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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
President Obama does an amazing thing
Guests: Bob Beckel

"As alert Americans know, former UN Ambassador Susan Rice misled the world about the assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. So you would think that the Ambassador would keep a low profile, but today President Obama announced that she is his new National Security Adviser. Some pundits say this is an insult to the Republican Party, but it is not; it is defiance to all Americans who care about protecting diplomats abroad. Talking Points doesn't believe Susan Rice lied, I believe she was told what to say and said it. But she knows who gave her the misleading talking points and will not testify to that. Therefore, Susan Rice is the face of the Benghazi case and now she's been rewarded, promoted by a President who also refuses to explain what happened in Libya. The President will also not explain the IRS situation, where former IRS chief Douglas Shulman was cleared into the White House 157 times. The White House could clear all this up very easily, but the President chooses not to. So what we have here is a defiant President. If he wants to promote Ambassador Rice, he's going to do it; if he wants to stonewall about the IRS commissioner, he'll do that, too."

The Factor invited reaction from Democrat Bob Beckel, who defended Susan Rice's promotion. "I agree with it," he began, "and I think she's highly qualified. Yes, there is a bit of defiance by Obama because I don't think the American people care much about Benghazi. Do you really believe that Benghazi was some big complicated conspiracy? The only thing we don't know is who ordered the stand-down." But The Factor portrayed Rice's promotion as an evasion of accountability. "Ambassador Rice gets appointed National Security Adviser, a position where she doesn't have to testify before the Senate. She's very loyal, but she has a big black mark on her resume. This is shady!"
Democrats downplaying the abuse of power by the IRS
Guests: Kate Obenshain and Kirsten Powers

At a hearing on the IRS, Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott actually disparaged conservative groups who were targeted for special scrutiny. Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers analyzed McDermott's position. "I thought his behavior was appalling," Powers declared. "If anyone watched what these people were saying, there was some pretty unbelievable behavior by the IRS. There are a lot of groups that do things much more political than these groups." Obenshain reacted to the news that some left-wing organizations are now accusing the Bush administration of engaging in similar behavior. "Liberals have found three groups that were audited for things that were said and done that verged on that political line. But this is a desperate attempt by liberals. Of all the scandals, this one is truly resonating and so the Obama administration is going on the attack mode."
Hollywood celebrities supporting military leaker Bradley Manning
Guests: Dennis Kucinich

Some entertainers, among them Oliver Stone and Phil Donahue, are defending Army Private Bradley Manning, who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks. The Factor asked Fox News analyst and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to weigh in. "There is no proof that Bradley Manning had any direct communication with the enemy," Kucinich said, "or that he passed information directly. And there's no indication that the information resulted in any American soldier being hurt. I believe in the First Amendment, which is under attack by this administration. Our highest duty should be to the truth." But The Factor denounced Bradley Manning as a "weasel" who betrayed his country: "This private took classified information and made his own personal decision to put it out to a far-left website while we have military people in the field. That is a crime!"
Taya Kyle - wife of the late Navy Seal Chris Kyle - enters the No Spin Zone
Guests: Taya Kyle

The Factor welcomed Taya Kyle, whose late husband Chris gained fame as one of the greatest snipers in U.S. military history. She spoke about a new book "American Gun," which Chris co-wrote prior to his death. "I don't think of this as a pro-gun book," Taya Kyle said, "as much as a history book. Chris loved history and he shows how American history was changed by people using guns. It's really a fun and entertaining look at people who changed history." Kyle opined that firearms are responsible for far more good than harm. "There are always people looking to kill other people, they were doing it before there were guns. We don't focus on all the positive things, the vulnerable people like me who feel a little bit safer with a gun."
A very special edition of Miller Time
Guests: Dennis Miller

With Dennis Miller on vacation in Merry Olde England, The Factor introduced a few of his greatest hits. This was Miller on Lee Harvey Oswald: "Not only do I think Oswald shot Kennedy, but I think he shot Lincoln, I think he shot Garfield, I think he shot McKinley, he gave Zachary Taylor gastroenteritis, and he caused Warren Harding's heart attack. I think he shot J.R. Ewing and I think he might have knocked up January Jones!" Miller on President Obama, who missed shot after shot on the White House basketball court. "He's better at shooting than he is at picking winners in the 'green job' category. Let's start taxing missed shots and we'll all be flush. That was at the Easter Egg hunt, and what you didn't see was Biden off camera playing pin the tail on himself." Miller also weighed in on President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie touring the Jersey shore: "They're cute together, it's like Danny Zuko and Sandy in 'Grease.' Christie gets something out of this because he looks like an open-minded guy. And when you're north of 400 pounds you've got some insecurity issues, so maybe he likes being with the popular kid. And Christie had the stapling done, so Obama likes to come in and see if there's a way to staple Joe Biden's mouth shut."
Who heckled Michelle Obama at a private fundraising dinner?
Guests: Juliet Huddy

First Lady Michelle Obama was interrupted and heckled this week at an event in Washington. FNC correspondent Juliet Huddy explained what happened. "The heckler was a woman named Ellen Sturtz," she reported, "who is a gay rights activist and was one of the organizers of this event, which was held at a private home. She wanted to bring attention to an executive order sitting on the President's desk dealing with sexual discrimination in the workplace. Michelle Obama actually got down off the podium and walked over to her and threatened to leave. Sturtz was escorted out of the event." The Factor denounced the heckling as "totally inappropriate, totally outrageous."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Ethan Jones, San Bruno, CA: "Krauthammer was correct when he said the viewpoint of the IRS commissioner's wife is not relevant. Guilt by association is wrong."

Teresa Somogyi, Rockville, MD: "Bill, your assessment of why the spouse issue matters was brilliant. I rarely disagree with Charles but you are right."

Terri Pitts, Long Beach, CA: "The reason younger voters like President Obama is because he 'tries' and they've been raised that way. Everyone's a winner if they try."

Jordan Kasemodel, Dallas, TX: "I am 22 and most people my age only care about trendy news stories. They don't pay attention to the economy or the national debt."
Out with the urchins
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