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Monday, July 8, 2013
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The Era of Bad Feelings
"All over the country Americans are attacking other Americans over political issues. In Seattle, two Christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying 'repent or else' and 'Jesus saves from sin.' The two men were attacked. Obviously, the Christians were looking to be provocative, but that's no excuse for violence. On another political issue, tensions are rising as immigration reform has divided Republicans. Talking Points believes immigration reform will pass this year, and that the Senate bill can be made much better by the House of Representatives. If you're going to oppose any kind of work legalization for millions of illegal aliens, you're going to lose. A majority of Americans understands that the immigration chaos is partly the government's fault; we could have secured the southern border a long time ago, but the feds wouldn't do it. The bitterness over immigration does the Republican Party no good at all and it must be dealt with in a disciplined but humane manner. As far as the far-left loons running wild in Seattle, there's little hope for them. Beating people up because you disagree with them is a crime, and the far left in America continues to damage this country."
Obamacare Updates
Guest: Brit Hume
On the eve of the July 4th weekend, the Obama administration announced that the employer mandate, under which businesses must provide health insurance or pay a fine, has been put off for a full year. FNC's Brit Hume, no fan of Obamacare, surveyed the wreckage. "There is an inability of this administration to get this implemented," he stated. "Last month the Government Accountability Office looked at the 'exchanges,' through which insurance will be dispensed under Obamacare, and said it looked like they may not be ready on time. This law is extremely unwieldy and complex and they're having a terrible time with it." The Factor questioned whether the legislation was actually about health care in the first place: "I have always believed that the Obamacare legislation is an income redistribution ploy, which is why the left and President Obama embraced it."
George Zimmerman Trial Latest
Guests: Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams
The judge in the George Zimmerman murder trial has ruled that the jury can hear testimony that Trayvon Martin had traces of marijuana in his bloodstream the night he was shot. Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham evaluated the case thus far. "This is all about race," Williams declared, "and it's been all about race from the start. The media unfairly libeled Zimmerman, making him out to be some KKK guy who profiled Trayvon Martin. But there's also something crazy here when this unarmed black kid, not threatening anybody, gets shot and killed." Ham agreed that many in the mainstream media have fanned the flames of racial animus. "The entire media jumped to make this a racial morality play. They referred to this as a black-and-white issue and once they went with that narrative they tried to back it up." The Factor took Williams to task for seeming to pre-judge Zimmerman's guilt: "Juan, you're almost fueling the potential violence here. Let the facts be presented and let the jurors decide."
More on the Zimmerman Trial
Guest: Levar Burton
The Factor welcomed actor LeVar Burton, who also weighed in on the Zimmerman murder trial. "The tragedy of this case," he said, "is that a young man unnecessarily lost his life. No matter what the verdict says, there is a young kid who is dead. It didn't really have to come to that." Burton reaffirmed his recent claim that "driving while black" is inherently dangerous. "The difference between you and me, Bill, is that I want to make sure that the officer is as relaxed as possible between the time the officer leaves his car and approaches my car. I live in a country and a culture where it can sometimes be dangerous to be a young black male. It is historically dangerous to be a young black man in America." The Factor reminded Burton, "Young black men commit far more crimes than any other group in this country."
San Francisco Plane Crash
Guest: Deborah Hersman
After a South Korean plane crashed at the San Francisco airport Saturday, The Factor asked National Transportation Safety Board chair Deborah Hersman about global safety standards. "The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for safety oversight in the United States," she explained, "and they work with their counterparts all around the world to make sure that they are also overseeing companies and crews. We're a separate organization that investigates accidents and we have to look at all the facts before reaching conclusions. We know a lot about this flight from the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, and it is important for us to look at pilot qualifications. That will be a part of our investigation." The Factor theorized that the crash was likely due to pilot error: "When I see a crash like this and the pilot didn't have much experience on a Boeing 777 it makes me nervous."
Should our Leaders be Working Harder?
Guest: Bernard Goldberg
President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have been criticized for golfing and yachting, respectively, during the violence in Egypt. FNC's Bernard Goldberg eagerly joined the fray. "The optics are terrible when the President is playing golf in short pants and a polo shirt while one of the most important countries in the Arab world is unraveling," Goldberg said. "But I think President Obama was sending a message to President Morsi, and that message was, 'I never liked you, I don't like you now, and in many ways you're worse than Mubarak.' Playing golf says he won't lift a finger or say a word to save Morsi from being thrown out. The other possibility is very simple - President Obama just plain likes playing golf and he won't let some crisis in Cairo interrupt his golf game. He really does 'lead from behind.'"
Jim Carrey's Mea Culpa
Guest: Adam Carolla
Comic actor Jim Carrey has apologized to gun owners for calling them "maniacs" and a few more colorful names. The Factor asked Adam Carolla whether he is ready to forgive and forget. "Jim Carrey was born in Canada," Carolla began, "so what if we just send Larry the Cable Guy to Winnipeg to bug the crap out of Canadians. We have all these world travelers like Bono who come here and beat up on our country, and they should just go back from where they came. Jim Carrey is making an example of how responsible rifle owners are simply by the fact that no one has attempted to shoot him!" The Factor concluded, "Jim Carrey's career isn't going that well and I think this apology was a career move."
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Factor Words of the Day
Raleigh Johnson, Bellflower, CA: "O'Reilly, you are trying the Zimmerman case in the media. If he is found guilty you and all the other Fox News people will claim that happened because the jury feared racial backlash."

Chuck Salzman, New Port Richey, FL: "O'Reilly, smell the coffee. This trial should have never happened. I fear blacks will riot if Zimmerman is exonerated."

Scott Schoenherr, Aurora, CO: "Bill, your thoughts on the swimming baby are ridiculous. Clearly the parents put a lot of training into teaching the baby to swim. They know best."

Philip Marzen, Lehighton, PA: "I am a lifeguard and swimming instructor and agree with you 100%, O'Reilly. Adults should be in the water when babies and toddlers are in the water."
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