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Friday, June 14, 2013
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President Obama's scandals
Monica began Friday's program with this contention: "There is still no word from President Obama about what's really going on with our unraveling federal government. As scandals at the IRS, DOJ, NSA, and the State Department continue to spiral out of control, we the people still do not have answers from the man in charge. According to a new Fox News survey, only 48% of voters think the President is 'honest and trustworthy.' If the President wants to change that, he should take control of the chaos and give the people some answers."

For an opposing view, Monica welcomed Democratic Party official Dick Harpootlian. "I'm in Columbia, South Carolina," he began, "and when you go to Main Street here nobody is talking about the NSA or Benghazi or the IRS. They're talking about the inability of Congress to pass a budget or to create jobs and improve lives. This is all not that important compared to what are we going to do in Syria, what are we going to do about jobs, what are we going to do about things that really matter." Monica's rebuttal: "We have very severe abuses of power in the IRS and the Department of Justice, we also have four dead Americans in Benghazi and no answers. The President has shown no anger, no availability. If I were a president who was innocent of all the allegations, I would be shouting from the rooftops that no one in my administration is guilty."
Another damning report about the IRS
FBI Director Robert Mueller was unable to tell a congressional committee very much about the agency's investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Meanwhile, a new report alleges that more than 1,000 IRS employees misused their government credit cards. Monica was joined by Mark Everson, who ran the IRS during the Bush administration. "This targeting is very unfortunate and totally wrong," Everson said, "but I am actually reassured by Director Mueller's testimony because when something is handed over to the FBI you want it to go through normal channels, you don't want it to be a political brouhaha. He has a lot of other things to worry about, terrorism investigations and other things, so I think it's right that this has gone into the normal process." Monica concluded that the IRS scandal was the result of "either deep corruption or profound incompetence."
The 2016 presidential election begins to take shape
It may be premature, but some political mavens believe the 2016 presidential election is shaping up as a duel between Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Republican strategist Tony Sayegh theorized that Clinton has been permanently wounded by the embassy attack in Libya. "Benghazi is not going away," he predicted. "Democrats have tried to marginalize it as a political issue, but 72% of Americans want a continued investigation into what truly happened in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton is going to be a part of this, no matter what happens." Meanwhile, Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell downplayed new allegations that some State Department officials were involved in criminal wrongdoing during Clinton's tenure at State. "These are just allegations, they have not been proven true. But if something did happen under her tenure, running any large department is messy. Every President and every Secretary of State has had some controversy." Turning to Christie, Dowdell observed that he is favored to win reelection in New Jersey by a vast margin. "He wants to crush the competition and he's running as if he's in a neck-and-neck race. He is definitely looking to send a very strong message; he is a masterful politician who has managed to maintain a high approval rating along with a high unemployment rate in a big Democratic state."
Troubling statistics about the U.S. economy
Monica welcomed Fox News business host Lou Dobbs, who bemoaned America's burgeoning welfare state. "It's frustrating to think that one in five households is on food stamps," he declared, "and just about half of the population receives some sort of federal assistance. What is most alarming is that we are in the fifth year of a so-called 'recovery' and we are still not creating jobs, we are not discussing how to restore prosperity. The fiscal policy of the country is in absolute shreds, there is no accountability, and the leadership seems to have forgotten that this country is all about prosperity for every American." Monica pointed to a vast difference between this recovery and its predecessors: "In past recessions we've always seen an uptick in entitlement programs, but when the economy improved we always saw those numbers go back down. This time that is not happening."
Kermit Gosnell's attorney visits The Factor
Monica introduced Bill's recent interview with attorney Jack McMahon, who represented abortionist and convicted triple-murderer Kermit Gosnell. "I was complimentary to the jury because they did their service," McMahon said, "but I don't believe that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established that the three fetuses were born alive. You have to remember that they were injected with a drug in utero and the purpose was to cause fetal demise." McMahon tried to rationalize Gosnell's performing illegal late-term abortions. "A 13-year-old girl would come in with her mother, crying and with no place else to turn. She would beg him and he thought it was the right thing to do, to help that girl at that particular time in her life. In his mind, Dr. Gosnell did not kill live human babies." Bill protested, saying, "These babies will never ever exist on this planet because he killed them!"
The immigration debate
With Republican Senators increasingly resisting the immigration reform proposal put forth by Marco Rubio and others, immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez entered the No Spin Zone and urged both parties to compromise. "We have been clamoring for the federal government to act on this issue for the last ten years," he declared, "and why are we now getting afraid to do so? Republicans need to embrace this - let's negotiate and debate, and when both sides come away from the negotiating table unhappy, you'll know it's a good bill." Monica insisted that any immigration bill must be demonstrably good for America and the economy: "U.S. immigration laws should serve only one purpose, and that is to advance our national interest. They should not be there to advance anybody's political agendas, but the Democrats are trying to lock in their advantage among Hispanic voters while Republicans are running around trying to make up ground with Hispanic voters."
Duck Dynasty!
Finally, Monica reprised Bill's interview with Willie Robertson, star of the reality show "Duck Dynasty," which follows a hunting gear company and its colorful owners and workers. Robertson tried mightily to explain the show's success. "I really think it's the family values," the bearded Robertson theorized. "It's something positive, kids can watch, there's not a lot of filth, and it's funny. You see all of us together, brothers and sisters and mom and dad, and you see the playful bickering and fighting. People can see themselves in that. And we try to stick to our roots, we grew up very poor and we try to stay humble. God has blessed us and we have a family prayer at the end of every show." Bill concluded, "You are rich but you don't act rich, and that may be the secret to your success."
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