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Thursday, August 1, 2013
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Violent Crime & The Black Community

Guest: Illinois State Representative Monique Davis
"As we reported last night, the New Haven Register newspaper ran an editorial that compared Fox News to the Ku Klux Klan. Talking Points demanded an apology from the Register and now we have it. The paper said, 'There's no comparing Fox News and the Republican Party to the KKK, and we were wrong in making that connection.' Now, on to the core problem we've been dealing with - helping poor black Americans. There are reports that President Obama might finally get involved now that the issue is center stage. Mr. President, here are some very specific things I hope you do: First, poor children can not afford private education, so please endorse school vouchers; second, any school district receiving federal funds should require students to wear uniforms; third, you should begin calling out entertainment companies that peddle garbage to kids; fourth, have the Department of Education launch a massive campaign to discourage girls and women from becoming pregnant outside of marriage. Unless you take steps to counter the destruction of the traditional black family, all the other programs will amount to little. If you, Mr. President, disagree with my suggestions I'd like to know why, because those thing I've laid out will help the situation immediately."

Illinois State Representative Monique Davis, who represents a district in Chicago, recently told an interviewer that some of her constituents suspect that "the police are killing some of these kids." Davis entered the No Spin Zone and rationalized her inflammatory comments. "I repeated what members of my community have said to me," she insisted. "It is crucially important that people realize that was not Monique Davis' statement, I was repeating what community members have said to me. 70% of the murders in Chicago are unsolved and people are wondering what is going on." The Factor chastised Davis for not refuting those rumors: "You didn't say that's crazy and they shouldn't even think this. That is destructive to the discourse, you know that Chicago police are not gunning down black children."
Violent Crime & The Black Community
Guest: James Carville
The Factor asked longtime Democratic operative James Carville to evaluate the Talking Points suggestions, beginning with school vouchers. "I'm pretty warm on the idea of charter schools," Carville said, "and the administration has been very supportive. But the record on school vouchers is not very good." However, Carville generally endorsed the idea of fighting family disintegration. "The President sets an extraordinarily good example for all Americans who think two-parent families are the way to raise children. I would get behind a campaign if it had comprehensive sex education and easy access to contraception, but the idea that the federal government is going to tell a 17-year-old to not have sex won't be effective. So let's really fund Planned Parenthood and comprehensive sex education."
NSA Update
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Russia and President Putin have granted temporary asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden. FNC analyst Laura Ingraham laid out the limited U.S. options after this overt slap in the face. "We can ratchet up the rhetoric," she said, "which won't accomplish anything. We can threaten to boycott the Olympics, which may not accomplish much. We could also say that President Obama will not meet as planned with President Putin in St. Petersburg during the G-20 meeting. Do I think that really matters to Putin? I really don't. There are very few things we can do given how bungled this relationship with Russia has been going back to the George W. Bush years." The Factor suggested another solution: "We should send John Kerry over there to say we want Snowden back, and if Russia continues to spit in our eye we'll cancel some contracts."
U.S. Economy
Guest: Lou Dobbs
President Obama has been stressing the unfairness of the American economy, as evidenced by growing income inequality. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs assessed the President's contention. "There are vast differences in wealth and income by race and by education and by circumstance," Dobbs began, "and you outlined one of those circumstances, single-parent households. The left refuses to acknowledge the impact that one condition has on poverty, incarceration, crime, and mental illness. It is so pervasive and so profound that there has to be a conspiracy of ignorance to avoid the conclusion." The Factor lamented that some kids from chaotic families are almost destined to fail: "They can't speak English, they can barely read, they're covered with tattoos, they're disrespectful, and they can't do any jobs!"
"Fifty Shades of Gray" and GOP infighting
Guests: Greg Gutfeld and Bernard Mcguirk
Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld began their observations with the verbal spat between Republicans Rand Paul and Chris Christie. "This is like watching your parents fight," Gutfeld said, "because I like both these guys. But I have a solution - a cop show called 'Curly and Tubbs.' One is a renegade with a perm, the other a wise-cracking guy with no patience. They solve crimes but they are also married." McGuirk threw his weight behind Governor Christie. "Rand Paul threw the first cheap shot by saying Governor Christie was exploiting 9/11 victims. Christie pointed out that New Jersey gives more than it gets from the federal government while Kentucky gets a lot more than it gives. I'm with Team Christie." The boys turned to Gitmo, where some inmates are requesting permission to read the semi-pornographic novel "Fifty Shades of Gray." "It's a beautiful book, Bill, it touched me," Gutfeld confessed. "Playboy and Penthouse are no longer sold on Army bases, but suspected terrorists can read this stuff. That's kind of strange." McGuirk added, "This fits their worldview, with women tied up and gagged."
Track Chair Update
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters visited three severely wounded vets who have received high-tech Track Chairs, thanks in part to auctions and fundraising here on "My wife was three months pregnant when I was injured," recalled Sgt. Drew Mullee of Ohio, "and I definitely wanted to be able to help out. A big thank you to Mr. O'Reilly for enabling this to happen." "I have shifted from patient mode," said Capt. Edward Klein of Arkansas, "back into husband mode. I don't want my life to be about the injury, I want my life to be about how I became better. The chair is absolutely liberating." "This breaks the mobility barrier," gushed Spc. Dillon Cannon of Texas, "and I challenge Bill O'Reilly to come out and play paintball with us." The Factor pointed out that anyone wishing to contribute can visit the website
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Eric de Verteuil, Trinidad and Tobago: "Mr. Shelton from the NAACP constantly repeated the word 'conversation.' But he never suggested actually doing anything about the race problems."

Carl Feldman, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: "O'Reilly, you let a smiling Hilary Shelton get away with two 'discussions,' three 'conversations',' and a 'comprehensive response.' Decades of conversations have led to nothing."

Dr. Paul Chochinov, Winnipeg, Canada: "The problems in the black community are due to both the breakdown of the family and the lack of job opportunities afforded to blacks."

Pete Shaw, Okatie, SC: "Bill, I was excited to see you spotlight the grievance industry and the resulting consequences of it. But I am beginning to despair after seeing the reaction from black leadership."
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