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Monday, November 11, 2013
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More Troubles for Obamacare
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine
"There is plenty of criticism of the Affordable Health Care law, with much of the anger flowing toward the White House. The Obama administration had three-and-a-half years and a billion dollars to launch the law, but the entire thing is a catastrophe so far and no one has been held responsible. It is safe to say that most Americans do not trust the new law, nor do they trust President Obama to implement it properly. Enter the conservative Project Veritas group, which sent an undercover person to National Urban League offices in Texas. The Urban League is receiving more than $1-million to guide people into the Obamacare system. Some of that taxpayer money is being used to hire 'navigators,' who are there to help you when you call up. Project Veritas talked to a few of those navigators, who advised undercover 'applicants' to fill out forms fraudulently and lie about their health history. Fraud and deceit! Sounds like a great federal program. Going forward, the President should delay the law for a year so that computers can be fixed and responsible people hired to guide Americans through the new health care maze. There's no threat to a delay of the Affordable Care act. In fact, the program should be stronger a year from now. Right, Mr. President?"

The Factor invited reaction from Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams. "We have a 'Hater's Ball' going on here," Williams groused. "Everybody is trying to find anything they can on Obamacare, but there is no evidence of widespread fraud or corruption." Ham ridiculed Williams' suggestion that only Obama haters dislike the law. "The 'Hater's Ball' has always been populated by more than half of the United States. A lot of people are losing their insurance, so there's not a lot of dancing, there's a lot of sadness. In any giant system fraud can creep in, but in this system fraud was invited over for a keg party!" The Factor accused Williams of simply wanting to redistribute wealth: "There's always a reason why people are poor in America. But you and your crew, Juan, are saying you don't care what the reason is, that everyone has a constitutional right to free health care. You're willing to overlook all the chaos."
How Much Do the Folks Know About Obamacare?
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters took to the streets to find out how much people really know about the Affordable Health Care Act. Here is what a few folks told him about Obamacare: "I don't understand Obamacare, I don't think anyone understands it" ... "It's going to cost me more money in the long run" ... "The website crash has CIA written all over it." Watters then summarized his interviews with 20 random people in New York City's Central Park. "Ten people supported Obamacare, five people did not support it, and the other five were just confused or intoxicated. We just happened to run into some people who were a little disoriented in the middle of the day."
Christie 2016?
Guest: Brit Hume
Governor Chris Christie, fresh off his landslide re-election in New Jersey, is being touted as the next Republican presidential nominee. The Factor spoke about the Governor with FNC political analyst Brit Hume. "It's pretty clear that Chris Christie is interested in running for the presidency," Hume surmised. "He won a huge victory in a blue state, which is not a small achievement for a Republican. His weakest point in getting the nomination is that a great many conservatives who are very important in the nominating process don't think he's one of them. He has to convince them that a guy who can win a lot of Democratic votes is actually one of them, that's the hill he has to climb. The tableau of him with the President after Hurricane Sandy doesn't help him among conservative Republicans - they wonder if they can trust him."
Who Should be the New Face of the GOP?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
On the same theme, The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg about Chris Christie's presidential prospects. "It's too early to say he's the front-runner," Goldberg replied, "but he's certainly the flavor of the month. He's on the cover of Time magazine and he's on all the Sunday talk shows." Goldberg advised Republicans to focus more on winning elections, less on ideological purity. "Too many people on the hard right, Tea Party people and others, are ideological rigid and say that if Chris Christie is the latest incarnation of John McCain or Mitt Romney, they'll sit home and not vote for him. If they do that, they will help elect another liberal Democrat named Hillary Clinton in 2016. The real 'RINOs' are the people in the Tea Party and the hard right because they have made it clear that their allegiance is not to the Republican Party, but to their particular brand of conservatism."
Changes for the Republican Party
Guest: Karl Rove
Former Bush advisor Karl Rove analyzed the current state of his Republican Party and its presidential hopefuls. "2014 is going to be really important for each of these people," Rove declared. "Do they go out and bust their posteriors next year to help get other Republicans elected, and do they come up with an optimistic message? The other thing is how much do they grow? Every one of these people has won in a state, but running for president is like nothing they've ever experienced. The question is whether they can grow their skills and talents and political muscle to do things better on the campaign trail." The Factor added that far right candidates will have an early advantage in the nominating process: "The Republican primaries are stacked toward conservatives, you're going to lose the first few primaries if you're not a doctrinaire conservative."
NFL Bullying Update
Guest: Jay Glazer
The Factor welcomed Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, who scored an exclusive interview with alleged NFL "bully" Richie Incognito. "Locker rooms are a different place," Glazer said, "and football players are different. The only thing that matters here is how those two guys took it, and whether one guy thought he was being pushed too far. The only people who know the truth are Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, but everyone wanted to jump in like they knew the story. We've now heard from one guy, we need to hear from the other guy." But The Factor portrayed Incognito as a serial miscreant and a thug: "A woman has said she was assaulted by Incognito and the team has confirmed that happened. Also, you have Incognito getting tossed off three teams. And finally, he used invective and language that borders on violence. There's enough evidence that this guy is a problem and that the coaching staff knew it. This story is over, the Dolphins are wrong!"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bob Petrunka, Raleigh, NC: "O'Reilly, your Talking Points mentioned 'unintended consequences' of Obamacare. How can you be so naive? The cancelation of private insurance policies was a feature of the new law, providing additional revenue to insurance companies in bed with the president."

Lydia Springer, Thousand Oaks, CA: "My son and I have both lost our health coverage. I have cancer; he has special needs. A real apology would be for President Obama to say his plan is unworkable, unaffordable, and unAmerican."

Shirlee Moore, Buckhead, GA: "How dare you, O'Reilly, say the independents will replace Tea Party votes in the Republican Party. Don't underestimate us!"
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