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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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Chaos in the House of Representatives
"Apparently some Republicans in the House want to kill the immigration bill and they might succeed. That would mean the chaotic status quo would remain and the southern border would not be made more secure. On the IRS front, an investigation is supposed to be underway, but who knows? Certainly not Congress. What about the NSA snooping on phone calls and emails in the USA? Congress knows about as much as we do - nothing! So you can see that the situation on Capitol Hill is dire; Congress doesn't know anything and can't get anything done. We elect these people to protect us, solve problems, and promote prosperity. Yet we have a $17-trillion debt, a moribund economy, an immigration mess, and a foreign policy that looks like it was designed by Kim Kardashian. The bottom line is that the U.S. Congress is inept!"
Top Legal Stories of the Day
Guests: Attorneys Rachel Self & Michelle Suskauer
The Factor asked attorney Michelle Suskauer to evaluate the decision by George Zimmerman's legal team to keep him from testifying. "Silence is golden," she said. "It's the right move and if he were my client I absolutely would not put him on the stand. He has basically testified through video and audio and he has nothing to gain by getting on the stand where he would open himself to cross-examination." Turning to another case, attorney Rachel Self reported on the murder trial of alleged Boston terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "Everybody doesn't know that he's guilty," she declared, "because under our system of justice you're not guilty until the government proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. He's going to take a plea deal." The Factor warned that Tsarnaev's legal team may turn the trial into a spectacle: "Everybody knows he's guilty, he's going to turn it into a clown show. He did it, we saw it!"
Political Overview
Guests: James Rosen & Carl Cameron
Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron checked in from Washington, where Speaker of the House John Boehner has promised to re-work or derail the Senate's immigration bill. "Conservatives are very angry," Cameron said, "because they're worried that Boehner might sacrifice conservative goals on immigration in order to pass a bill. If he doesn't handle this well, conservatives could try to oust him as Speaker and Republicans could potentially lose the house. Rank and file Republicans have been digging in their heels, saying that what passed the Senate is too liberal." The Factor criticized the GOP on immigration, saying, "There are some conservative House members who will never vote for any immigration bill."

FNC's James Rosen turned to foreign policy and Secretary of State John Kerry's handling of the Egypt chaos. "It really doesn't matter whether John Kerry was yachting in New England over the Fourth of July weekend," Rosen opined. "The failure of Kerry with respect to Egypt wasn't over the July 4th weekend. I traveled to Egypt with Secretary Kerry in March for his first sit-down with Mohamed Morsi. Kerry decided then to unlock $250-million in U.S. taxpayer funds to the Egyptian budget because he came away from those talks convinced that Morsi was sincere in his promise to reach out to the political opposition. Kerry and his aides and perhaps the intelligence community were wrong in their judgments about Morsi's intentions.""
Immigration Debate
Guest: Bob Beckel
Bob Beckel, co-host of FNC's "The Five," sauntered into the No Spin Zone with his prescription for the immigration stalemate. "Without an immigration bill," he said, "the Republicans have dealt themselves out of the presidential race. Also, there is a lot of power behind the bill coming out of the Senate, meaning Republican constituencies like the Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of others. I think Boehner will bring a Republican bill to the floor, it will pass and then it will go to conference." Beckel endorsed the Senate bill, describing it as both tough and fair. "There are huge sanctions for people who hire illegal immigrants, they are going to make the fence a lot longer and a lot more expensive, and new immigrants can't vote for 14 years!"
Abortion Battle
Guests: Kate Obenshain & Kirsten Powers
Texas has been roiled by an abortion battle, with pro-life forces trying to impose a ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers analyzed the controversy. "20 weeks is the standard in 12 states," Obenshain said, "so this is not outrageous legislation - babies do feel pain at that point. The other part of this would raise basic safety standards in abortion clinics, which is protecting women's health." Powers agreed that the 20-week standard is hardly oppressive. "I actually think it should be much sooner, and in most European countries it's around 12 to 14 weeks. The bill is not remotely radical, but some pro-choice people are like the NRA, they say this is a constitutional issue." The Factor decried the fanaticism of some in the pro-choice movement, saying, "European nations ban abortion at 12 or 14 weeks, but in some states here you can just kill the fetus any time you want."
The D-Man Opines
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller began his observations with the turmoil in Egypt. "They're nuts," he pithily declared. "There's the 'kind of crazy' people in Egypt and the 'really crazy' people in Egypt. So I don't mind Kerry being on his boat. This country has such a schism that we now niggle about stuff like this, should he be on the boat or not? We should all be on the same page on a few basics - spend less, kill the bad guys, and pave the roads!" Miller also advised President Obama to keep hitting the links. "He stinks at his job, so the more he's on the golf course the less he can stink at it. Stay on the golf course all the time and let me get my country back together." And as for the news that Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's most obese nation, Miller complained, "I think it's a shame that we're too lazy to be the fattest people any more."
Hot Videos on the Web
Guest: Juliet Huddy
FNC's Juliet Huddy screened a video in which young folks and police advise everyone to keep their cool when the Zimmerman jury renders its decision. "This is a PSA by the Broward County Sheriff," she explained, "and they're just trying to send a message to teenagers, advising them to calm down after the Zimmerman verdict. Only 2,000 people have watched this, but at least they're trying to do something." Huddy also analyzed footage taken by a young man when he was pulled over by cops in Tennessee. "This kid is a member of the Libertarian Party and he knew there were going to be DUI checkpoints on the July 4th weekend. He went there to challenge the authorities and most experts say the kid didn't do anything wrong."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Joe Morgan, Oil City, PA: "Mr. O'Reilly, I think you deserve to be acknowledged for raising the bar on America's race discussion. But it's an uphill battle against a paternalistic media. Few are willing to hold black criminals accountable for their behavior."

Dorance Calhoun, Clinton, IA: "Mr. O, Rev. Degraff said the media doesn't cover black on black murders because it doesn't care. You said it's because they're afraid. I believe the media doesn't want the black community to look bad."

Roderick McKrieth, Union, NJ: "Bill, what makes you think blacks will act inappropriately after the Zimmerman verdict? That presumption on your part is part of the larger problem."
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