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Thursday, June 6, 2013
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The federal government out of control
Guests: Laura Ingraham

"It seems like every night I'm telling you about another horror story in Washington. Today we learned that Americans who have Verizon telephone services are being spied upon by the National Security Agency. The NSA and Verizon know who you called, when you called, and how long you stayed on the phone. The Obama administration says this is necessary to fight the war on terror, but even liberal Americans are openly criticizing the President. Talking Points usually supports war on terror strategies, but this one is a major intrusion on privacy. Also today, there was another IRS hearing and we're learning that the agency spent about $50 million on parties and conferences that were totally unnecessary. This embarrassment comes on the heels of the agency's admission that it unfairly targeted conservative Americans. The IRS people in Cincinnati, who were originally blamed, say they were ordered to do what they did by their superiors in Washington. The federal government is out of control because of President Obama's management style - he's simply not interested in many of the mundane things that go on in Washington. The President delegates, but does oversee, so ideological federal employees and corrupt people working for the government know they can do pretty much what they want. And even when screw-ups happen, nothing happens to those who are responsible. So it's clear there is chaos in Washington; I wonder what I'll be telling you tomorrow."

The Factor asked Laura Ingraham which of the many government misbehaviors is the most significant. "This is a 'swag bag' of scandals," she replied, "so it's hard to pick. There's lots of disturbing stuff from the NSA today, but I would still have to go with the IRS scandal because it goes to the heart of what we're supposed to be able to believe about our federal government, that it doesn't operate with concern for what you believe. At the IRS hearings today there were more examples of this lack of accountability. The deputy commissioner had no idea how much these conferences were going to cost." The Factor lamented, "This is like a banana republic, where the government does what it wants. Everybody knows the IRS abused conservative Americans and wasted our money."
NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly elaborated on the NSA's amassing of phone records. "We have not known that our records are being collected," Kelly said, "and you can bet it's not just Verizon. Since 2006 the NSA has been getting these phone records from various phone companies - they know the numbers we've called, where we were when we made the calls, and how long the calls lasted. I'm being told by some sources that the feds are doing this because phone companies purge the records after a certain amount of time. And Senators on the Intelligence Committee say the government can only use the information if there is a reasonable suspicion that the records are related to terrorism. I'm not justifying, I'm just explaining." The Factor voiced concern that the NSA, like the IRS, could conceivably use the phone records as a weapon against ideological enemies.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes new abortion law
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Returning for another segment, Kelly analyzed a new study that identifies states where unborn children are most vulnerable. One state on the list is New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to make abortions even easier to obtain. "He is trying to change the law," Kelly reported, "so that you can get a third-term abortion in New York State if it is 'to preserve the mother's health.' But I don't know how they're going to define 'health of the mother,' that's the problem. It puts a lot of discretion in the hands of doctors and mothers." The Factor minced no words about the proposed legislation, saying, "This law in New York State, if it passes, would be a horrific, brutal law!"
Is an anti-Muslim movement growing in Great Britain?
Guests: Tommy Robinson

There has been a spate of anti-Islamic demonstrations in the UK, particularly after the murder of a British soldier by two Muslims in broad daylight. The Factor spoke with Tommy Robinson, head of the leading anti-Muslim group. "We're a protest movement designed to put pressure on our politicians," Robinson said. "Islamism and terrorism and Sharia Law are out of control and if we bury our heads in the sand we are sleepwalking into oblivion. But the government is constantly pandering to Islam and worrying about what the Islamic community will do. We're trying to fight for Christianity, fight for our children, and fight for our culture. Islam is not a religion of peace, it never has been and never will be." The Factor pointed out that Robinson is an extremely polarizing figure in the UK: "When you say you want to protect Great Britain as a Christian nation, you come across as somebody who has an anti-Muslim agenda because of religious reasons. You've been called a fascist and a racist."
Woman sues United Airlines over spilled coffee
Guests: Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk

Friday Guys Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk, apparently lacking calendars, showed up in the No Spin Zone one day earlier than usual. Gutfeld opined on the many controversies swirling in Washington. "We have the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA, and the IRS," he said, "so we need a 'scandal czar.' I can't keep up with the scandals. Regarding the phone records, I am on the fence, where I like to be. If you believed in the Patriot Act, you can't be a hypocrite now. But you are lucky, Bill, because this scandal validates your choice to hold on to that rotary phone." McGuirk ridiculed the woman who is suing United Airlines for $170,000 because hot coffee was spilled on her. "This is clearly frivolous and outrageous, and this is how sleazeballs like John Edwards got rich. If somebody spills a cup of coffee on your lap and you have to leave the plane looking like Al Roker leaving the White House, the airline could just give her free tickets or bump her up to first class." Gutfeld concluded with a deep philosophical question: "What ever happened to 'whoops?' When accidents happened, you said 'whoops' and moved on, but now you sue."
Who do American youth admire?
Guests: Jesse Watters

FNC's Jesse Watters sought out some young folks and asked them to name some people they admire. A few of their responses: "Andy Warhol, I think the stuff he does is great" ... "I look up to Derek Jeter" ... "One of my role models is Lady Gaga because she thinks about making an impact on the world" ... "I would have to say Tyler Perry." Back with grown-ups in the No Spin Zone, Watters summarized his venture. "A lot of these kids are really sophisticated. I tried to stop one kid who was in 6th grade and had a tie on, but he looked down at his $400 watch and said, 'Sorry, I'm going to be late for a meeting.' He blew me off!"
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Factor Words of the Day
Stephen Kreie, Grove, OK: "Bill, Susan Rice knew she was going to say a lie when she appeared on the Sunday talk shows."

Mark Alexander, Raleigh, NC: "Beckel is wrong about Benghazi! I and many Americans care about what happened there."

Larry Monaco, Caldwell, NJ: "So some celebrities say they want to be Bradley Manning. I didn't hear any of them say 'I want to be James Rosen.'"
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