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Tuesday, December 10, 2013
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Nelson Mandela's Legacy
Guests: Bishop Harry Jackson & Rev. Raphael Warnock
"Nearly 100 world leaders are in South Africa memorializing the late Nelson Mandela, a symbol of freedom all over the world. He led the fight for civil rights in his country and the white apartheid government put him in prison for 27 years. As a young man Mandela had Marxist leanings and dealt closely with communists; anyone who knows anything about South Africa understands Mr. Mandela's philosophy. Enter the far-left MSNBC network and Al Sharpton, a dishonest purveyor of information and a man who could not care less about reporting what's true. Last Friday, Sharpton played a clip in which I said Mandela was a communist. Sharpton is a flat-out deceiver, here is what I actually said about Nelson Mandela: 'He was a communist, this man, but he was a great man. What he did for his people was stunning.' Sharpton cut out all of the context, as he has done many times before. Any other commentator on national TV would have been fired, but NBC seems to be afraid of Sharpton, who uses the occasion of Mandela's death to dishonestly attack people he doesn't like. They don't come lower! There comes a point when good people have to honor other people even though they disagree with their philosophy, and that was the point I was making about Nelson Mandela. There also comes a point when good people have to walk away from bad people who exploit situations for their own gain. I think you know who I'm talking about."

The Factor invited reaction from Rev. Raphael Warnock and Bishop Harry Jackson. "Mandela had a transformation while he was in prison," Jackson said, "and when he left prison, he said he left behind anger, guilt, and revenge. His life is a story of forgiveness and he should be honored as a transformational leader. But I also believe that Al Sharpton's motives are sometimes questionable and he sees things through a grid of unforgiveness." Warnock urged American political rivals to follow Mandela's example. "I am inspired by the legacy of Mandela and the way he pitched a tent large enough to bring together people who are not normally in the same room. It's indicative of how we ought to engage one another on these issues."
Nelson Mandela's Legacy
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes also opined on Al Sharpton's exploitation of Nelson Mandela's death. "Al Sharpton clearly did not use your full statement," Colmes said, "and clearly you were praising Mandela. You were not knocking Mandela or name-calling. It was not right, and I wonder if Sharpton even knew everything you said." Crowley cited Sharpton's dishonesty as typical of his far-left network. "MSNBC does this repeatedly, Al Sharpton has done this repeatedly. He knew it was being taken out of context, he used Nelson Mandela's death as a spear to try to get to you. It's dishonest, but this is what the left does." The Factor condemned NBC management for ignoring Sharpton's perfidy: "CBS suspended Lara Logan because of the Benghazi report that wasn't vetted enough, but NBC hired a guy like this and puts him on the air every day knowing he does this all the time. I don't get it."
Receiving a Failing Grade
Guest: Rep. Michele Bachmann
With Americans overwhelmingly disapproving of Congressional Republicans, The Factor asked GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to opine on her party's dismal ratings. "I'm not surprised," she said, "because over 80% of media reporting is anti-conservative. Republicans need to have a very simple, smart, focused message, and our message needs to be that we are here to help people." She then laid out a few specifics. "It truly is possible for people to pay $2 or $2.50 for a gallon of gas and markedly cut their heating and air conditioning costs. We also want kids to have a fabulous first-class education, and one of the best ways you could do that is to give every parent a check for $10,000 and say, 'Choose where you want your child to go to school.'" The Factor argued that Republicans will remain in the ratings tank until and unless they do two things: "They have to put forth a better health care vision than Obamacare and they have to put forth a way for people to make more money in the workplace."
The Future of Obamacare
Guest: John Stossel
Libertarian and Fox Business host John Stossel entered the No Spin Zone and expressed his fear that Obamacare may be a permanent part of American life. "No government program ever goes away," he declared. "Once people start saying their deductibles are going up and they can't pick their doctor, both parties will rush in with subsidies, they'll say government has to step in to help these people. Obama is already saying that they won't let insurance companies lose money." The Factor offered to wager Stossel that his analysis will be proven wrong: "Not one Republican voted for Obamacare originally, but you now say that Republicans will vote for more subsidies? There's no way, they smell blood in the water."
Hot Legal Stories
Guests: Lis Wiehl & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl examined the case of Dr. Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor helped the CIA locate Osama Bin Laden and was then imprisoned for colluding with the United States. "A handwritten letter from the doctor has been smuggled out of jail," Wiehl reported. "He wrote that he's in solitary confinement, subject to mental torture, and not allowed to see a lawyer. It's more of a reminder for us as Americans to do more than just talking to Pakistan." Guilfoyle turned to another international outrage, this one taking place in New York City. "49 Russian diplomats are charged with defrauding Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for the poor. This is reprehensible, they're charged with receiving $1.5 million in Medicaid money. They have diplomatic immunity, but we can kick them out."
Atheism on the Rise
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
Some American atheists have been aggressively attacking Christmas and other religious traditions. FNC's Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the issue. "The United States is by far the most religious country in the West," Dr. K observed, "and I don't see any eruption of atheism upon the land. The militants who want to put a finger in your eye are a small group of extremists, but there are a lot of minority groups in the country that have their extreme elements. I would bet that the vast majority of atheists are silent, they don't wear it on their sleeves, and they leave other people alone." The Factor agreed, but added that non-believers wield significant cultural power: "They are such a small number but they have an inordinate amount of influence with groups like the ACLU who take up their causes all the time."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Matt Palmer, Baton Rouge, LA: "Bill, you need to think of the Factor when you criticize the Denver Post for promoting the use of marijuana. Jesse Watters interviewed people who ingested mushrooms. Please don't be hypocritical."

John Gleason, Grand Rapids, MI: "Perhaps the Denver Post should hire editors to advise people about guns and cigarettes. As Juan Williams said: 'Why not? They're legal.'"

Bill Lau, Chesterfield, MO: "O'Reilly, please tell Juan and Mary Katharine that very few drink wine with dinner in order to intoxicate themselves. But using dope has only one purpose: get dopey."
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