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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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Income in America
"A centerpiece of the Democratic Party strategy is to convince Americans that the federal government can get you more money. In some cases that's true; new data shows that 20% of all American homes are now receiving food stamps. Plenty of those people need help because income in America is dropping. Since President Obama took office in 2009, the median income has fallen by nearly 7%. There are many reasons, but competition is the main one. The USA has signed trade deals that have moved jobs out of this country to China where wages are very low. Also, China puts high tariffs on our products, making our stuff too expensive for many Chinese people to buy. So American workers are getting hosed. Also, ObamaCare is making health insurance more expensive for many workers, and taxes and fees and tolls are draining our wallets. In response to the pressure on income, Democrats promise entitlements, but of course we the people must pay for that. I want every American to have good food and I'm willing to pay my fair share to make that happen, but most workers do not make a lot of money and they are taxed to the hilt. The solution to the problem is simple - more well-paying jobs. But the feds can't create those jobs, that must be done by the private sector. ObamaCare discourages hiring in many places and the high corporate tax rate in America means more money is kept overseas and not being invested here. The nanny state economy, driven by far-left social justice people, is wreaking havoc in the working class precincts. That's the truth, but the truth is complicated. Thus the false promise of 'income equality' is seducing some voters."
News from the Beltway
Guests: Carl Cameron & James Rosen
Fox News correspondent James Rosen joined The Factor with his take on the income issue. "Your sketch of why income inequality exists didn't really take us to the fundamental point," he asserted. "Income inequality exists as a function of the genius of the American enterprise. No sane American would want to live in a society where everyone has an identical income. By making this a key push, the President assumes a certain risk that this portrait of the economy will be construed as a self-indictment. The greatest gains by the top 1% occurred in President Obama's first term when the top 1% captured 95% of the income gains." FNC's Carl Cameron turned to Bob McDonnell, the former Republican Governor of Virginia who has been indicted for accepting improper gifts. "The Department of Justice has put forth 14 indictments," Cameron reported, "and McDonnell and his wife each face a potential 20 years in prison. This revolves around allegations that Mr. McDonnell took gifts, money, and benefits from a long-time friend in exchange for helping the friend's company. There are also allegations that McDonnell and his wife impeded the investigation. Bob McDonnell is denying this very aggressively."
Hillary in 2016
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
While polls show Hillary Clinton leading various Republicans in a hypothetical presidential matchup, many Americans are still demanding answers from her about the attacks in Benghazi. FNC media analyst Bernie Goldberg is among them. "She says she takes 'full responsibility' for what happened," he groused, "but I'm not sure what that means. There were no consequences and no one paid a price. Politicians in general use the term 'I take full responsibility' so that nothing happens to them. I'm hoping that when Hillary announces her candidacy some reporter asks her what is the consequence of taking full responsibility, what is the price."
Teachers Unions Out of Control
Guests: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
Wisconsin middle school teacher Andrew Harris was fired after being caught browsing pornography during school hours. But the teachers union helped him win back his job and collect $200,000 in back pay. The Factor invited reaction from Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers. "There were seven other people doing the same thing who only got suspended," Powers said, "and an arbitrator found that he was singled out unfairly. Should a person be fired over that? I just don't think so. He wasn't looking at porn with the children." Obenshain was dumbfounded by Powers' analysis. "I'm speechless. These teachers are influencing our children and this guy was looking at porn during instructional time. He showed the porn to female teachers during school hours. Fire him!"
Extreme Weather
Guest: Dr. Chuck Williams
How are ordinary people affected by the extreme cold weather blasting much of the country? The Factor posed that question to psychology professor Chuck Williams. "I don't want to go out in this weather," Williams admitted. "We get frustrated, we get annoyed, we become agitated, and we get cabin fever because we can't go out. The other challenge is that during the cold months it's also very dark and the sun is not out as much. All of this can have an impact on our moods. 10-million Americans have Seasonal Affective Disorder, where their mood is affected negatively by the cold weather and the dark. It's just a tough time for most of us."
President Obama and Race
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller kicked off his segment with President Obama's claim that some people dislike him because of his race, while others give him the benefit of the doubt for the same reason. "Many white people voted for him based solely on the color of his skin," Miller conjectured. "White people looked him and thought it's about time we have a black president. I think he's a good reminder that men of all races, creeds, and colors can stink at being president." Miller also opined on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who delivered an epic rant after his team won last Sunday. "We live in delicate times when it seems like any aspersion is boiled down to an accusation of 'racism.' All I know is that General Sherman wasn't that loud going through Georgia."
Wild Videos
Guest: Martha MacCallum
Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum watched tape showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in yet another drunken display. "He said he had quit drinking," she reported, "and he said we'd never see another video of him drunk again. There's also the issue that he was most likely drinking and driving. But he got a lot of credit for being a strong mayor during this ice storm." MacCallum also commented on a Japanese TV commercial some people criticized as being offensive to Caucasians. "In a very Japanese way, they took the ad down immediately and thanked everyone for complaining. Of course, it was good advertising because it got a lot of attention."
Proceed With Extreme Caution
Always be very skeptical about what you read on the Internet, where the comments and reviews are often driven by an agenda.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Annette Alt, Entiat, WA: "I used to be a viewer of Tom Brokaw but have stopped watching the network news. They select the news rather than report it."

Tim Buelow, Marysville, MI: "Bill, you were spot on about the network news. Biased reporting by selection is a threat to the country."

Dimitria Spenzos, Mount Prospect, IL: "Tom Brokaw is jealous of you, Mr. O'Reilly. That's the bottom line and I'm annoyed Charles Krauthammer didn't mention it."

Jacob Milam, Beckley, WV: "Bill, you are the best debater on television but are sounding silly on pot. It's harmless."
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