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Thursday, December 5, 2013
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Republican Comeback?
Guest: Sarah Palin
"A recent poll by the Pew Research Center is bad news for President Obama across the board. 59% of Americans disapprove of his health care policies, and a whopping 65% disapprove of his economic policy. The President's standing among Americans is at its lowest point ever, but can the Republican Party capitalize? The GOP is still divided between so-called moderates and committed conservatives. Right now New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads among possible Republican presidential candidates, followed by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Jeb Bush. With Americans disenchanted with Obamacare and a bad economy, it would seem the Republicans would have some momentum, but they don't because there is not one clear message. It is clear that the Democrats are going to campaign largely in poor and working class precincts. Fast food workers across the country demonstrated today for a $15 an hour minimum wage, which is endorsed by President Obama and most other Democrats. Of course, if you give fast food workers $15 an hour, prices go up for everybody. Talking Points believes the Republican Party must drop ideology almost entirely and concentrate on the economy and on putting forth a health care plan that makes sense. It's all about wages, jobs, and health, that's it. If the GOP does not consolidate its message, it will not capitalize on Mr. Obama's troubles."

The Factor welcomed Sarah Palin, who evaluated the state of her Republican Party. "There needs to be a united message from Republicans, independents, libertarians, and those who want to capitalize on Obama's faults," she began. "That message needs to be, 'Big government politicians, stop stealing our money!' I am proud to be affiliated with the Tea Party grass roots movement. The acronym is TEA, 'Taxed Enough Already,' and its foundation is that government should live within its means just as we do. The media wants to make it a radical movement, but it's not radical." The Factor asked about former MSNBC host Martin Bashir, who exited the left-wing network after making disgusting comments about Palin. "They want to discredit and marginalize," she replied, "but I wish they would do it on policy. It's an immature and petty way of trying to destroy someone, it's the Saul Alinsky 'politics of personal destruction' that they engage in. In this case with Bashir, refreshingly, people in the media were saying enough is enough." The Factor questioned whether other MSNBC hosts will clean up their acts: "That's all they have, they don't have anything else but personal attacks."
The War on Christmas
Guest: Sarah Palin
Returning for another segment, Sarah Palin spoke about her new book "Good Tidings and Great Joy," and the secular war against Christmas. "I noticed a change when I was Mayor of Wasilla and I promoted our Nativity Scene," she recalled. "People were saying, 'Somebody is going to sue you for allowing God to be recognized in the public square. In the book I recognize those businesses that are bold enough to allow their employees to freely express acknowledgement of Jesus being the reason for the season. Customers will stick with them in appreciation. The war on Christmas is the tip of the spear that really translates into a war on religious freedom."
Presidential politics
Guest: Rick Santorum
Former Republican Senator and presidential contender Rick Santorum assessed the ideological divide in his party. "There is a lot of sniping going on," Santorum said, "because we are the 'big tent' party in America. We have a lot of diversity as to beliefs and it's not an unhealthy thing, particularly when you're out in the wilderness and not in power. But there are some core principles we can all get together on - people want limited government and someone who cares for those who are in trouble. The central focus of the 2014 election must be Obamacare, which is bad for the economy, bad for people's health, and bad for freedom of conscience." The Factor advised Santorum, "When you're trying to get the Senate back and trying to neutralize a President, you really have to come together or you're not going to win next year."
What makes YOU angry?
Guest: Gretchen Carlson
FNC's Gretchen Carlson entered the No Spin Zone to help field complaints from viewers who are really, really mad. One of them, Judy Havener of Texas, said she'll be irate if the Obamas jet off to Hawaii again for Christmas. "All the sources we have at the White House," Carlson reported, "say there will be a two-week vacation in Hawaii. President Obama grew up there, his sister is there, and I think all presidents need to take a break." Arizonan Genie Buckpitt is peeved at all the commercials that include Santa Claus rather than Jesus. "He's a patronized saint," Carlson said, "and St. Nicholas would help impoverished girls and put out treats for kids in their shoes. You can believe in Jesus and Santa at the same time, don't be a Scrooge."
Unintended Consequences
Guest: Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly, who has devoted much of her "Kelly File" show to hammering Obamacare, explained her righteous indignation. "Nearly six-million people have been kicked off their policies," she said, "contrary to the President's promise. They didn't know they were a pawn in a game in which there would be winners and losers, and they're the losers. I feel for these people and the administration knew that what they were saying was false. Kathleen Sebelius knew that people would lose their plans by the millions, but I think she has a far-left mindset where she knows what is better for them. So picture this - you get kicked off your plan, then you have to go on a website that doesn't work and sit there for hours or days trying to get insurance. And now up to 30% of the people who have done that and think they have insurance actually don't. They're going to find out at the hospital door that they don't have insurance!"
Coarsening Discourse in America
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Long before MSNBC's Martin Bashir slandered Sarah Palin, that network's Ed Schultz charmingly referred to Laura Ingraham as a "right wing slut." The Factor asked Ingraham about MSNBC's tendency to denigrate. "There is a sense among some liberals," she surmised, "that you can say this stuff with impunity. They believe the country has moved unalterably to the left and that Tea Party people and conservatives are easily dismissed and demonized. They're especially aggravated by conservative women and blacks because we mess up their stereotypes." The Factor pointed to a general imbalance of incivility, saying, "There are some vile right-wing people spouting hatred, but there are more on the left."
Burgundy Chaser
The Factor delivered a personal tip to comic Will Ferrell, who has been showing up on various newscasts in his "Ron Burgundy" character: "Man up and come in here, you have a lot to learn about being an anchorman."
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