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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
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IRS Scandal
Guest: Jordan Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice
"A conservative group called the American Center for Law and Justice says the FBI has not even contacted any of the 41 groups involved in a class action suit against the IRS. As you know, the IRS admits it targeted some conservative organizations and individuals, delaying tax-exempt status and auditing some people because of their political beliefs. That's a huge scandal, if true, and it is the FBI's job to see if anything criminal was going on. But it appears the FBI is either dragging its feet or stonewalling the investigation. Between 2010 and 2012 at least five different IRS offices improperly handled requests from conservative organizations; also, former IRS director Douglas Shulman was signed into the White House 157 times, far more than any other official. Why was he there? It is the FBI's job to find out, but apparently the bureau is not up and running on the biggest federal case in some time. There is deep suspicion that the man who oversees the FBI, Attorney General Eric Holder, is not invested in getting information about the IRS abuses. So this continues to be one big mess and an acute embarrassment to this country."

The Factor welcomed Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has been harshly critical of the FBI. "We have a situation here," Sekulow began, "where Attorney General Eric Holder has said that there would be a full criminal investigation by the DOJ and the FBI. But we have repeatedly asked our 41 clients who have filed a federal lawsuit whether they've gotten any contact at all from the FBI. In more than a month, not one of them has been contacted by the FBI." The Factor pointed an accusatory finger at Eric Holder, saying, "The Attorney General doesn't seem to have any desire to find out anything because it could reflect poorly on his boss Barack Obama."
Top Legal Stories of the Day
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl
FNC legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl assessed the George Zimmerman trial in Florida. Guilfoyle claimed that the entire case is motivated by politics. "As a former prosecutor," she said, "I don't see how the district attorney could in good conscience bring charges of second-degree murder, saying George Zimmer had malice and was grossly negligent. It doesn't rise to that standard, but Al Sharpton and others were calling for the head of George Zimmerman. The judge is acting that way as well, giving one ruling after another in favor of the prosecution. Based on the law and the facts so far, Zimmerman should be and will be acquitted." Wiehl agreed that Zimmerman was overcharged. "It took 44 days for the prosecution to bring this charge. So when you see detectives on the stand, they're not really that supportive of the prosecution. The prosecution should never have charged second-degree murder."
National Security
Guest: Kirsten Powers
Two weeks after The Factor and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers heatedly debated the legitimacy of drone strikes and coerced interrogation, she returned to the No Spin Zone for round two. "The United States should not be using drones to kill people," Powers reaffirmed, "because civilians are killed and it creates more terrorists. We can interrogate people and make them uncomfortable, but we can't torture them. And the inmates at Guantanamo Bay should have a trial, people have a right to due process. You don't hold people forever, and that's what we're doing!" The Factor criticized Powers' approach as theoretical and unrealistic: "To stop the jihadists, you have to kill them, and fewer civilians die with drones than if you send the military in. Drone attacks that kill the leadership of the Taliban and Al Qaeda are permissible."
Turmoil in Egypt
Guest: Jennifer Griffin
FNC correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported the latest from Egypt, where President Mohammed Morsi has been removed from office by the military. "We should care about this," she said, "because this is the heart of the Arab world and this is where the 'Arab Spring' essentially started two years ago. Egypt is the only Arab nation to have made peace with Israel, which is why the U.S. gives it $1.3 billion. It matters a lot!" Griffin added that the Obama administration was caught off guard by the upheaval. "They've been absolutely stunned by the developments and they've been careful not to say anything that looks like they're taking sides. They'd like to see the military remove the Muslim Brotherhood without holding on to power." The Factor expressed a total lack of surprise at the decline of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood: "The Muslim Brotherhood doesn't know how to govern a country, they only want to cause trouble. Morsi's an idiot and the whole place is a shambles."
Controversial ads
Guest: Dennis Miller
After far-left Congressman Jim McDermott protested an FBI poster showing 16 Islamic terrorists, claiming it was anti-Muslim, the agency caved and removed the poster. Dennis Miller enthusiastically took the Congressman to the woodshed. "Jim McDermott is one of the biggest morons I've ever seen in the public eye," he began. "He tightens up that bolo tie of his to hold the two grams of brain power in his thick skull. This is the definition of the two cultures: They blow up buses, we whine about putting bus-blower-upper's photos on the side of our buses. And if you don't back of it, idiots like McDermott will throw you under the bus. McDermott is a mental chew toy and if I were in charge of the FBI I'd have a colonoscopy cam in him 35 hours a day. All I ask is that we go after radical Islamic jihadists with the same degree of vim and vigor that we go after annoying Food Network hosts."
A shocking video out of Syria
Guest: Juliet Huddy
Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy opined on a video showing Syrian radicals beheading three men, allegedly including a Catholic priest. "It turns out that this was not the Catholic priest that people initially said it was," she reported. "According to the Chechen rebels who beheaded these men, they were suspected of giving arms to President Assad of Syria. The story got confused because the Catholic priest was shot and killed about the same time that this video of the beheading came out." Huddy also opined on the viral video showing an infant swimming with uncanny skill. "This has 6.1 million hits already. The little girl was 16 months old and adults were standing on the outside of the pool." But The Factor accused the girl's parents of neglect: "I have been teaching people to swim since I was a teenager and you never have a child under five in the pool without an adult being with the child. This was a gross violation, and if something happened to that child they could have been prosecuted."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Tim Buelow, Marysville, MI: "Bill, you said not to judge the Zimmerman case until all the evidence is in, but you keep referring to it as a 'murder.' Take your own advice."

Mark Williams, Brighton, CO: "The double standards in the case are legion. No one gives a damn when blacks are killed by other blacks, but if a white person is charged all hell breaks loose. Truly sad."

Ryan Haymes, Victoria, Australia: "Bill, there is a significant difference in Jamie Foxx showing his support for a teenager who died under suspicious circumstances, and a white man supporting a person charged with murder."

Kathy Diekelman, Tempe, AZ: "Paula Deen admits using the 'N' word thirty years ago and is destroyed. Bill Maher uses the 'C' word to describe a woman and his career is not affected."
Go Fourth and celebrate
Finally, The Factor offered some personal tips for celebrating the nation's birthday: "I will eat a Nathan's hot dog, I will not get drunk or high; I will jump in a pool and swim laps, I will not handle fireworks because I like my fingers; I will fly the flag in front of my house, I will go to church to thank God that I live in this country, and I will visit my 90-year-old mother, who is a patriot."
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