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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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President Obama and national security
Guests: James Rosen & Carl Cameron
"No matter what you think about government snooping, the intent is to protect us from terrorism. So here's the question: Should the U.S. government be more open about what it is doing in the name of national security? Today President Obama spoke in Berlin, and he is not nearly as popular in Europe as he once was because of all the national security stuff. It's clear that the USA is continuing to wage an aggressive war against terrorism and that strategy is a good one, it has saved thousands of lives. But you'll never convince the far-left loons. Former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers says that President Obama should be put on trial for 'war crimes' and 'acts of terror.' I wonder what Barack Obama thinks about his old pal now! The question for all Americans is, are you willing to pay a privacy price to be safe? I am, but I definitely want to know what my government is doing regarding snooping around the private communications of Americans. We the people have a right to know that."

The Factor was joined by Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron, who reported that Google has lodged a complaint against the federal government. "Google says it wants to report more to the public about what they've been required to do by the government," he stated. "Google says its reputation has been damaged and its business has been hurt because of false and misleading reports by the media. They want to report exactly how many times requests for information by the FISA court were approved and they want to be able to tell the public exactly how many users were affected. They want to explain what they've been doing."

Cameron's colleague James Rosen then turned to new allegations of State Department malfeasance during Hillary Clinton's tenure. "We are starting to get a very clear and troubling picture of the State Department under the stewardship of Hillary Clinton," Rosen said, "and some of these allegations go directly to her doorstep. We're hearing about State Department employees accused of sex crimes and using a drug ring in Baghdad. We're also hearing about whistleblowers at State being bullied into silence by personal visits to their homes. Some of Hillary Clinton's loyalists are alleged to have interfered in some of these cases."
What kind of national security does the Left want?
Guest: Kirsten Powers
The Factor asked Democrat and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers to explain why many on the far-left object to drone attacks on suspected terrorists. "Where is the evidence that the drone war is protecting us from anything," she asked, "and where is the evidence that us constantly droning Middle Eastern country makes us safe? I would say the drone attacks have badly damaged the United States, and every time we kill the number one person in Al Qaeda there's another number one person. We're creating more terrorists when people watch their families being blown up." The Factor answered Powers' questions with another: "Are you going to submit that the drone attacks have not badly damaged our enemies? When you destroy the enemy you destroy civilians around the enemy, that happens in every war."
Taliban talks
Guest: Bob Beckel
The Obama administration has announced its willingness to talk directly with the Taliban, which has incensed some conservatives. FNC co-host and Democrat Bob Beckel entered the No Spin Zone with his analysis. "Of course I would talk to the Taliban," he declared. "What do these conservatives think we're going to do, commit another 500,000 troops to a country that has historically done away with big superpowers? Better to have talks with them than to have them shooting at us." The Factor advised taking a tough stance with the Taliban: "I would look them in the eye and I would say we're going to keep some people there, and if you guys ever succeed in taking over Afghanistan we will blow you up with drones."
Violence in the classroom
Guest: Dr. Daniel Bober
There has been an outbreak of physical confrontations between teachers and students in America's public schools. The Factor analyzed the epidemic with psychiatrist Daniel Bober, who has treated teachers complaining of stress. "I think it's getting worse," Bober said, "and I think kids behave differently now than they did a generation ago. Teachers are under siege with smaller budgets, larger classroom sizes, and a lack of support from administrations. But the key to improving behavior in the classroom starts at home with the example parents set for these kids." The Factor placed part of the blame on an unwillingness to discipline miscreants: "As somebody who taught school in a tough suburb of Miami, I can tell you that if those kids don't fear expulsion, the police or suspension, they're going to run wild. We need tough principals and school boards who will demand discipline in those classrooms."
3 hot topics for Miller
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller began his weekly observations with the allegations that CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson's computer was hacked: "I admire her and it's nice to see there are still reporters out there who don't volunteer to share their hard drive with the White House. And I know who didn't do it - Joe Biden! Did you ever see him with a computer?" Miller turned to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who claims his Super Bowl ring was pilfered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Putin thought it was a nipple ring, he's got those big catcher's mitt pectoral muscles. Kraft should have known that KGB stands for 'keep guys' bling' - once you give that to Putin you're never going to get it back." Finally, Miller reacted to the news that investigators are still searching for the body of labor boss Jimmy Hoffa, who vanished in 1975: "Hoffa holds sway over our imagination, he's like the Loch Ness Monster. And it seems to me that this is the only 'shovel-ready' job that's left in America, digging up old lots to find Hoffa!"
A new Hollywood cause
Guest: Juliet Huddy
A gaggle of Hollywood celebrities is appearing in a video expressing their opposition to nuclear weapons. Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy elaborated on the ad. "This is coming from 'Global Zero,'" she reported, "an organization that aims to eliminate nuclear weapons across the board. There's nothing wrong with this, this is a non-partisan organization and at least these people are passionate. They're trying to get out there and trying to do something." Non-partisan or not, The Factor ridiculed the celebrities and their stated goal, saying, "This is a total waste of time because there are bad people who are not going to eliminate nuclear weapons."
Viewers sound off
Joe Farina, Milltown, NJ: "Bill, giving Obama the benefit of the doubt once again. Gee, what a surprise. Wake up man."

Patty Simpson, Tulare County, CA: "I no longer believe anything the government says. Anyone who gives them the benefit of the doubt is foolish."

Butch Horseman, Fredericksburg, VA: "Ironically, George Mason authored the first American Bill of Rights. To have students at George Mason University signing a petition to violate the rights of Fox News employees dishonors his legacy."
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