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Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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More Than it's Cracked up to Be
"The Mega Millions lottery has been won by two people, one in Georgia and one in California. If they take lump sum payments, they each get close to $171 million before taxes. So, we have two new 'one-percenters' in America tonight. Do you wish you were in that circumstance? Here's what happens when a person is wealthy: First, he or she becomes a target. Some people want a piece of their money and will lie, cheat, and steal to get it. Take the case of Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30 million in Florida. He was a generous guy, helping family and friends with his money, but Dorice Moore was convicted of murdering Shakespeare in a scheme to get his money. Then there's Petro Quezada of New Jersey, who won $338 million. Presto! Pedro's ex-girlfriend is suing him for half. Every affluent person is in danger, and thus the two folks who won this week will see their lives instantly change. Their relationships will be different, they will have to watch every move they make, and their freedom will be severely curtailed. The upside is financial security and the freedom to go where they please. So congratulations to the 'mega winners.' The best thing we can do for them is say a prayer."
Tax Breaks for Brothels
Guest: Denis Hof
The federal government is notorious for wasting money on questionable programs. The latest example, ridiculed by Republican Senator Tom Coburn, is $17.5 million in tax breaks for brothels in Nevada. The Factor asked brothel owner Dennis Hof how he defends the tax breaks. "Tom Coburn is a grandstander and he's trying to attack the tax code by eliminating exemptions," Hof complained. "I have 150 employees and 600 working girl prostitutes in my seven brothels, and we put a lot of money back into the economy. The legal prostitution industry needs these deductions!" The Factor advised Hof to forego the loopholes and tax breaks. "You are an entrepreneur and you're smart enough to have tapped into something that provides you with a nice living. You don't need my money and you don't need money from everybody else, so you should tell the IRS you don't want these deductions."
War on Babies?
Guests: Kate Obenshain & Kirsten Power
The Factor began the segment with this exposition: "When a woman undergoes an abortion, a baby won't be born. It's a simple fact. The leading abortion provider in the USA is Planned Parenthood. In a four-year period ending in 2012, Planned Parenthood referred or provided 1,322,853 abortions, slightly less than half of all abortions performed in the USA. From those operations, Planned Parenthood derived between $100 million and $300 million per year, and this tax-exempt organization had close to $60 million left over in the last fiscal year, so you can see that this is one very profitable and powerful organization, and it is having a profound effect on the nation's population." Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain reacted to Planned Parenthood's activities and finances. "I am pro-life and I am not a fan of Planned Parenthood doing abortions," Powers said. "However, I do appreciate what they do in family planning and in providing other services to women, including birth control. They're a non-profit organization and it's not like they're dividing up their money and giving bonuses." Obenshain portrayed Planned Parenthood as a tax-supported abortion mill. "It's devastating that the American taxpayer gives about a half-billion a year to Planned Parenthood. Their budget includes tons of money for publicity, promotion, and family planning, which is advocacy of abortion. The majority of Americans do not believe in taxpayer-funded abortion."
Cutting Military Benefits
Guest: Carl Cameron & James Rosen
Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron analyzed the kerfuffle over budget cuts affecting military veterans. "This will cost military retirees about $6-billion over the next ten years," he reported, "and it's a major fiasco that illustrates why last-minute deals crafted behind closed doors in Congress are almost always filled with traps and surprises. The majority of this is that cost of living adjustments would be brought down, but Congress will now put together a quickie bill to make a 'technical correction' to fix this." FNC's James Rosen turned to North Korea, where dictator Kim Jong Un had has uncle executed. "There were allegations that the uncle had engaged in treason and womanizing and gambling, but in reality what probably happened is that Kim Jong Un decided this would make him look tough to any enemies he may have internally."
War on Christmas
Guest: Dr. Robert Jeffress
The Factor welcomed pastor and author Robert Jeffress, who opined on the alleged "war on Christmas." "The war on Christmas is real," Jeffress declared, "and it's part of a larger war against Christianity that's being waged around the world. We are not suffering like Christians who are being martyred in other countries, but this is all a part of the same war and we need to push back against it on every front." Jeffress also condemned the intolerance of some atheistic organizations. "Nobody has influenced the world for more good than Jesus Christ, and even atheists have benefitted from that. Hospitals, orphanages, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army! Can you name one atheistic organization that has ever done anything comparable for humanity?"
Hot Topics for the D-Man
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller weighed in on the two winners who will split the $648 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot. "You now have three choices in California," he quipped. "You can take the money in one lump sum, you can take it over 30 years, or you can not take it and save yourself some tax money. The winner in California has to pay $41 million dollars, while the winner in Georgia only has to pay $19 million." Miller then took a shot at Speaker John Boehner, who has been warring with Tea Party Republicans. "You may not like the Tea Party, Johnny Boehner, but we don't like Tories. You have turned into a big butt-kisser. How about a little less time on the tanning bed and a little more time using your head?"
Santas Gone Wild!
Guest: Martha MacCallum
FNC anchor Martha MacCallum viewed footage from New York City showing men in Santa suits engaging in an all-out brawl. "This year," she reported, "30,000 people dressed up in Santa costumes and went on a 'pub crawl' in Manhattan. They engage in public urination and other lewd acts. Their website talks about it being a charity, but would you give money to these guys? It's everything that is wrong with the commercialization and the 'crudification' of Christmas."
Beat 'Em to the Punch
Whenever you're involved in a debate or a dispute with someone, always try to lead with your best and most honest fact-based argument.
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Factor Words of the Day
Sam McKinney, Phoenix, AZ: "Bill, Krauthammer is wrong and you are right. More funding will not improve education, the key is what's happening in the home."

Richard Overstreet, Beverly, MA: "O'Reilly, I think what might bring you and Stossel together on drugs is punishment. Stoned driving and selling to minors should be punished severely."

Nicholas Riccio, Hampton, NH: "Bill, you never mention what marijuana does to people, you just say it's wrong. I smoked pot and it made me stupid, lazy, and forgetful."
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