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Tuesday, December 3, 2013
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President Obama on the Offensive
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
"The President went on the offensive today, saying the Affordable Health Care law is up and ready. The President also addressed his critics, challenging them to come up with a better system. From the beginning of the health care debate, Talking Points has suggested that Congress pass targeted laws to address unfairness in the system, things like allowing insurance companies to compete nationwide and free health care clinics for the uninsured. But President Obama wanted income redistribution along with health care access, and the only way to do that was to impose a government-run system. The feds dictate the coverage, the cost, and the sign-up plan. But many working Americans will have to pay more and some doctors will not participate. Mr. Obama didn't address either of those things today and he did not address the falsehoods under which the Affordable Health Care Act was passed. The White House is selling that President Obama wants what's best for the folks, and I believe that's true in theory. The problem is that his vision is running up against reality. The medical industry in America will suffer from Obamacare, it will be harder to see a doctor, and health care costs will actually rise because of co-pays and deductibles. That's not what's 'best,' but Barack Obama will not believe me and others who see harm to the nation going forward."

The Factor continued on the Obamacare theme with Charles Krauthammer. "President Obama lives in a world of theory and rhetoric," Dr. K surmised. "It's like King Canute being urged by his worshipful acolytes to tell the tides to go backwards. At least King Canute had the self-consciousness to say that can't be done, but Obama thinks he can repeal reality with rhetoric. The one thing he can really do well is campaign, but his trouble comes with governing. And here he's faced with a management problem - he passed a bill that is so complex and he has a website that is not functioning correctly, but he thinks that if he makes the right speech and says the right words it will change perception. He's telling us that everything is fine and it's going to be working correctly, but that won't help someone who gets a cancellation notice."
Can Obamacare be Fixed?
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes debated whether the Affordable Care Act will eventually work as promised. "Anything is possible," Crowley said, "but it's almost 100% certain that this will collapse. The website will get straightened out, but the issue is Obamacare itself. It gives us massive increase in demand, with tens of millions of new people in the system, while restricting supply with fewer doctors. We were told that would somehow lead to lower prices, but that is economic nonsense." Colmes accused Republicans of sabotaging health care reform for electoral gain. "The right wing wants this to blow up because they want to be able to say, 'I told you so.' But this is not going to collapse - more people are signing up and people will want this."
The Nanny State vs. Christianity
Guests: Father Gerald Murray & Joshua DuBois
Some on the left claim that Jesus would be a major proponent of the nanny state and Obamacare. The Factor pursued that question with Catholic priest Gerald Murray and Joshua DuBois, a spiritual adviser to President Obama. "To say that big government was the goal of Jesus would be absurd," Father Murray declared, "and any comparison of food stamps and the feeding of the 5,000 is out of order. Part of Christ's teaching is that we take care of the poor for spiritual motives and we have to do better, but I don't know that the solution is nationalized health care." But DuBois insisted that Christ would endorse big government solutions. "Jesus would want to make sure that every single person in this country has enough food to eat. If you add up every private charitable dollar that feeds hungry people in this country, it's only 10% of what we need to make sure everyone has food. The rest comes from the federal government." The Factor reminded DuBois that he is advocating forced charity, saying, "You're helping one group by hurting another group and I don't know if Jesus would be down with that."
Liberalism & Politics
Guest: John Stossel
In a new special, Fox Business host John Stossel skewers the hypocrisies of Hollywood liberals. He entered the No Spin Zone with a few examples. "Leonardo DiCaprio says he's going to take some time off from films," Stossel reported, "so he can fly around the world trying to help the environment. Fly around the world. Harrison Ford owns seven airplanes while he gets his chest waxed 'for the rain forest' and P. Diddy tells us to turn out light bulbs while he has five houses. Fracking is one of the best things for the environment, but it's banned in some states because of people like Lady Gaga." The Factor advised Stossel to ease up just slightly, saying, "If somebody wants to help the environment, you can't say they can never do anything that will be anti-environmental."
Hot Legal Stories
Guests: Lis Wiehl & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle revisited the case of Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh, who sentenced a rapist to just one month in prison. "This judge looked at the wrong statute," Wiehl said, "and statutory rape carries a mandatory minimum of four years. The judge also made some horrible comments about the girl." Guilfoyle reported that the Montana Supreme Court is re-examining the sentence. "This will be reversed and handed back down for re-sentencing under the proper guidelines. Judge Baugh has acknowledged his mistake and he may be censured." Guilfoyle also reported that Washington State's legalization of marijuana has had some unintended consequences. "There has been an uptick in the number of individuals that are driving under the influence of marijuana. People think they can get away with it."
Animals Running Wild!
Guest: David Von Drehle
One day after a black bear mauled a woman near Orlando, The Factor spoke about America's wild animal problem with David Von Drehle, who wrote a cover story on the issue for Time. "This is happening all over the country," he said. "There are 3,000 bears in New Jersey and they've had to reinstitute bear hunting. Elementary schools in at least five states have gone into lockdown because bears were prowling the schoolyard, and deer cause one-and-a-quarter million car accidents every year." Von Drehle added that wild animal proliferation is the result of a great success story. "We almost wiped out wildlife in North America by the middle of the 20th century, but we became very conservation-minded and turned it around. We have made the United States into a paradise for wildlife, we've turned our suburbs into a 24-hour buffet."
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