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Friday, December 20, 2013
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Dynasty Controversy
"Phil Robertson, the 67-year-old head of the 'Duck Dynasty' TV dynasty, has said publicly that a number of people are going to hell. Among them are drunkards, adulterers, slanderers, and homosexuals. It is the last group that has ignited a firestorm. The A&E Network has suspended Mr. Robertson for what they perceive as anti-gay remarks and now his family is threatening to quit the show. Talking Points believes Mr. Roberts has the constitutional right to define his religious beliefs, but is misguided by targeting specific groups for damnation. Jesus was quite clear that all judgments about the consequences of sin are to be made by God and God alone. As I said last night, this controversy is helping anti-Christian forces. The secular-progressive movement seizes upon stuff like this to portray Christians as cruel fanatics. I believe Mr. Robertson is acting according to his conscience, but he's actually hurting his own causes. Jesus was adamantly against bad behavior that injures other people, but he would not condemn a woman in his presence who was an adulteress. Homosexual Americans should not be demonized, just like devout Christians should not be demonized. Portraying gay Americans as sinners gives license to harm them, it's insulting and demeaning. Jesus would persuade, not condemn. There has been no one more involved in protecting Judeo-Christian tradition in America than me. I fully understand how the far left secular-progressives want to change this country. In order to do that, they have to marginalize people of faith, people like Mr. Robertson. But you win the battle by reason and by putting forth the strongest argument for the greater good of all Americans. Phil Robertson is a man of strong faith and A&E was wrong for suspending him, but not wrong for challenging his methods. We in America are all in this together, and that includes gay people. Right now we are divided by ideology, race, moral philosophy, and personal conduct. The more we all try to bridge those gaps, the stronger this country will be."
Dynasty Controversy
The Factor asked media analysts Bernie Goldberg and Howard Kurtz to evaluate the "Duck Dynasty" dustup and the reaction by A&E. "He has every right to say that gay behavior could lead to sex with animals," Goldberg opined, "and he has the right to say that gays are in the same class as drunks and swindlers and prostitutes. But I have every right to say that that he is an ignoramus, A&E has ever right to suspend him, and conservative Christians have every right to boycott the show. The problem is that too many liberals reflexively defend trash like Miley Cyrus, and too many conservatives reflexively defend ignorance. Too many people, to my belief, are coming to his defense." Kurtz predicted that Robertson's suspension will be short-lived. "I think they'll try to bring him back because without him there is no show. They can make a lot of money and get even bigger ratings, everyone has heard of 'Duck Dynasty' now."
On the Decline
Fox News correspondent Ed Henry analyzed President Obama's decision to bring Democratic strategist John Podesta into the White House, perhaps in an effort to boost the President's sagging poll numbers. "He's bringing in someone who is bare-knuckles and a firebrand liberal," Henry said. "I think they're going to try to go around Congress and not work with Congress. They realize that there is no hope for a lame duck president to get things done with a Republican House, so he's going to write a lot more executive orders and there will be a lot of conservatives mad about this. There will be a lot more health care regulations and regulations targeting Wall Street. Bringing John Podesta in is a move to the left and a move to a tougher White House."
Paying No Taxes?
According to Republican Senator Tom Coburn, Facebook paid exactly zero corporate income tax for the past two years. The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs to explain. "They have $3 billion in tax deductions," Dobbs said, "because that is the amount they put out as stock options, which give employees the right to buy stock. That is deductible and Facebook can put that up against the taxes they owe, and they can carry that from one year to the next. This is a dodge, but it's a legitimate dodge."
Shocking Story
The largest teacher union in Michigan is defending 39-year-old Neal Erickson, who was convicted of raping one of his male students for three years. The Factor spoke with the victim's parents about the union's demand that Erickson receive $10,000 in severance pay. "I trusted these teachers," Lori Janczewski said, "and when they went to 6th-grade camp Neil Erickson was one of the teachers who went. My son was interested in iPods and Erickson honed in on that. I thought he was just being a good teacher, but now I feel like I failed my son and didn't protect him." John Janczewski lamented the fact that the union is backing Erickson's demand for severance pay. "This is another slap in our face. The school board has said no, but the union has filed a grievance against the school board." The Factor lauded the Janczewskis and delivered a stern message directly to the Michigan Education Association: "We are watching you and we strongly suggest that you drop this entire matter and give as much support as you can to the Janczewski family. We strongly suggest that!"
Skipping the Winter Olympics
Neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden will attend the Winter Olympics in Russia, partly because of Russia's harsh anti-gay laws and human rights violations. The Factor analyzed the situation with Bernard McGuirk and Adam Carolla. "Mitt Romney was right and Russia is the enemy," McGuirk declared. "They're harboring this Snowden creep, there's Iran and human rights and gay rights. Putin is a tough monkey, a beady-eyed little goon, and we had to do something." Carolla also weighed in on the Olympic snub. "If I were Obama I would send Biden," he joked, "which is a bigger insult than keeping him home. I think the real reason Obama isn't going isn't a protest, it's just that there is no good golfing in Russia this time of year." Turning to the "Duck Dynasty" controversy, McGuirk minced no words. "I take issue with these hypocritical, spineless, thumb-sucking A&E executives who knew what they were getting. They weren't getting a music teacher from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, they got a duck hunter from the woods of Louisiana. Then they profess ignorance and curl up in a fetal position when these whiny advocacy groups start complaining."
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Factor Words of the Day
Paul Altman, Youngsville, NC: "Phil Robertson has been preaching that homosexuality is wrong for years. And A&E is just now becoming offended?"

Heather LePage, Marshfield, WI: "We who believe in The Bible must find a more loving way to talk about homosexuality."

Nancye May, Graham, TX: "O'Reilly, you are so wrong if you feel we cannot quote scripture as written. Robertson was not condemning; he was quoting."

Chuck Smith, Wesson, MS: "I wonder if anyone will have the guts to call the suspension what it really is: religious persecution."
The Christmas Spirit
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