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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
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Budget Comparison
Guest: Juan Williams
"The new stats on ObamaCare are in and younger Americans are not buying into the program. That means there will be a huge deficit. Why should you care? The main danger facing all Americans is not Al Qaeda, it's the Treasury Department. Right now the federal debt is $17.3 trillion, and since President Obama took office five year ago the debt has increased by 63%. That's a massive problem and it's not really being addressed in Congress. It's very possible that the U.S. dollar could collapse if the people lending to our government begin to pull out of the bond market. Also, the feds can not keep printing dollars or the dollar will lose buying power. Right now the USA is playing a very dangerous game with the currency, but many Americans don't want to pay attention. Unless voters start to demand that the feds pull back on spending, all of us are going to get hurt. The Democratic Party surely knows the dangers on the horizon, but are they trying to do anything about it? No. Same with President Obama, who doesn't seem all that concerned about the titanic national debt. And 'titanic' is the right word."

For a liberal perspective on the debt situation, The Factor turned to FNC analyst Juan Williams. "I think you're sincere in trying to wake up America," Williams said, "but it's too much gloom and doom. Let's look at some facts. Federal spending as a percentage of the economy is at a 30-year low and the deficit has been cut in half in the past five years. We have about the lowest number of federal employees in the last 47 years! And we're still the number one place for global investment." The Factor maintained that the federal government needs to go on a fiscal diet: "Both parties have to stop the nonsense; this is not the time for social engineering. It's irresponsible to carry this debt."
Benghazi Update
Guest:Newly released documents show that President Obama knew the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack almost immediately after it began. Fox News correspondent James Rosen reported the latest on the controversy. "This is another nail in the coffin of the idea that the Obama administration was telling the people the truth," Rosen said. "This is declassified testimony that was given in secret to Congress last year by the nation's top military officers. Within fifteen minutes of the attack starting, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was notified and he then went to Secretary of Defense Panetta. Panetta and General Dempsey went to the Oval Office to see President Obama within an hour and a half of the attack. The President knew from the get-go that this was a terrorist attack but he resisted saying so for weeks." The Factor added that Ambassador Susan Rice went on five political talk shows to claim the attacks were ignited by an anti-Islamic video: "There seem to be three people here who allowed Susan Rice to mislead the world. The President, Secretary of Defense Panetta, and General Dempsey all let it pass." Rosen concluded, "Leon Panetta was a civilian and a member of the President's cabinet, one could argue that it was his responsibility to correct this false narrative."
Fair Media Coverage
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to analyze press coverage of Pope Francis, who has strongly condemned abortion. "Too many journalists play up stories that reflect their own values," Goldberg began. "So when the Pope talks about the excesses of capitalism and income inequality, they jump all over that story because it reflects their values. But when the Pope talks about abortion being horrific and part of the 'throw-away' society, they ignored the story. Nobody in the newsroom cares much about religion, they don't understand that in Catholic theology and a lot of other theology life is sacred." The Factor excoriated the mainstream media for covering the Pope in a biased way: "We heard the drumbeat for months that this was a liberal Pope, but then he comes out with very strong language about abortion and the story doesn't exist. This is corrupt, it's not what journalism is supposed to be about."
Guns in America
Guest: John Stossel
Second Amendment or not, there are places in America where purchasing a firearm is extremely difficult. Fox Business host John Stossel reported on his futile effort to buy a gun in New York City. "I thought the Supreme Court said we have a right to keep and bear arms," he said, "but I didn't demonstrate a 'special need.' I showed the police that there are threats against me, but they said I didn't report the threats to the police. I can afford the $430 application fee, but there are poor people who can't afford that and can't afford to take the time off from work to apply. There are states where anyone can carry a concealed handgun and there is no more crime in those states. There should be fewer and simpler rules that don't abuse poor people."
Hot Legal Stories
Guest: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
Legal wizards Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl examined the ongoing case of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, who has been suspended for an entire season for ingesting steroids and obstructing baseball's investigation. "He's losing $20 million with this suspension," Wiehl reported, "and now he's making a desperate attempt to sue everybody. He's suing the union, the commissioner, and the league trying to get the suspension relieved. But it' not going to happen because this was binding arbitration." But Guilfoyle expressed a modicum of sympathy with Rodriguez, at least regarding his case. "He feels he's been wronged - he says he has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs but the penalty is onerous and unprecedented. There is some question as to whether he was denied some of the evidentiary information. You should be able to cross-examine the witnesses against you." The Factor portrayed Rodriguez' appeal as hopeless, saying, "Everybody knows the suspension will not be lifted."
Guest: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes opined on Governor Chris Christie, who apologized again Tuesday for his staff's malfeasance in shutting lanes to the George Washington Bridge. "I certainly think he can make a comeback," Colmes said, "depending on what else comes out about this. If you really want to go after Christie with this in 2016, this could easily be forgotten." Crowley theorized that Christie may emerge even stronger. "He built a reputation for being a straight talker and that's what he did over this past week. 60% of Americans say they have not changed their mind about Christie, and this could toughen him up - it should occur to him that Democrats are not his friends and the media are not his friends. They will never be his friends!"
Why Buy The Cow?
New Jerseyan Sam Grove suggested that everyone go to the library and read the "Killing" series for free; the author of that series was not particularly amused.
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Factor Words of the Day
Amy Tarnacki, Chesterfield, MI: "As a member of the Michigan teachers union, I want to thank Jesse Watters for confronting the NEA about supporting a pedophile. Everyone should know that this decision was not made by us, but by the union leadership."

Debbie Kehoe, Pittsburgh, PA: "As the executive director of the Alliance for Safe and Drug-free Children, I was totally impressed with the Mary Katharine Ham debate. I deal with many drug families and all the kids started with pot."
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