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Thursday, December 19, 2013
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Obamacare PR Mess
Guest: James Carville
"A new poll on Obamacare says that 67% of registered voters want the health care law delayed for a year. You may remember that Talking Points called for that in October because it is the sane thing to do. With all the problems rolling out the new system, it is not fair to Americans to put them in a chaotic situation. President Obama has staked his entire presidency on reforming the health care system, but at this point it's doing more harm than good. In another poll, an astounding 72% of American adults believe 'big government' is more of a threat to them than big business or big labor. That is a repudiation of liberalism, pure and simple. However, the folks have not yet connected the dots. They don't like big government and they think it is intruding on their freedoms, but they have not linked that to the Democratic Party and President Obama. Part of the reason is the utter incompetence of the Republican Party, which still isn't able to present a clear picture of how massive government, out-of-control spending, and over-regulation is harmful to the folks. Finally, on the social front, a new poll indicates that 92% of Americans will celebrate Christmas this year, but most people say Christmas was more of a spiritual holiday when they were kids. That shows that America is becoming more secular, which is not a good thing. If a person lives life solely for himself or herself and there is no higher cause, narcissism and selfishness become more common. When a nation becomes more shortsighted and self-absorbed, bad things happen. Summing up, the country is repudiating Obamacare, Americans do not want big government, and the Christmas holiday is becoming more secular."

The Factor asked Democratic strategist James Carville about the health care chaos and the possibility of delaying the law for a year. "I think it is working much better," Carville insisted, "and support for it is up marginally. I have thought all along that it's going to work, I think it will work, and I think you'll see support for it increase. We're making real progress and insurance companies now see that it's going to work. It would be ridiculous to delay it." But The Factor again urged a one-year delay, asking, "If the law is so good and worthy and necessary, won't it be good and worthy and necessary next year?"
Duck Dynasty Star Suspended
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Phil Robertson, the main character on the hit show "Duck Dynasty," has been suspended by A&E after he disparaged homosexuality. Laura Ingraham gave her take on the controversy. "He's a Bible-believing Christian," she said, "and like millions of people in this country, he believes in the literal word of God in the Bible. So the question is whether people like Phil Robertson, who said he loves all people, are to be drummed out of public life? That would be scary for the United States, people should be able to speak their views. This is the new blacklist - if you don't submit to their worldview they will try to destroy you." The Factor contended that Robertson took his condemnation too far: "He opined that various sinners, including gay people, will not 'inherit the kingdom of Heaven.' If he had simply said that he objects to homosexuality on religious grounds, A&E would not have been able to suspend him."
Duck Dynasty Star Suspended
Guest: Michael Maslansky
For another view of the Duck Dynasty dustup, The Factor welcomed marketing consultant Michael Maslansky. "I think A&E absolutely did the right thing," Maslansky stated. "Two things are most important to them - their own corporate values and their viewers. No matter what they did they were going to anger some viewers, but they did the right thing if this is consistent with their corporate values. He made anti-gay remarks and they said they would draw a line and not support that." The Factor concluded, "A&E is going to take a lot of heat and this crew may even take their show off that network, so they may lose economically."
Products Made in China
Guest:Heather Nauert

Fox News anchor Heather Nauert visited the No Spin Zone to help answer some viewers who are, for one reason or another, mad as hell. One such viewer is Floridian Janet Guerra, who is angry because so many products, including mittens with the U.S. Olympic logo, are made in China. "A lot of people get upset about this," Nauert reported, "but the official gloves for the U.S. Olympic team are in fact made in the United States. They cost $98 a pair, but there are other mittens at $14 a pair that are made in China." Californian Gary Gautier wrote to express his annoyance at modern-day athletes, many of whom have long hair and an abundance of tattoos. "Players want to be noticed," Nauert explained, "and this is about branding themselves. Some of the players with the long hair actually have Facebook pages devoted to their hair."
"Affluenza" Defense
Guest: Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly analyzed the case of 16-year-old Texan Ethan Couch, who avoided jail time despite killing four people with his pickup truck while intoxicated. Couch's lawyer claimed the boy didn't know right from wrong because he grew up in a very wealthy family. "We're now learning that the parents have had run-ins with the law themselves," Kelly reported. "The father was charged with theft and with assaulting his then-wife, but he was not convicted. His current wife was charged with reckless driving and did six months of community service. They were absentee parents who let the kid do what he wanted, but that doesn't excuse anything." Kelly added that Ethan Couch will spend the next two years at a facility in California. "He is going to the Newport Academy, which costs $450,000 a year. He's going have 'equine therapy' and will be eating organic meals. But I do think the kid needed some jail time, four people are dead."
Gitmo Controversy
Guest: Mikey Weinstein
The base commander at Guantanamo Bay has ordered two Nativity scenes removed from dining halls there. The Factor was joined by atheist advocate Mikey Weinstein, whose organization complained about the displays. "18 members of the United States military came to us because they were upset," Weinstein said, "and 11 of them are practicing Christians. They were concerned about what they viewed as a violation of their civil rights. We went to the Pentagon and said we thought this was unlawful, and they agreed with us. 'Christian privilege' is finally being challenged." The Factor reminded Weinstein that Christmas is recognized by the government: "Christmas is a federal holiday and it honors the birth of Jesus. The Nativity scene just displays what happened and it seems in context, it's not as if you're making anyone at Guantanamo Bay pray or go to church. This was a cowardly decision by the base commander!"
A Gift from the Heart
If you write a personal letter to people who have helped you in life, telling them how much their kindness has meant to you, it will be one of the most cherished Christmas gifts they will ever receive.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Fred Coleman, Grantsville, UT: "Bill, your Talking Points about lottery winners was one of your best. Decent of you to try to tell folks what happens when money comes into their lives."

Steve Rodriguez, Davie, FL: "I would gladly change my life after I took my winnings. I'll trade my current job for heartache any day of the week."

Matt Carboneau, Fort Collins, CO: "Bill, your statement 'having an abortion prevents the birth of a baby' is purely factual without judgment or accusation. It should be posted on the front door of every Planned Parenthood facility."
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