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Thursday, June 20, 2013
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The immigration battle
Guest: Arizona Senator Jeff Flake
"In order to persuade conservatives to support a new law, some Republican Senators including John McCain and Marco Rubio are hoping that tough new border proposals that will cost billions will be enough to pass legislation that would allow illegal aliens already here to work legally...The bill is extremely complicated and, if passed, would take years to implement...
"Talking Points supports immigration reform, even though I well understand the new law will be somewhat chaotic and will be a magnet for even more people who come here illegally, which is why we need the stepped up security on the border...
"For conservative Americans, the issue is a difficult one because immigration reform would reward bad behavior - the illegal entry into the USA...
"Liberals on the other hand are generally soft on illegal immigration because it helps the Democrats as most new voters support the entitlement party. Also, the left likes to bill itself as the ideology of compassion...
"It is time for the USA to pass immigration reform. For years I have called for a more secure southern border. It looks like that is in reach, at least somewhat."
Sen. Flake relayed that the new amendment, which will double the border patrol and build 700 miles of new fencing, will be voted on early next week. He anticipated the tighter security will be enough to bring some new members on board.
The Factor inquired about the timeline when immigration reform will get to the President's desk, and Sen. Flake predicted it will pass and get to the Oval Office in September.
The Factor concluded by saying the bill isn't perfect, but that something needs to happen in the immigration realm.
Where do conservatives stand on the immigration bill?
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Laura voiced her strong opposition to the current permutation of the immigration bill. She said that if you actually read the amendment, you can drive a truck through the loopholes. Furthermore, she claimed that while the bill puts more agents on the border, the bill's sponsors don't know how they're going to pay for that.

The Factor called for cooler heads, saying that instead of ripping up something we don't have in front of us, it is more productive to recognize that we need reform so this is a good thing.

Firing back, Laura insisted that if Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama are cheering on this bill, then it's not going to be good for shrinking government.

The Factor promised that if, in fact, there are loopholes in the bill, when it comes up for a vote, he will report it.
NFL murder mystery
Guest: Megyn Kelly
23-year-old New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez will reportedly be arrested in connection with a murder case. Megyn laid out the case - Mr. Hernandez was out at a bar with three associates, one of whom is now dead. ABC News is reporting that authorities have recovered the football player's destroyed home surveillance system and that he hired a team of cleaners to scrub his mansion following the murder.

The Factor pointed out that Mr. Hernandez has been previously considered a troublemaker, and was even passed over in the NFL draft by some teams who didn't like the fact that he allegedly associated with some gang members.

In the George Zimmerman case, six Florida women - five white, one Hispanic - have been seated for the jury. Megyn informed the Factor that the prosecution tried to strike two of the sitting six.

Finally, Megyn disputed the Factor's characterization of a NYC City Council proposal barring police from taking action against citizens solely based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or homeless status. The Factor insisted police won't be able to use physical characteristics when they call in a report, but Megyn said that's a stretch of the proposal's language.
Was the character Tony Soprano a bad influence?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Actor James Gandolfini, 51, died of a sudden heart attack while vacationing in Italy. He became world-famous for his vivid portrayal of mobster Tony Soprano. The HBO hit series "The Sopranos" received some criticism because Mr. Gandolfini was so charismatic he often made the mob boss seem sympathetic.

The Factor theorized that Mr. Gandolfini humanized Soprano to the point that it may not have been a positive for the country. Bernie countered, saying that anyone who paid attention to the series knew that Soprano was a horrible human being who paid for his sins; he was tortured and never at peace. Bernie continued, claiming that what made "The Sopranos" high art was that the producers looked at the human condition, and shined a light in a very dark place.

Wrapping up, the Factor wondered if it was harmful to the country that people were drawn to the criminal lifestyle of Tony Soprano because of James Gandolfini's riveting performance. Bernie reasoned that the show did not change the culture for the worst and called it a television masterpiece.
Tony Soprano, Lil Wayne and more
Guests: Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
On the Sopranos topic, Gutfeld stressed that he's seen every episode of the series and nobody wants to be Tony Soprano because he's miserable. He disagreed with the Factor's premise, saying Gandolfini's performance was actually a deglorification of the mob. McGuirk, however, did look up to Tony Soprano - he referred to him as a refreshingly strong and charismatic male personality, likening him to a modern-day Father Knows Best.

The rapper Lil Wayne was caught on cell phone video stomping on the flag during an impromptu performance in a New Orleans neighborhood. According to Gutfeld, this is evidence that patriotism is seen as hilariously outdated in some quarters. McGuirk said this guy should show some respect since he's living the American dream. The Factor joked that maybe the Sopranos crew should go deal with Lil Wayne.
NSA snooping controverst
Guest: Jesse Watters
Earlier this week, the Factor appeared on David Letterman's program, where the topic of the NSA leaker came up. Factor producer Jesse Watters caught up with some Letterman audience members after the exchange, where the consensus seemed to be that both men were on their best behavior. Jesse told Bill that about 60% of the audience seemed to be anti-Factor.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Lynn Blier, Melbourne, Florida: "One of the poorest school districts in New Hampshire hired me to bring order to the classroom. I impose discipline on unruly students. Very soon, some disgruntled parents tried to get me fired. They failed."

Terry Adams, Abilene, Texas: "After retiring from the military, I began teaching. I lasted two months. Kinds in my fourth grade class cussed me and were disrespectful. The administration didn't care."

Sean Sullivan, Ft. Myers, Florida: "If the President would cut his Africa trip in half, every amputee vet could have a track chair."
Have some fun this summer!
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