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Monday, October 7, 2013
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Will Americans rise up against Obamacare?
"It is becoming apparent that millions of Americans will pay a lot more for health insurance under Obamacare. I was talking to some insurance executives this weekend and they're happy. Why? Because deductibles and co-pays are going up big time, which means more profit for their companies and less money for you. How many voters knew that when the law was debated? That's just one reason individual Americans should get a one-year reprieve from Obamacare. Some businesses have the reprieve and you should get it too. That's the crux of the government shutdown; Republicans want some changes in Obamacare, the President and Democrats do not. Talking Points has another question: What is best for the folks? Obamacare is not ready for prime time and everybody knows it! When Chris Wallace asked how many people have signed up, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew dodged because he knows it's very hard to sign up, even if you want to. I understand that President Obama does not want to change or delay his signature issue and he has authority on his side. But if the President is really looking out for the folks, he has to know things are not working out very well. The country needs another year to better organize the health program and if Republicans are smart they'll simply pound home that theme. If Obamacare is a good thing, the folks will know it; if it's a bad thing, the law should be changed."
Division in the Democratic Party?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Some high-profile journalists have voiced complaints about the Obama administration's secrecy. The Factor asked FNC's Bernard Goldberg to explain. "There is a report coming out," Goldberg said, "about press freedom during the Obama years. David Sanger, a national security reporter for the New York Times, calls the Obama administration 'the most closed, control-freak administration' he's ever seen, and former Washington Post editor Leonard Downey says government officials are increasingly fearful of talking to reporters. They're basically saying the Obama administration is the most secretive in memory, making it difficult for reporters to do their jobs." Goldberg also criticized the media for not giving Obamacare greater scrutiny. "How many people even know what's in the law? Only now am I hearing that if you're a 60-year-old woman your policy has to include maternity benefits, and even if I've never used hard drugs my policy has to include visits to rehab. Why didn't we know about that two years ago?"
Fair Deal?
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
Millions of Americans will likely be harmed by Obamacare, while millions of others will benefit. Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham opined on the morality of that tradeoff. "This is for the common good," Williams declared, "and whenever you end a discriminatory system there will be some winners and some losers. There was a discriminatory system if you had a preexisting condition, if you were over 40, or if you were poor." But Ham accused the administration of acting in bad faith. "The pitch for Obamacare was $2,500 saved off your family premiums, but that's not going to happen for everyone. The pitch was that we would bring the cost curve down, but that's not happening. The pitch was that you can keep your doctor, but that's not true for many people. It is immoral to make promises and then break them." The Factor took issue with Williams' "common good" argument: "This is not good for people who are paying higher premiums and co-pays. That's not the 'common good,' they're getting hurt."
War on Terror
Guest: Peter Brookes from the Heritage Foundation
National security analyst Peter Brooks explained more about the two anti-terror raids carried out Saturday, beginning with Somalia. "The SEAL team went in on the beach and they got into a firefight. We're not sure what happened, they came across something they didn't expect. They were probably going to do a snatch-and-grab, but it didn't go off the way we wanted." Brooks reported far better news about the Libya raid, which resulted in the capture of Abu Anas al-Libi. "He has a long association with Al Qaeda and he was involved with the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. He is obviously of great importance to the United States."
Rising from Poverty
Guest: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)
Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez entered the No Spin Zone to discuss his new book, which documents his escape from poverty. "My mom and dad came to this country with nothing," he recalled, "and without my mother and my father, there were no other role models in my life. I see immigrants today and I say, my parents needed a lifeline and now I want to stand up for people today." The Factor used the Gutierrez clan as the embodiment of family values: "You succeeded largely because your parents stayed together, their hard work and honesty was inculcated into you. Now I'm fighting this battle to get society to encourage women to stop having babies out of wedlock. I'm getting hammered, but we are not going to help the poor unless we are honest about the problem."
Biker Gang Attack Update
Guest: Dean Meminger from New York One.
A motorcycle gang in New York City recently attacked an SUV and beat the driver, who had allegedly cut one of the bikers off. The Factor asked New York TV reporter Dean Meminger for the latest. "That event was called a 'Hollywood Block Party,'" Meminger said, "and guys from all over the area come to ride their bikes. In that group you had some off-duty law enforcement officers, and one NYPD undercover officer has been put on modified duty as internal affairs investigates what he knew about the attack." Meminger added that one motorcyclist may actually sue the SUV driver. "One person who was run over by the SUV was critically injured and his family has retained Gloria Allred, the high-profile celebrity attorney. Another attacker who was caught on video punching the driver was arrested today." The Factor questioned the merit of any potential lawsuit: "This guy was fleeing for his life and trying to protect his wife and 2-year-old. Police didn't say he did anything wrong."
Factor's Most Fascinating Moments
The Factor celebrated the show's 17th birthday by airing a few memorable excerpts - the good, the bad, the ugly - from over the years. The highlights included clips with Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, Triumph the Insult Dog, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, Colin Powell, Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Clint Eastwood, Howard Stern, ALF, Hillary Clinton, and of course Barney Frank.
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