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Friday, June 21, 2013
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The immigration debate
"This immigration reform drama playing out on Capitol Hill really should have its own Playbill. This spectacle has been directed all along by the White House and brilliantly choreographed by liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer. President Obama's staff has been drafting language for amendments and giving other amendments 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down.' And let's not forget that the President's point person on immigration is none other than Cecilia Munoz, the former senior vice president of a militant open borders group. The dialogue in this off-off-off Broadway production is stale - clichés and generalities follow any time a tough question is asked. For instance, what is the economic impact of this legislation, especially on working class Americans? Republican Senators supporting the bill are already starting to hear negative reviews; calls to their offices are overwhelmingly against the legislation. I hope House Speaker John Boehner is watching this drama carefully. Since open-border groups are involved in this effort, he should announce that the House GOP is done with 'comprehensive' immigration reform this year and simply pass a resolution urging President Obama to start enforcing the border to protect American prosperity and national security. Republicans can then re-focus the debate on helping to increase the prosperity of all American workers."

For another perspective, Laura welcomed former Bush adviser Brad Blakeman. "The process may be directed by the White House," Blakeman conceded, "but if the President finally wants to engage on an important topic, we should meet him halfway and create a bill that is open and honest and enforceable. This bill is not amnesty and we are securing the borders. The American people believe that immigration reform is necessary and they believe it should happen now." Laura disputed Blakeman's analysis and pointed to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office: "The CBO predicts that wages and unemployment are going to be adversely affected by this legislation. How can Republican or Democratic Senators vote for legislation that is going to lower the wages of middle class workers?"
Controversial ad
Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott wants the FBI to take down an ad showing the faces of 16 men wanted for terrorism, claiming it is "racist" because most of the men are obviously Muslims. Laura welcomed Mike Ghouse of the America Together Foundation, which also objects to the ad. "I'm going to address Robert Mueller of the FBI," Ghouse declared. "Take that poster down, Robert! The stupidity of this poster is that these terrorists are not in America, they are elsewhere in the world. This poster should be in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, which is where these guys are. There are 16 terrorists in this picture and it shows exclusively Muslim guys, but there are terrorists of every religion and race and ethnicity. This poster needs to come down!" Laura told Ghouse that he is not helping his cause: "Good Muslims in the United States hurt themselves by calling something like this 'racist.' These are wanted terrorists and they happen to be mostly Islamic."
More government snooping
The Obama administration has reportedly taken unprecedented steps to quash government leaks. Laura discussed the issue with attorney Scott Vernick, a specialist in privacy issues. "The Obama administration is encouraging government workers to be highly sensitive to things that could be a threat to national security," he stated. "There are 5-million people who have access to classified material and a half-million contract workers who have top security clearances, so I think the administration wanted to put in place programs to make sure that national security secrets are kept within the government. The American public realizes that there are threats to national security and the programs that have recently come to light are meant to strike a balance between security and privacy. I think the President believes that he needs to encourage government workers to take a more active role in the security of classified material."
Fading popularity?
Five years ago, during his first presidential run, Barack Obama attracted a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin; this week he spoke at the same spot to about 5,000. Laura welcomed conservative author Nile Gardiner, who opined on the President's address. "The speech was a bit of a disaster," Gardiner said, "and even Berlin's leading newspaper described it as an 'embarrassment.' The speech was pure, unadulterated mush with the usual laundry list of his favorite pet liberal causes. There was no substance whatsoever." Gardiner also derided President Obama's performance at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. "His only policy was surrender and appeasement. President Putin views Barack Obama as an extraordinarily weak-kneed figure, he has become an embarrassment on the world stage." Laura, who is mom to two adopted Russian boys, added that President Obama ignored an important human rights issue: "He didn't even ask Putin about the policy that is blocking thousands of poor kids in Russia from being adopted by Americans."
Talking with the Taliban
The Taliban is offering to return Army Sergeant Bowe Berghdal, who has been held captive since 2009, in exchange for five prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone and heartily endorsed the deal. "The Israelis have given up 500 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a single Israeli POW," he said, "so I am absolutely endorsing this deal. I want Sergeant Bergdahl home and we make peace with enemies, not with friends. These five detainees have been held for 12 long years and they have never been charged with anything. Let's get this deal done, let's get this poor man home!" Laura warned that the proposed swap could establish a dangerous precedent, saying, "Terrorists might target Americans for kidnapping so they can get other terrorists out, that is a possibility."
NFL murder mystery
New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernendez is being questioned over the death of Odin Lloyd, who was partying with Hernandez on the night he was killed. NBC sportscaster Jim Gray reported on Hernandez' past behavior. "He has no known criminal activity," Gray stated, "but he has gang-related activity all the way back to his high school days. That made a lot of teams shy away from him in the NFL draft, and he dropped considerably in the draft because of marijuana issues. It has now come to light that he shot another man in February in Florida. So, yes, there appears to be trouble for Aaron Hernandez on several fronts. But I've texted with some of his teammates and opponents over the past few days and none of them say he has ever been any trouble. He's been a hard worker and very diligent on the field."
Tom Brokaw's beef with the news
During an appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw complained about viciousness in today's media. Laura discussed that accusation with Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center. "I couldn't decide whether this was ironic or moronic," Gainor said. "He said this on a show that exists to bash conservatives and he said it to John Oliver, who famously joked about wanting to shoot Tim Tebow before he'd shoot Osama bin Laden. We did an analysis of The Daily Show and they bash conservatives 4 - 1 over liberals. This is 'vicious central.'" Laura agreed that Brokaw picked an odd venue to voice his concerns: "It's ironic that he speaks about viciousness when he's on The Daily Show. It's not like The Daily Show is spending inordinate amounts of time bashing Nancy Pelosi."
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