish tail. We have our team, they have their team, but we want the game played without corrupt officials." The Factor pointed out that Midler is not typical of the left: "Most liberal Americans are not condoning the IRS situation, most of them are condemning it. But she is standing alone, thanking the IRS for persecuting conservatives." Carolla also took aim at local officials in Los Angeles, who want to serve breakfast to ever more schoolchildren. "I did some checking into this," he said, "and you can get a sack of oatmeal that has more than 100 servings for $18, so you can feed your own kid for under a quarter. The bigger problem is the indoctrination into the system - we are pulling 6- and 7-year-olds into a system that basically says, 'Your parents won't take care of you, we'll take care of you.' In 20 years these kids are going to want us to cater their weddings."
Ethnicity and fairness
Strive to be fair to every ethnic group, but don't be afraid to criticize when there is an ongoing pattern of bad behavior.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Tony Pirrone, Fountain Hills, AZ: "O'Reilly, why are you and Beckel so quick to declare President Obama innocent in the IRS situation?"

Lisa Rosati-White, Montreal, Canada: "While the president might not have ordered the IRS to scrutinize conservative groups, he sets the tone for his administration."

Tom Marino, Birmingham, England: "Bill, I'm glad you and Rosen discussed the vile attack in London. It proves that Britain does not have a handle on controlling extremists."
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