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Wednesday, October 2, 2013
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Government Shutdown
Guests: James Rosen & Carl Cameron
The Factor began Wednesday's show with the latest on the government shutdown. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron reported on a just-concluded meeting between President Obama and Congressional leaders. "After the meeting," Cameron said, "Speaker Boehner came out and said the President told them he wasn't going to negotiate. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid then came out a few minutes later and they were happy to answer questions and blame Republicans. We're no closer to re-opening the government, it's not going to happen this week. Clearly Democrats feel they have Republicans cornered and they're not likely to give them any sort of mercy by offering a compromise." FNC's James Rosen pointed out that Democrats are also catching flak. "Some people look at this say President Obama and the Democratic Party are more eager to negotiate with Iran's Hassan Rouhani than with John Boehner. But from the President's point of view, why should he set a precedent and let the Republicans cherry-pick something to attach every time there is a routine funding bill?" The Factor flayed both sides, saying, "This is embarrassing, Albania works better than this."
Obamacare not Read for Primetime
Guests: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
"There are so many problems attached to the new Affordable Care Act that it's nearly impossible to list them all. Yesterday was the first day for the government health insurance exchanges, but many Americans could not get through. Also, the feds will not verify income on the exchanges, so you can apply for subsidies even if you're making $18-million a year. And then there's your doctor - is he or she going to take government-mandated health guidance? Many doctors say no, which may lead to a shortage of physicians and longer waits to be treated. The shutdown over Obamacare is sending another signal to the world that this country is chaotic. As Talking Points has suggested, the sane thing would be for President Obama to give individuals the same treatment he has given some corporations; that is, a one-year waiver for signing up. If he would agree to that, the Republicans would stop the funding chaos. So there you have it: Obamacare is a mess, the government shutdown is embarrassing, and there is a sane compromise available."

Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain evaluated the Talking Points and the mess in Washington. "Your idea is terrible," Powers declared. "You're saying Obamacare would keep running but there would be no individual mandate, but you need the individual mandate to draw younger and healthier people into the pool. Otherwise you'll just have premiums going up for everybody else. You can't do this without individual mandates." Obenshain predicted that many young and healthy folks will be turned off by all the glitches in the exchanges. "Young people who go to the websites and are not able to sign up are not going to come back in a couple of weeks. And you're absolutely right that there's no incentive for young people to sign up. Obama's promise was a lie, average Americans are seeing their health care costs increase."
Criticizing Obamacare
Guest:Dr. Ben Carson
For another view of Obamacare, The Factor welcomed pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a favorite among many conservatives. "We shouldn't be rolling out a program that people have no idea about," he stated. "I can think of multiple ways that would cost less money and afford people better health care." Carson revealed that he has recently been scrutinized by the IRS and implied that it was for political reasons. "They said they wanted to investigate some investment property I have. When they found all the i's were dotted and all the t's were crossed, they said, let's just do a general audit of everything. The freedom of our citizens is being threatened and I think this is more serious than Watergate or Iran-Contra." The Factor recalled a similar experience: "I was audited three years in a row in the Clinton administration, and I finally told my accountant that if they did it again we would sue. I was convinced that I was being audited for political reasons, and I think you are convinced that you were also."
"Killing Jesus" Critique
Guest:Candida Moss
Notre Dame University theology professor Candida Moss has taken issue with "Killing Jesus," saying the book should have identified Jesus a socialist who would favor free health care and income redistribution. "Your book is great for drawing attention to Jesus," Moss began, "but I am missing the social teachings of Jesus. The most consistent social teaching of the New Testament was that the wealthy give away their possessions in order to help the poor. Jesus told people that in order to go to heaven they have to give up their possessions." The Factor explained that the book is not a study of theology: "This is a history, it's not a religious book. We did make it dramatically clear that Jesus was for the poor, but your saying that he was a socialist is not theologically sound. If you're telling me that no one can own anything or they're not going to heaven, I'm going to say you're a loon."
The D-Man Sounds off on the Government Shutdown
Guest:Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller opined on the news that both NBC and CNN have canceled films about Hillary Clinton. "They shut it down," he joked, "because they didn't want their mini-series bias for Hillary to get in the way of their regular nightly newscast bias for Hillary." Miller moved on to the government shutdown and took aim at both sides. "The thing about the Republican brain trust is that I don't trust their brains. And any time something is named after a guy, i.e. Obamacare, and he doesn't want to sign up for it, that's a really bad tea leaf. But they shut down the zoo, so all you pro-animal lefties who see the zoo as cruel should see a silver lining. I'm not worried about the shutdown, I'm worried about when they start it back up."
Shocking Video
Guest:Martha MacCallum
FNC anchor Martha MacCallum screened footage from DeLand, Florida, where local police killed a fleeing man when they ran him over with their cruiser. "The police say they pulled this guy over because he didn't have his seat belt on," she reported, "and then he panicked and ran. According to a passenger in the car, he said, 'I can't go back to jail again.' He did have a record of forgery and theft, and it appears he was very afraid that he would have to go back to jail. The chief of police fired the cop instantly, so clearly he feels there was a crime here." The Factor added that the incident could ignite racial tension: "The man's family has hired Benjamin Crump, who was Trayvon Martin's lawyer. We know this shouldn't have happened."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Kevin Dunn, Charleston, SC: "Mr. O'Reilly, your compromise idea to Senator Cruz was pure trash. That's not the way the insurance market works."

Jim Raue, Kentwood, MI: "Senator Cruz and the Republicans must represent us and we don't want Obamacare."

Karsten Mueller, Phoenix, AZ: "Obamacare reminds me of Prohibition. Bad law that will be repealed."

Loraine Isenberger, Salida, CO: "Colmes is right. It is more than just a dysfunctional family situation. The culture of the neighborhood creates problems as well."
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