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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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Crime, Punishment and African Americans
"Over the July 4th weekend, 48 people were shot in Chicago and 11 of them died. All were black, according to the Chicago Tribune. The murder rate in Chicago is a disgrace but this story is largely untold in America because the national media refuses to cover it. Meanwhile, the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin trial is saturated with media coverage and the reason is race. A light-skinned Hispanic is accused of murdering a black teenager, but the 11 people shot dead in Chicago over the weekend will not get a smidgeon of coverage because it's likely that blacks killed blacks. There are some stories that will not be told because of race. The only thing the American press will embrace is the specter of oppression; that is, if a white American kills a black American or any other minority, then the story gets covered. That's wrong and it causes racial division. There's no question that the George Zimmerman trial is a racial deal rather than a justice deal, and if Zimmerman is acquitted there will be racial animus."
Latest in the Zimmerman Trial
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl
Legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle reported on Tuesday's crucial testimony in the Zimmerman trial by Vincent Di Maio. "He is a forensic pathologist," Wiehl said, "a gunshot wound expert with 40 years of credibility. He used common sense forensics to indicate that Martin was over Zimmerman because of the way his clothes were when the shot was fired. That's important because Zimmerman has always said that Martin was on top and this bolstered his case." Guilfoyle explained why Di Maio's testimony is so important to the defense. "The whole issue in the case is the positioning of the two of them and whether George Zimmerman had a reasonable belief that he was in danger of great bodily injury or death. What Di Maio said is consistent with what Zimmerman has said."
Race and Crime in America
Guest: Reverend Jacques Degraff
The Factor pursued the issue of race and crime with FNC analyst Jacques DeGraff, who theorized why the media tend to ignore black-on-black crime. "The media does not cover a lot of things in the African American community," he complained, "including those of us who have been saying there is a crisis. Those who decide what's important in the news do not think that African American lives are important. Many of us in the leadership of the African American community have been raising this alarm for a long time. Black Americans feel like we are under siege for a variety of reasons." The Factor contended that many outlets underreport black crime because it doesn't fit their narrative: "I don't believe that the New York Times and NBC News and other liberal entities are thinking that way. They're flat-out afraid of the issue, they're afraid of reporting that blacks are killing blacks in Chicago."
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer entered the No Spin Zone and put forth his theory of the troubled Obamacare legislation. "The promise of this President was that Obamacare won't cost a penny," Dr. K stated, "but anyone with a mind understands that if you're going to give health care to 30-million people who haven't had it, there is no free lunch. He kept pretending and they kept putting provisions in the law that would make the Congressional Budget Office create estimates showing that it would pay for itself. A lot of those have been already been completely discounted, including the employer mandate, which was supposed to be a source of revenue. We know we're going to get huge amounts of waste and fraud, we know the costs are escalating, and we know this will cost a fortune to the treasury. My educated guess is that they very cynically inserted stuff into the bill!"
Arrested for Speech
Guest: John Stossel
American evangelist Tony Miano was arrested in Britain when he criticized homosexuality while preaching on a London street. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor John Stossel to elaborate on the case. "Great Britain has these hate speech laws," Stossel reported, "and a man was just arrested for telling a cop that his horse looks gay. You can't insult a group there, but you should have the right to insult people when you don't believe in what they're doing. Britain forbids the use of 'insulting words likely to cause distress,' and Holland prohibits making public insults! We should be glad we have the First Amendment." The Factor added that some nations are even worse, saying, "In some Muslim countries you can be executed for saying anything bad about Islam."
Student asked to Remove Cross Necklace on Campus
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl
Legal aces Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl returned to tackle the case of 19-year-old Audrey Jarvis, a senior at Sonoma State University in California who was asked by an administrator to remove a cross she was wearing. "The story has come to an appropriate resolution," Guilfoyle reported. "The university has apologized and they say they're going to discipline the supervisor who told her to remove the cross. But why was this happening to begin with when she has a First Amendment freedom of expression?" Wiehl agreed that Jarvis was treated shabbily and her rights were violated. "She says this has happened more than one time. She has freedom of expression and she has an absolute right to wear this at a state school"
Weiner & Spitzer's Political Comebacks?
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
Two disgraced New York politicians are asking for forgiveness - former Congressman Anthony Weiner wants to be Mayor, while former Governor Eliot Spitzer is running for city comptroller. Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes weighed in on the two would-be comeback kids. "You can't make this stuff up," Crowley began, "and if you wrote a screenplay about Weiner and Spitzer no one would believe it. They have every right to run and in New York City both actually stand a good chance to win. But there's a distinction - Anthony Weiner did not break the law, while Eliot Spitzer, by soliciting prostitutes, broke the law and never paid a price." Colmes suggested that both men may actually be better people after what they endured. "We never know what's in somebody's heart. Not only did they have to go through the scandals and personal problems, they had to do it publicly. They went through a public humiliation, which humbles people, and I think they might be better public servants because of what they went through."
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Factor Words of the Day
Ulrich Krauskopf, Edgeworth, PA: "Bill, you are making leading statements about the Zimmerman trial. You are disturbingly suggestive. The law should not be exposed to this kind of pressure."

Larry McKay, St. Clair, MI: "LeVar Burton stated 'if' the justice system works, implying the verdict should go the way he prefers. I opine that the justice system will work whatever the outcome."

Bruce Edmond, Roswell, GA: "O'Reilly, the Factor has now become a comedy show. Trying to ascribe logic to the president's golf outing is beyond funny. You and Bernie are now Laurel and Hardy."
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