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Friday, November 8, 2013
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President Obama in a Big Bind
"President Obama has apologized for not being more direct with the American people about Obamacare. But it was really a nothing statement and he had to do it. With anger growing across the nation and Democratic politicians very worried, Mr. Obama finally admitted some culpability, but no one has been held accountable for the deplorable rollout of Obamacare. The unintended consequences are just beginning to be felt - every day thousands of us are having to deal with dramatic change and often dramatic new expense. This can not turn out well for the President or the Democratic Party, no matter what they say. But again, Talking Points urges fairness in the reporting on Obamacare, not partisan hysteria. America is now in the middle of an intense political war between big government people and small government folks. The winner of that war will be the side that tells the truth and states the facts, whatever they may be."

The Factor followed up with Jim Stone, head of a health care consulting firm. "We are hearing anecdotal information that physicians are scared," Stone said, "and there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect their practices and their income. More than 50% of the physicians we surveyed give the Affordable Care Act a 'D' or an 'F,' so generally they are pretty negative. They don't want to deal with the decreasing reimbursements and increasing regulations, they're fearful of how things are going to turn out for them." Stone also warned of an impending doctor shortage. "HHS is predicting that 268,000 physicians will be retiring over the next ten years, but only about 15,000 new physicians are coming in each year."
Bad for Working Americans?
Stock markets are soaring, but ordinary Americans are struggling; median income has actually declined in the five years since President Obama took office. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to explain. "Stocks are up 20% this year so far," Dobbs said, "but the labor force participation rate has dropped to a 35-year low, and 14% of the country is underemployed or unemployed. The effect of Obamacare is to tax jobs and to create part-time jobs, and I think there is a good case to be made that we are looking at the prospect of civil unrest." The Factor pointed out the irony that President Obama's policies have exacerbated the gap: "His primary goal in life is to redistribute assets and he came into office believing that he was going to make the USA more 'fair,' but he has done exactly the opposite. The fat cats are making more money than every before, but the workers are making less money."
Tea Party Trouble?
Some political observers say the Republican Party is being dragged down by Tea Party conservatives. Former Congressman Allen West assessed polls showing that a plurality of voters oppose the Tea Party. "The numbers reflect the fact that the Tea Party has been demonized," he theorized. "If you were to ask about excessive government spending, onerous taxation, or growing debt, you would see people supporting those positions in a positive way. The Tea Party people should sit down and come up with a platform that says what they are for." The Factor advised West that the Tea Party is losing the public relations war: "You're right that the perception of the Tea Party is shaped by a hostile media. There's no spokesperson for the Tea Party, it's fragmented by design, so there's nobody to fight back on the national level to get out the message that the Tea Party isn't a subversive organization."
NFL Bullying Update
Geraldo Rivera provided his perspective on the Miami Dolphins fiasco, where 300-pound lineman Richie Incognito has been suspended for "bullying" another 300-pounder named Jonathan Martin. "I have severe reservations about the bullying," Rivera said, "but there is something else that happened in May of 2012. Richie Incognito allegedly took a golf club and physically molested a woman in a bar, he ran it up and down her private parts. The woman complained to the Dolphins, but says she got no satisfaction, so she went to the local police department and filed a report. No charges were brought against Incognito." The Factor questioned whether a bad actor like Richie Incognito even belongs in the NFL: "There's a tape of him calling up a teammate and using racial invective, he's been thrown off three football teams, and he has a police report. This looks like a violent guy who is out of control."
NFL & Flash Mobs!
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk also tackled the NFL "bullying" situation. "This incident is not trivializing bullying," McGuirk declared, "this is for real! Jonathan Martin didn't sign up for 'Lord of the Flies' on steroids, he didn't sign up to have these no-neck nitwits leaving voice mails about raping his sister." Gutfeld turned to Chicago, where "flash mobs" of young people are entering clothing stores, emptying the shelves, and making off with tons of stolen goods. "Can we officially ban the term 'flash mob,'" he asked. "This is what used to be called 'looting,' and now in cities run by liberals it's called 'exercise' - it's a mix of aerobics and wealth transfer. New Yorkers should look at this and understand that this is what they are electing. Chicago is run by a liberal mayor who cannot control crime, and New Yorkers just elected Bill de Blasio, so this is their future!"
Mayor Rob Ford and a California School
The boys returned to name the week's most outrageous people and events. McGuirk went with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack and going on "drunken binges." "He's being unfairly stigmatized for two reasons," McGuirk joked, "because he's overweight and he smoked crack. If he looked like Mitt Romney and he did a couple of lines of cocaine nobody would care." Gutfeld singled out sports reporter Kevin Blackistone, who described the Star-Spangled Banner as a "war anthem" that doesn't belong at sporting events. "When he goes to a football game," Gutfeld surmised, "he sees a state of war mongering. Because he's a professor, he sees anything that is considered remotely American or patriotic as silly." The Factor picked the administration of Coachella Valley High School in California, who are known as the "Arabs," have cheerleaders who perform belly dances, and use a sinister looking Muslim character as a mascot. "This mascot was created in the 1920's, but there are no Arabs living there. We're not politically correct here, but the school district superintendent is a pinhead." But McGuirk pointed out, "At least the mascot isn't wearing a suicide vest, it could be worse."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Jerome Parkin, Wexford, Ireland: "Hey, O'Reilly, if Dennis Kucinich is your idea of an honest liberal, your country is in deep trouble."

Bob Cron, Grand Junction, CO: "O'Reilly, don't you know that an honest liberal is an oxymoron?"

Greg Meadows, Hemet, CA: "Karl Rove blew the call on last year's election. Why should I care what he thinks now?"

Wyatt Frawley, Greensboro, PA: "Bill, you like it pithy - here you go. I will stay home if the Republicans nominate a moderate."
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