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Friday, October 4, 2013
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Chaos at the Capitol
"She did not have a gun, she had a car. 34-year-old Miriam Carey, a dental hygenist and unwed mother, tried to crash through a White House barrier Thursday. Reports say Ms. Carey believed President Obama was stalking her. After leading police on a wild chase, Ms. Carey was shot dead by cops. Like the gunman in the Navy Yard shooting, Ms. Carey was obviously mentally ill, and it is estimated that a whopping 26% of Americans suffer from some type of mental disorder. There is no way any country can control mental illness, but there is something happening in the world that is exacerbating the problem. There are millions of Americans walking around who have jobs, families, and social interactions, but who are also desperately ill, despite the appearance of normalcy. It used to be that these folks were kind of isolated, but now on the Internet the most horrendous stuff imaginable is available to anyone. The worst acts that human beings can perform are on display, and therefore restraints are falling back and the fuse of mental illness is being lighted as troubled people see violent fantasies up close and personal. So we are going to see an epidemic of bizarre behavior in the future. All compassionate human beings should feel sympathy for those who are mentally ill and we should try to help them if we can. But the cold truth is that there is often little we can do. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to be very alert. This problem is getting worse."

The Factor welcomed FNC anchor Geraldo Rivera, who filled out the portrait of Miriam Carey. "She came from a big family in Brooklyn," he reported, "and she has been troubled of late. She was on anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs and she had a very rough year in 2012. She got fired from her job, she fell down some steps, she was hospitalized, and she had an unwanted pregnancy. She started going through psychotic episodes and the father of the child called authorities, but unless there is imminent danger to themselves or others, you can't involuntarily confine these people." Rivera agreed that the Internet gives unstable individuals a route to find others with similar issues. "They reinforce their own paranoia. You can definitely find the psychosis of your choice on the a la carte menu on the Internet."
Ted Cruz Under Fire
Some Republican Senators reportedly confronted their colleague Ted Cruz during a heated meeting this week. The Factor was joined by Senator Ron Johnson, who was at the session. "This was our standard Wednesday lunch," Johnson said, "and most Republican Senators were in attendance. We don't yell at each other - there are lively debates, good discussion, and pointed questions, but it's all within the bounds of collegiality. This week's lunch wasn't any different." Nevertheless, Johnson left no doubt that he disagrees with Cruz's take-no-prisoners approach. "Strategic planning always starts with recognizing reality and setting achievable goals. That's the problem with this effort - I appreciate the passion, but this strategy has divided us and has been destructive. It's not helping us paint a picture of how harmful Obamacare will be to our health care system." The Factor reminded Johnson, "In the end President Obama is not going to make any changes to this law and he has the power."
Obamacare Unknowns
The rollout of state insurance exchanges has been marred by website problems and reports of higher premiums than anticipated. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs evaluated Obamacare's first few days. "This is the most peculiar, upside-down contraption I have ever seen," Dobbs stated. "If you have an income of $32,000 a year you'll get a subsidy of $650, but then you have to come up with a premium of $2,200. People can't afford it. And fundamental to Obamacare is the fact that the government has to force young people to sign up for Obamacare for about $2,000 or pay a penalty of $218. They will pay the penalty." The Factor summarized, "Obamacare is taking money from working Americans in order to pay for poor Americans to have health care."
Fed Up!
A new Fox News poll indicates that only 13% of Americans approve of Congress, while 45% approve of the job being done by President Obama. The Factor reacted with this exposition: "Who are those 13%, are they trapped in a mine? Congress is in chaos and is not getting anything done! As for President Obama, those who are satisfied with his job performance are primarily Americans who are benefitting from entitlements. So overall, Americans are not happy with the Obama administration, but many of us are too lazy and distracted to pay attention to what's going on. We're lost in cyberspace, creating our own worlds and isolating ourselves from reality. Both parties know that, and that's why they are more irresponsible than in the past. Our enemies are watching the weakness of our federal government and they're going to exploit it. Nobody knows how or when, but the forces of evil will move against us. And the weaker we look to the world, the more empowered those forces become."
iPhone Madness
With Greg Gutfeld apparently on a "short" vacation, Jesse Watters joined Bernard McGuirk to scrutinize recent events. They examined a survey showing that many single men would rather have a new iPhone than a girlfriend. "You could get one in eight guys to say they would rather have a fish tank than a girlfriend," McGuirk said, "but the iPhone is here to stay. This is a sad commentary, it's pathetic, but it's here!" Watters confessed to having a special place in his heart for his smart phone. "Last night I was watching The Factor on the couch with my new iPhone and my wife said, 'Jesse, put that down or go upstairs. It's me or the iPhone!' I chose her."
Pinheads Chris Matthews and Jay Z
Watters and McGuirk returned to name the absolutely stupidest folks of the past week. McGuirk selected rapper Jay Z, who confessed to being a former drug dealer. "He admitted that he used to sell crack," McGuirk said, "so he left all these people back in the 'hood, some of whose lives he ruined. The takeaway message is going be that Jay Z sold drugs when he was young, look where he is now, so I'm going to do the same thing." Watters went with Chris Matthews, who was booed by Stephen Colbert's audience when he expressed his desire to see a book called "Killing O'Reilly." "If you're a liberal and you lose the audience on a Comedy Central show," Watters opined, "it's like missing a two-foot putt." McGuirk, mincing no words, described Matthews as a "bitter, spittle-spewing psycho." The Factor blasted the group in Russia that wants the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Vladimir Putin. "Putin has persecuted gay people, has jailed young women who sing rock songs, and has had journalists murdered, and loves Stalin."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Ron Stahlschmidt, Scottsdale, AZ: "O'Reilly, I was struck by the genius of your recommendation that the individual mandate to buy health insurance be delayed for a year. Why is that kind of logic not embraced by our government?"

Laura Garcia, Santa Ana, CA: "Bill, your compromise seems fair. However, rigid Tea Party people who stayed home because Romney was not conservative enough have only themselves to blame for this mess."

Caryn Maldonado, Lake Forrest, CA: "The new Mad as Hell segment is fantastic. We have plenty to be mad about here!"

Steve Cooke, Santiago, Chile: "O'Reilly, promoting that segment with language offensive to much of your audience is disconcerting. And you say?"
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