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Monday, January 20, 2014
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President Obama and Race
Guests: Former Rep. Allen West & Jacques Degraff
"President Obama gave an interview to the New Yorker magazine, a liberal publication generally supportive of his administration. In that interview, Mr. Obama said this about race: 'There's no doubt that there's some folks who just really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I'm a black president.' That assessment is 100% correct. To his credit, Barack Obama has not used race in his quest for power. In the public arena, Mr. Obama has been cautious and responsible on the race issue. That has angered some on the far left and some race hustlers who want Mr. Obama to be more proactive in promoting African American policies. Although President Obama's standing among white Americans has declined, that's primarily because of the economy and ObamaCare. It has little to do with race. Talking Points believes that minority Americans do have a far tougher time succeeding in the marketplace, but it comes down to something that is accessible in America - education and personal responsibility. Black Americans should understand that if they study and work hard, they will succeed in this country. That's the message about race that all good and honest people should be promoting."

The Factor invited two prominent black Americans, Rev. Jacques Degraff and former Congressman Allen West, to opine on race and the President's declining approval ratings. "The President has had some problems with the truth when it comes to ObamaCare and Benghazi," West asserted. "Race has nothing to this whatsoever and I can't understand why it's suddenly being interjected. There comes a time when we have to move beyond the issue of trying to divide us on race." Degraff heartily endorsed President Obama's racial calculus. "I am satisfied with his answer and it moves the country forward. He attempted to put race in perspective - there are things that are universal to any president, no matter the color of their skin." The Factor urged President Obama to put forth an inspirational message to all Americans, saying, "I wish he had done more on the personality responsibility message, that you have to do the things that are necessary to succeed in a competitive society."
Fair Coverage?
Guest: Brit Hume
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has been a regular guest on MSNBC, is now being savaged by that left-leaning network over the bridge scandal. FNC's Brit Hume analyzed the controversy. "The cause of the outburst at MSNBC," Hume reported, "was a story that came out over the weekend in which the mayor of Hoboken is quoted as saying she was improperly pressured to approve a construction project with Hurricane Sandy relief funds held back if they didn't do it. That's a legitimate story. Christie, for all his current complaints, had enjoyed a quite cozy relationship with the morning show on that network. I've never seen it work very effectively to pick a fight with a news network. The Factor suggested that Chris Christie may be shocked that he is suddenly MSNBC's primary target: "The Governor has been much friendlier with MSNBC than with us, he has never even been on with me. I think he felt a sense of betrayal now that they've turned on him."
Winter Olympics
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham analyzed the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia in light of that country's harsh stance against homosexuality. "Last week Putin said gays should leave children alone," Williams said, "as if gay athletes are coming to Russia to pursue kids. We don't need to pull our athletes out, we just need to say we are standing up for human rights. We shouldn't overreact and get our athletes in trouble." Ham suggested that President Obama could be taking stronger action against Russia. "There are a couple of concrete things Barack Obama could do. He could cut off visa access for Russians who violate human rights. President Obama has this tool at his disposal, but he is choosing not to use it."
President Obama and the Bible
Guest: Robert Jeffress
The Factor welcomed Pastor Robert Jeffress, who claims that President Obama's policies are in synch with biblical prophecies. "There is going to be a future world dictator before Christ returns," Jeffress predicted, "and my thesis is that people will become conditioned long before the anti-Christ comes to accept governmental overreach. That' what you're seeing with President Obama. I want to be clear that I am not saying that President Obama is the anti-Christ, but I believe he is conditioning people to accept governmental overreach. He is the first president to go after people of faith and he is the most pro-abortion president in history. The good news is that Christ is coming back. The short term forecast for the world is turbulent, but the long term forecast is good."
Iran Nuke Deal
Guest: Karl Rove
The Obama team has heralded the multi-lateral agreement to curtail Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. The Factor asked FNC's Karl Rove to assess the deal. "I think we got diddly-squat from this," Rove declared. "The agreement is to seek a further agreement, and in the meantime we give Iran the ability to sell oil and refurbish their economy. They've agreed to take all this fissile material and 'dilute' it, but they could begin to revise that in one day, so they are within weeks or months of having a bomb. Iran's attitude is, the longer we can play for time, the weaker the sanctions will be." Nevertheless, The Factor argued that the agreement is a worthwhile effort: "Maybe we can engage these people to the extent that they'll stop the madness, maybe they'll want to be part of the world community. Give them one last try."
Sundance Film Festival
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters headed west to Utah and the Sundance Film Festival, a magnet for left-leaning film aficionados. He asked a few stars to weigh in on political issues. Some replies: "I know the health plan is not perfect, but we have to start somewhere" ... "We know the Benghazi scandal is b.s." ... "The President is a guy who means to do the right thing, his heart is in the right place." Back in the No Spin Zone, Watters summarized his visit with the swells: "I actually got admonished by the brass at Sundance because I asked someone about Benghazi. They told me I can't ask people about that, I have to ask about their movies. They also had these 'gifting suites,' so all the celebrities snatch up as much free stuff as they can. I didn't get anything!"
Winning Big
When you win or if you prosper in life, accept your success gracefully and avoid boasting.
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Anne Holland, Laguna Niguel, CA: "The U.S. media has been corrupt for decades. If Richard Nixon had been a Democrat, there would have been no Watergate investigation."

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Ken Kyle, Evergreen CO: "We moved here in 2009 to escape the ultra-liberal climate in California. Now we have legalized drugs sold at our local strip mall."
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