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Tuesday, July 2, 2013
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Trayvon Martin Murder Trial Latest
Guest: Megyn Kelly
"Lots of folks are making fools of themselves over the Trayvon Martin case; if you are rooting for or against a conviction for George Zimmerman, you're in that category. Nobody who was not on the scene knows what happened that terrible evening if Florida, and to speculate about the lives of two young Americans is not appropriate. After hearing all the evidence, we are then entitled to an honest opinion not based on race. For example, I believe O.J. Simpson murdered two people and Casey Anthony definitely covered up the killing of her baby daughter. I came to those conclusions after analyzing the evidence presented, but to prematurely judge the Trayvon Martin case is definitely wrong. The family of Trayvon Martin seems to have struck the right chord by saying 'race is not a part of this process.' The American media is especially guilty of injecting race into this trial; we all know who is doing that and it's disgraceful. George Zimmerman should know his fate before the month is out and the reaction will be very telling."
Legal Stories of the Day
Guest: Megyn Kelly
The Factor was joined by Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly, who analyzed the Zimmerman trial and the testimony thus far. "There's a great mystery about what exactly happened that night," she said. "Who threw the first punch, how did the two men get on the grass, rolling around and punching one another? The witness who had the closest vantage point is John Good, who heard yelling and went outside to look. The essence of his testimony is that he saw Trayvon Martin on top beating George Zimmerman and he heard a gunshot." Kelly lauded defense attorney Mark O'Mara for his manner and skill. "He's done a really solid job - he has a nice demeanor and he's not too tough on the witnesses. Between the witness you're cross-examining and you as the counsel, you would be the more likeable one. So you can't go too tough on a person. The prosecution is also doing a good job but I don't think the facts are very helpful to them."

Turning to another case, Kelly scrutinized the federal court ruling upholding the right of a Nebraska town to demand that renters prove their U.S. citizenship. "This is a major ruling," she averred, "and the court said this is not an interference with the feds' ability to regulate immigration. The ACLU was arguing that you can't have local ordinances saying you can't rent apartments if you're an illegal alien, but the three-judge panel says this is not discriminatory." The Factor predicted that the ACLU may win if the case makes it to the Supreme Court, warning, "They will find a loophole to nullify the vote." Kelly pointedly criticized Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, saying, "He sided with the liberals to uphold Obamacare because he wanted to uphold the reputation and integrity of the high court, but that's not his job!"
Losing Faith in the Supreme Court
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
According to a new poll, only 28% of Americans believe the Supreme Court is doing an "excellent" or "good" job. The Factor invited Charles Krauthammer to opine. "The key fact about the poll is the date it was taken," Dr. K pointed out. "It was taken the day after major rulings, and whenever the court rules on something very large like the Voting Rights Act or gay marriage you know it's going to alienate a large part of the population. That is a temporary phenomenon and I think people have a sense of respect for the Supreme Court." Krauthammer also predicted that the high court will eventually make same-sex marriage legal across the land, saying, "I assure you that on the next gay marriage case that comes before the Supreme Court they will nationalize gay marriage."
Paula's Penance
Guest: John Stossel
Celebrity chef Paula Deen has been fired by The Food Network and has lost almost all her corporate sponsorships after admitting to using a racial slur. The Factor asked Fox Business host John Stossel to weigh in on Deen's public shaming. "It really is an extreme reaction," Stossel said. "She has the number one best-selling cookbook about to be released and even her publisher dropped her. In many ways this is good and an example of why we don't need laws to stop bad things - the social sanction of shaming people who say the wrong thing is good." The Factor reported that Paula Deen has thus far refused an invitation to enter the No Spin Zone: "She says she used the 'n' word on one occasion, but there are other allegations that she ran businesses in a racially insensitive manner. She won't come on to hash it out, which tells me she doesn't know what she's doing. We would have an expansive conversation."
More on Trayvon Martin
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
Actor Jamie Foxx, despite having no idea what actually happened on the night Trayvon Martin died, wore a shirt with Trayvon's image at the Black Entertainment Television awards show. The Factor asked Alan Colmes to speculate about the reaction had a white actor worn a shirt honoring George Zimmerman. "It probably would not have been acceptable," Colmes admitted, "and there probably is a double standard. It's because of the perception in this country that there is a white power structure and blacks are the minority. We view things differently based on who runs things." Monica Crowley condemned that blatant double standard. "If a white actor went out with a tee shirt that had George Zimmerman's face on it, his or her career would be destroyed on the spot because they would say that person is a racist. It's unfair and it's grotesque but that's where we are."
Arizona Wildfire
Guest: Fox 10 Reporter Andrew Hasburn
19 elite firefighters died last weekend while battling Arizona wildfires. The Factor was joined by Phoenix reporter Andrew Hasbun, who elaborated on the tragedy. "The weather changed dramatically and the fire doubled back onto them," Hasbun reported. "They radioed their division chief and said they were trying to get to a safe zone, and then the next thing they said was that they had to deploy their emergency heat shelters. That's a worst-case scenario, so the folks not in the fire knew immediately that this was going to be bad. The heat shelters are foil blankets designed to protect them from the fire, but they can not withstand a lot of heat over a long period of time. That was the last thing anyone heard from that group. This fire was so intense that there was no way to get to them."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dave Jenkins, Fort Myers, FL: "Bill, your Talking Points on the danger of a politicized Supreme Court was honest, courageous, and exactly right."

Edward Bradley, Wallingford, CT: "Bill, your using Juan as a personal punching bag is nauseating."

Ken Hoffman, Lynnwood, WA: "Bill, how come every time Mary Katharine tries to move the discourse to the audience's intellectual level, you force her to take it back down to yours?"
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