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Thursday, February 13, 2014
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Outrage in Afghanistan
Guests: Bret Stephens & Tucker Carlson
"Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is doing everything he can to humiliate the USA and destroy his own country. Today he ordered the release of 65 Taliban terrorists who were supposed to be tried for crimes against civilians. Right now there are about 38,000 Americans in Afghanistan and there is little doubt that the men released today will kill them if they can. But Karzai doesn't care, he is a despicable person. If I were commander-in-chief, I would have U.S. special forces deal with those released terrorists. The U.S. embassy in Kabul has issued a statement calling the prisoner release 'regrettable,' but what is really regrettable is how the entire Afghan campaign has fallen apart. For 13 years America has tried to stabilize that country, giving Afghans freedom and hope for a better life. Women have been freed from virtual slavery, children are being educated, but Karzai spits in our faces. More than 2,000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan and almost 20,000 wounded. Karzai himself has been lenient on heroin merchants, has overseen a corrupt government that is stealing billions, and is now putting coalition forces in danger. President Obama is faced with a very difficult situation over there, but needs to impose some power simply to protect the Americans he is directly responsible for. Karzai is a villain who should be tried for corruption in The Hague."

The Factor invited reaction from columnists Bret Stephens and Tucker Carlson. "If we were to get out right now," Stephens argued, "we would be proving Osama bin Laden's basic contention that, at the end of the day, Americans cut and run. We should protect our strategic interests, bearing in mind that Karzai will be gone in June. We've spent $750 billion in Afghanistan, but keep in mind that's equivalent to only about 75 days of total U.S. government spending." But while Stephens argued for a continued U.S. effort in Afghanistan, Carlson advocated a prompt divorce from that country. "The Karzai family and warlords are getting rich," he said, "but what is the upside? It's great that Afghan girls are going to school, but that's not in our strategic interest. We have no moral obligation to help the Afghans." The Factor warned of the consequences of a total U.S. withdrawal: "The Taliban will re-take the country so there is another lawless state where Al Qaeda will gather. We'll be back to 1999."
The Real Hillary Clinton
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Hillary Clinton generally portrays herself as a moderate, but is that accurate? The Factor put that question to FNC contributor Laura Ingraham. "She's probably a lot more liberal than your viewers or I would like," Ingraham said, "but she's also not as 'progressive' or left-leaning as the folks in the 'Netroots Nation' would like. They're unhappy about the fact that Hillary Clinton didn't do anything about the surveillance at the NSA. And they think she's too corporatist in her leanings, she's making about $200,000 a speech. She's probably a little less liberal than Obama, she comes more from the establishment wing of the Democratic Party." The Factor contended that Clinton doesn't have to worry about defections on the left, saying, "As much as they complain about her, all the left-wingers will vote for her."
The Real Hillary Clinton
Guest: James Carville
Staying on the subject of Hillary Clinton's politics, The Factor turned to FNC analyst James Carville, who worked in the Clinton White House. "She'll have to differentiate herself from President Obama," he said, "and she'll have to say she'll do more things. But she's certainly not going to repudiate the health care act, which is now starting to work and will be working much better in 2016. She is a realist grounded in pragmatism, and I think a lot of her goals are similar to the goals President Obama has." The Factor concluded that Clinton is not a committed leftist: "She's a practical person, she's not like Barack Obama who is really an ideological man. I don't think she's that liberal, I think she'll do anything it takes to win."
What Makes YOU Angry?
Guest: Heather Nauert
Fox News anchor Heather Nauert responded to emails from some irate viewers. One of them, Texan Kathy Bueltel, took offense because The Factor told Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz to 'get off his butt' and elicit testimony about Benghazi from former Pentagon boss Leon Panetta. "You were certainly tough on him," Nauert conceded, "but rightfully so. Part of the problem is that there are so many committees that can claim jurisdiction over the Benghazi issue and everyone wants a piece of the pie. They need some kind of a select committee that has subpoena and prosecutorial power." Another viewer, Floridian Steve Cargill, expressed indignation that the massive farm bill is filled with goodies while wounded vets are supported by private funding. "The farm bill costs $956 billion over ten years," Nauert reported, "and is just a monstrosity. A lot of folks on the left and the right are upset because there is a lot of pork in it, and many argue that the farm subsidies don't need to be in place any more."
Outrageous lawsuits
Guest: Megyn Kelly
Fox News host Megyn Kelly entered the No Spin Zone with the latest example of a ridiculous lawsuit, this one in Oregon. "The person in this lawsuit says that he or she is gender-confused," Kelly reported, "and they refuse to tell us whether this person was born as a man or a woman. This person named Valeria is objecting because his or her co-workers at Bon Appetit referred to this person as a female and as a 'she.' The lawsuit claims these references were 'outrageous' and 'an intent to harass.' But Valeria won't even tell people if he or she is a male or a female, and she wanted the company to find a new pronoun other than 'he' or 'she.' She worked there for three months and filed a half-million dollar lawsuit. Valeria is giving all transgendered people a bad name." The Factor put forth a pithy conclusion: "I don't have any new pronouns, but I do have a noun. Loon!"
Is God Punishing Us?
Guest: Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters hit the snowy and slushy streets of New York City to ask people whether this abysmal weather may be a punishment from the big guy upstairs. Some responses: "I think Mother Nature is angry at us, not God." ... "It's just winter, this is what happens in winter" ... "The world's in turmoil with racism and all kinds of prejudice" ... "I was just wondering where Al Gore is" ... "My wife is the only global warming I need." Back in the warmth of the studio, Watters took The Factor to task for sending him out to brave the elements: "Why did you do that? It's not God punishing us, it's you punishing me!"
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Factor Words of the Day
Alexander Markin, Merrick, NY: "Bill, you totally dismissed the severity of Dr. Ben Carson's feelings. Americans stay quiet because they are afraid to be humiliated by the left. Very dangerous."

Greg Young, Glendale, AZ: "Bill, great tip about CVS not selling tobacco. This creates more space for liquor, candy, and Cheese Doodles."
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