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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
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Do you believe President Obama?
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
"There is no question that President Obama is in trouble and his job approval rating is plummeting. With all the controversies taking a toll on the President, he gave an interview to Charlie Rose and said this: 'If you are a U.S. person the NSA can not listen to your telephone calls and the NSA can not target your emails.' NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says the NSA is listening to phone calls and reading emails, but he has provided no hard evidence. Mr. Obama is now on the record, and if evidence is produced that any U.S. intelligence is reading emails without a specific warrant, he could be impeached. Today the same question was asked of NSA Director Keith Alexander, who said the NSA does not have the authority to listen to Americans' phone calls or read their emails. Without Snowden or another whistleblower providing hard evidence to contradict that, the snooping story will likely fade away in the coming months. But the IRS story will not fade away because that scandal is getting worse. I'm not saying President Obama did anything wrong, but we don't know who the bad guys are. Summing up, Talking Points is giving President Obama the benefit of the doubt on the NSA deal because this Snowden guy looks shady to me."

The Factor welcomed FNC's Charles Krauthammer, who agreed that widespread NSA data gathering is not a major scandal. "I was never shocked or upset by the revelations of the mapping of the phone calls," Dr. K said. "We had that debate a decade ago, this is old news, and there is no reason to doubt that they are not listening in on phone calls without a court order. We have had billions of calls, but has there been one case of unauthorized listening in? The fact that we have not heard anything of that sort in a decade is evidence on the side of the President and the NSA." Nevertheless, The Factor lamented that President Obama seems detached from the various controversies: "I would expect a little indignation from a man whose whole administration is tottering under one allegation after another."
The latest on the NSA
Guest: John Stossel
Despite his libertarian bent, Fox Business host John Stossel expressed a total lack of outrage at the NSA surveillance. "I figure my privacy is already blown," he said. "My employer can already read my emails, Amazon and Facebook know all kind of things about me, while Google knows every site I have checked out. So I figure everything is out there and I try not to have secrets. The one difference is that I don't have to use Google or Facebook and they can't lock me up or kill me, but I have just one country. I've been called a traitor to the libertarian cause, but I'm so angry at so much of what my government does and this is not one of those things."
Outrageous statement
Guest: Leslie Marshall
During a discussion on MSNBC, University of Pennsylvania professor Salamisha Tillet actually claimed that opposition to late-term abortion is a form of white supremacy. Fox News analyst Leslie Marshall opined on her fellow liberal's assertion. "Why didn't anybody else on the panel react to that?" she complained. "There wasn't another African American on the panel and some people fear touching that when they are not part of that racial group. I've heard crazy people, but I have never heard this theory. My understanding from pro-life individuals is that they consider abortion to be murder, it has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin." The Factor denounced the MSNBC folks who didn't raise an eyebrow when Tillet made her outrageous statement: "As long as you are demonizing people who are conservative or pro-life, you can say anything you want over there, it will never be challenged. But this is so racially charged and it is just sick!"
Are American tax payers being ripped off again?
Guest: James O'Keefe
James O'Keefe, who has captured numerous outrages with his hidden camera, has a new video documenting abuse of the federal government's $2.2 billion program to supply poor people with cell phones. He entered the No Spin Zone to elaborate. "There's a federal program called 'Lifeline,'" O'Keefe explained, "which gives subsidies to companies that give out the phones. It's intended to help poor people but we found that it benefits wealthy individuals, the CEOs who receive money from this program. Every single person we visited advised us that we could sell the phones for drugs." O'Keefe insisted that he and his Project Veritas program have been targeted by political adversaries. "We have reason to believe the Department of Justice was leaking my emails to members of the media and we've settled defamation lawsuits with members of the media. There's a price to be paid for exposing fraud."
3 hot legal stories
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lis Wiehl
Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl began their segment with the latest on the same-sex marriage issue. "The Supreme Court is going to rule on the Defense of Marriage Act," Wiehl reported, "which passed in 1996 under President Clinton. They're going to strike that down because it violates equal protection. They'll say you can't discriminate against homosexuals." Guilfoyle looked south to Florida, where George Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. "This was day 7 of jury selection and so far 32 jurors have been selected in the 'pre-trial' round. Once they get to 40 potential jurors they will do the more specific process. They need to find six jurors and four alternates." Meanwhile, New Jersey police want to confiscate the cell phone of any driver involved in an accident to determine whether he or she was on the phone at the time of the crash. "They can't do this," Wiehl declared, "because this is too broad. They can get a warrant or a grand jury subpoena."
Hatred of Fox News
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
When a conservative organization invited college students to sign a fictitious petition asking President Obama to spy on Fox News, many of the young people actually endorsed the idea. The Factor asked Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes to opine on the FNC-hatred. "I am not surprised at all," Crowley declared. "The left controls academia, the media, and the culture, and these college kids are so far left that most of them were ready to throw the First Amendment out the window. That's a dangerous place for America." Colmes disputed Crowley's assertion that the anti-Fox students are most likely liberals. "We don't know that all those students are liberal, who knows what they are? But the fact is that you fight speech with additional speech, you don't try to silence anybody, so this petition would not be the liberal position."
Cultivating detente
Some people, even those who disagree with you politically or otherwise, can be worth the time and effort required to build mutual trust and respect.
Viewers sound off on Juan
Factor Words of the Day
Jana Stewart, Kirbyville, TX: "O'Reilly, your Talking Points made me angry. Our government seems to be out of control and little is being done about it."

Charlene Kershisnik, Rock Springs, WY: "Juan Williams is the biggest kool-aid drinker on the planet."

Linda Meyers, Arlington, VA: "Juan is right. Bob Mueller is an outstanding FBI director. The FBI is a huge organization and Mueller can't know what his agents are doing at all times."
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