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Friday, August 2, 2013
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Benghazi Cover-Up?
Greg began Friday's show with this Talking Points Memo: "Fox News has learned that at least five CIA employees were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements following the attack in Benghazi. CNN also reports that dozens of CIA personnel were in Benghazi during the attack and some are being intimidated into staying silent. The operatives have reportedly been forced to take lie detector tests to dissuade them from saying what really went on that awful night. So I guess leaking about Bin Laden's death was okay, but Benghazi, not so much. In my opinion the wrong people are getting the polygraphs. Why not Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton or the President himself. I would have only one question - why was America told that an anti-Islam video was to blame for a spontaneous attack that was not spontaneous at all. We know the answer: A planned terror attack right before an election doesn't help win that election. Pushing the video took the onus off Al Qaeda and put it on us, which is why there is still a film maker in jail and terrorists on the loose."
Embassies Close in Middle East
Greg asked FNC military analyst Col. David Hunt to assess the administration's decision to temporarily shut 21 embassies and consulates in Muslim nations. "We get threats every day," Hunt said, "but in this case our intelligence agencies, in collaboration with other intelligence agencies, have said there is a likelihood of something happening. You could have every embassy in the Middle East closed every day based on threats, so the question is why do they have to be closed now? I think there is some politics being played here." Military strategist Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer called this a victory for terrorists. "We haven't closed embassies like this since 9/11 and this sends the wrong signal. We've spent billions of dollars on security for these embassies, and now you're telling me that we're worried about a couple of guys with a crude device! I think we should be going at them, penetrating these groups and getting ahead of them."
The Media's Love Affair with President Obama
The mainstream media, including and perhaps especially the New York Times has been consistently supportive of President Obama. Greg discussed the phenomenon with FNC's Dana Perino, who faced far harsher coverage as President Bush's spokesperson. "Just two months ago the media was furious," she said, "at the idea that the administration dared to investigate a reporter who was doing his job. But now the New York Times does an interview with the President and they just ask him all sorts of nice things. It seems they are afraid of President Obama's notorious thin skin for bad news coverage. When I was press secretary we expected bad coverage." Greg mocked reporters who give the President a free pass: "It's beautiful to see how they can keep a relationship so fresh for so long, it's a beautiful marriage. It's hard for journalists to ask President Obama tough questions because they want so desperately for him to like them."
Self Victimization
Ohio monster Ariel Castro, who raped and tortured and enslaved three women, spoke about his "addiction" during his sentencing this week. Greg examined the cult of victimhood with lawyer and psychologist Bonnie Fuller. "This is overused, especially in court," she lamented, "because lawyers have figured out that if they present this sort of evidence judges are more lenient. In this case, saying the word 'addiction' possibly resulted in him not getting the death penalty. This started when you had high-level politicians or celebrities saying, 'Oh, I have an addiction, I'm going away for two weeks and you'll forgive me.' There's no sense of personal responsibility at all any more."
Black Unemployment
The unemployment rate for black Americans has dropped to 12.6% in July, but is still nearly double the rate for whites. Greg introduced Bill's recent discussion of that problem with Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson. "African Americans have been living with this unemployment gap for fifty years," Johnson lamented. "To me the principal drivers are the failure of corporate America to hire qualified African Americans and the failure of African Americans to get access to capital to start small businesses. There is also a legacy of long-term institutionalized racism. There are millions of African Americans with the talent, the work ethic, the integrity, and the ingenuity to be successful in jobs or in business." Bill reminded Johnson that the crumbling black family structure also plays a major role: "I believe the primary problem in the African American community is out-of-wedlock birth, which drives unemployment. And every corporation that I've worked for has actively recruited African Americans, they're looking for them."
Rolling Stone Controversy
Greg welcomed radio talk show hosts Leslie Marshall and Mike Gallagher, who began with the unfortunate news that the Rolling Stone issue with bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover sold double the usual number of copies. "I'm really upset about this," Marshall said, "and perhaps this magazine could have sold the same number of copies if they hadn't used the same photograph. It is just so offensive to all the victims." Gallagher complained about all the attention paid to the attention-grabbing cover. "This is the problem when we get outraged at something that deserves outrage. All we do is fuel the fire and sell product for these people. We should learn to walk away and ignore the story." Greg steered the conversation to Seattle, where a bureaucrat is asking public workers to avoid the term "brown bag lunch," which supposedly has negative racial connotations. "If people are offended by words like this," Marshall said, "we need to be sensitive to people who are offended. I'm serious about this." Gallagher wasted no time in mocking Marshall's perspective. "This reminds me of the crazy liberal who told me she was offended at the term 'manhole cover' because it is sexist and should be 'personhole cover.' Leslie, you don't even realize how crazy this is."
What did he Just Say?!
Octogenarian Congressman Charles Rangel has described Tea Party members as "white crackers." Fox News analyst Deneen Borelli, in turn, pointed out that Rangel is a veteran verbal bomb-thrower. "It is outrageous what Charlie Rangel has said," Borelli declared. "He is comparing Tea Party activists to segregationists, but segregationists like Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Robert Byrd were Democrats! Tea Party activists are freedom-loving Americans who oppose big government, so how dare Charlie Rangel make these kind of statements!" Borelli went on to theorize why black conservatives are treated by such disdain by many on the left. "We are a threat because we stand for empowerment, personal responsibility and smaller government. I went to the NAACP convention and was denied when I tried to get a speaking slot or booth space. They don't want our message of liberty and empowerment to be communicated to the black community because it blows away their narrative that there is rampant racism in America."
Comic Family Advice
Finally, Greg introduced Bill's interview with comedian and father-of-five Jim Gaffigan, whose book "Dad is Fat" is filled with observations about his large family. "The title came from my son," Gaffigan revealed, "whose first sentence was, 'Dad is fat.' He showed it to me and then I put him up for adoption. Dads are the vice president of the executive branch of the family. The mom is Bill Clinton, feeling the pain, and we're Al Gore, the nerd telling them to turn out the lights." The 46-year-old Gaffigan also opined on how fathers have changed over the decades. "My dad essentially just brought home the bacon - he didn't shop for the bacon or cook it, he ate the bacon!"
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