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Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Excuses, Excuses
Guests: Karl Rove
"The latest claim from the White House is that all the chaos is being caused by health insurance companies. But according to the Washington Post, 'The administration's effort to pin the blame on insurance companies is a classic case of misdirection.' So what is the truth? If you are a health insurance company, you are now required to offer a bunch of services, such as maternity and newborn care to 90-year-olds. So some companies are canceling the policies because they don't comply with the new mandates. President Obama knew that would happen and he actually wants that to happen because it forces Americans into the Obamacare exchanges to get new policies. Remember that the goal of President Obama and the Democratic Party is for the government to control the entire health care industry. But the President will never tell us any of that and most Americans are finally wising up to the quasi-socialistic agenda of the Democratic Party. My analysis is not ideological - in fact, I think some right-wing ideologues are actually helping President Obama by attacking him personally. We don't do that here and that has frustrated some Factor viewers. But we have been effective in dismantling the Obamacare excuse-making machine. For example, rather than concentrate on the word 'lie,' which polarizes, we have presented fact after fact showing that the new law is chaotic, to say the least. The way to overturn the progressive movement in America is to vote the rascals out, and in order to do that you have to defeat the progressives with facts."

The Factor invited FNC analyst Karl Rove to opine on Obamacare and its political ramifications. "The problems are not just with the website," Rove said, "but with the underlying policy. And the problems are getting worse, starting with the fact that thus far we have seen 4.2 million policies canceled. There will be increasing numbers of people losing their coverage, then going to the exchanges and finding out that it will cost them more. The policies require more benefits but have fewer options as to where you get those benefits." The Factor predicted that President Obama's own party will force him to make changes: "I think there is going to be a revolt, and it's not going to come from conservatives. It's going to come from the Democrats who are in jeopardy of losing their seats."
ObamaCare Chaos
Guest: Dennis Kucinich
For a view from the other side, The Factor welcomed former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. "I don't see this as a Democrat/Republican thing," Kucinich began. "The rollout has been a disaster, but an even greater disaster is that you have 50-million people without any health insurance. So we're not going to go back to the status quo where insurance companies were taking one out of every three health care dollars for corporate profits, advertising, stock options, marketing, and executive salaries. We don't need a health care system run by insurance companies. The problem we have is that this is a hybrid system with more of a role for the government, while private insurers are still running things." The Factor urged the administration to be straight with the American people: "Shouldn't President Obama just say that he wants a single-payer system where the federal government provides health care, why doesn't he just be honest about what the goal is?"
Mocked by the Media
Guest: Laura Ingraham
In a cover story on newly re-elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Time magazine used the headline "The Elephant in the Room." Laura Ingraham dismissed the idea that Time was mocking Christie's ample girth. "It's the GOP, the Grand Old Party," she said, "and the symbol is the elephant. It was a little tongue-in-cheek, but someone like Christie will see the humor in this." Nevertheless, Ingraham predicted that Christie will soon be faced with media opprobrium. "If had to say who will be the Republican nominee, it would probably be Jeb Bush or Christie or Scott Walker. When you become the GOP favorite, the calumny begins. Chris Christie will get used to this because the media will pile on him like they did with Romney and McCain."
Viewers Sound Off!
Guest: Heather Nauert
FNC anchor Heather Nauert entered the No Spin Zone to answer emails submitted by irate Factor viewers. Californian Carole Perry is ticked off because Obamacare supporters have been paying Hollywood producers to put a positive spin on the law. "There is a group called the 'California Foundation,'" Nauert reported, "which was started by Wellpoint, a large for-profit health insurance company. They're providing a half-million dollars to help promote Obamacare to writers and producers, trying to get it into their scripts. Wellpoint says it stands to make $20 billion off of Obamacare by 2016." Another viewer expressed anger about seeing folks using food stamps to purchase lobster at an expensive grocery store. "You can't buy cigarettes or alcohol or dog food," Nauert said, "but you can buy lobster and organic food. Some fast food restaurants will also allow people to use their cards in the restaurants."
Public Prayer
Guest: Megyn Kelly
With the U.S. Supreme Court hearing a case involving prayer at town meetings, Megyn Kelly explained the controversy. "The suit was brought by an atheist and a Jew," she reported, "and is supported by people who like separation of church and state. There is Supreme Court precedent that says you can have a prayer before a legislative session, but the Court now seems to be questioning whether it will live with that ruling it made in 1983. If they don't live with that ruling, we could be at the point where small towns can not open their legislative sessions with a prayer." Kelly also reported the latest on the school district in New Jersey that had threatened to ban Christmas carols. "To their credit, they folded. The superintendent decided that you were right and she was wrong, so she reversed the policy and for now kids will be allowed to sing Christmas carols at their winter concert. But the policy is still under review."
The Least Sexy College in the Country
Guest: Jesse Watters
After visiting the University of Wisconsin, which was named America's "sexiest college," Jesse Watters headed to the University of Houston, which was singled out as the "least sexy" school in America. This is what some young Cougars told Watters about their campus: "We gotta get better women here" ... "Some people don't have enough cleavage, I guess." Back in New York, Watters admitted that he empathized with the students. "Hard as it is to believe," he revealed, "I myself was unsexy for a time. I had long hair, I wore plaid, and I drove a Chrysler LeBaron.
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