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Thursday, March 6, 2014
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America in Decline
Guest: Laura Ingraham

"Russia's violation of international law raises an unpleasant question: Is the USA now incapable of confronting dangerous behavior? The short answer is no, we can still right wrongs if we have the will. But the stark truth is that America is getting weaker. Let's start with economics. During President Obama's five years in office, median income for Americans has dropped by about 7%. We have elected politicians who favor 'social justice' over a robust marketplace, and the Democratic Party has imposed a huge tax burden on private business and affluent consumers. Millions of Americans are now looking for handouts, as the explosion of disability applications and entitlements prove. On the military front, the nation is exhausted and therefore weaker. Iraq and Afghanistan sapped money and manpower and have left the public with no appetite to right international wrongs. The Obama administration is even seeking to downsize the Army, a mistake in a dangerous world. On the social front, we're heading for disaster. 41% of American babies are born out of wedlock, many to poor and uneducated women who cannot support them. The educational system is corrupt, with powerful teacher unions refusing to impose responsible discipline in the schools. Children at risk are beset with corruptive influences as the cynical entertainment industry peddles garbage to young people with little opposition from an apathetic media. Intoxicating agents like marijuana are now celebrated as 'freedom-giving instruments,' and drug pushers are defined as non-violent criminals who just need a little rehab. I could give you scores of other examples to back up the steep decline in the economy, civility, and education. We are in trouble and American leadership is sadly lacking in almost every area."

The Factor welcomed radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, who evaluated the Talking Points Memo. "I sadly agree with you," she said. "On my radio show I've been doing a segment called 'America in Decline,' tracking cultural decline, religious decline, economic decline, and our decline in influence in foreign policy. You mapped it out and people are nodding their heads in agreement. The question for America is how we turn this around." Ingraham lamented that some very patriotic Americans are bearing the brunt of the burden. "There are a lot of traditionalists who feel like the system is rigged against them. There are special interest groups and politically protected classes that are catered to, but Christian conservatives feel like there is a target on their backs. It's going to take incredibly deft leadership for this to turn around."
Inside the White House
Guest: Ed Henry
A new poll shows that only 38% of Americans approve of President Obama's job performance. The Factor asked Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry how the administration is reacting to the dismal news. "Presidents in their second term get into a bubble," Henry said, "and they hear the criticism from all sides. It's not only coming from the right for President Obama, he's got the left coming at him for NSA surveillance. The poll numbers boil down to one thing, and that's a lack of credibility. The Factor theorized that President Obama may not be overly concerned with poll numbers: "The president firmly believes, and so do his acolytes, that he'll go down in history as a pioneer, a visionary, and a good president."
Fair Comparison?
Guest: Charles Lane
Hillary Clinton has implied that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is similar to Adolf Hitler's incursion into Czechoslovakia in 1938. The Factor welcomed Washington Post columnist Charles Lane, who generally agreed with that comparison. "It's possible to overdo this analogy," he said, "but the particular point she was making is absolutely correct. This referendum that Putin is planning for the Crimea reminds me a lot of the one Hitler ran in Austria after he moved his troops there in 1938. Both of these guys are products of collapsed empires, but the big difference is that Hitler had a global 'Aryan supremacy' ideology, while Putin's goals are within the traditional Russian mindset." The Factor concluded that both men are cut from the same cloth, saying, "The classic bully that Hitler was is the same kind of bully that Putin is."
What Makes YOU Angry?
Guest: Heather Nauert
Fox News anchor Heather Nauert responded to mail from viewers who are teed off for various reasons. One of them, Michael Doyle of Connecticut, is irate because welfare payments have subsidized illegitimacy. "When the 'war on poverty' began back in the 1960's," Nauert reported," just 6% of children were born out wedlock, but now it's about 40%. There is a financial incentive - you get more money if you have these children out of wedlock. Welfare pays more than a minimum wage job in 35 states." Meanwhile, New Yorker Sandy Todd is ticked off because New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is intent on closing charter schools, even those that have been effective. "Many on the left fundamentally do not agree with charter schools," Nauert said, "they believe it takes money away from traditional public schools. The schools he's closing down are good schools and the parents want their kids in these schools."
More Obamacare Delays
Guests:Megyn Kelly

Fox News host and attorney Megyn Kelly entered the No Spin Zone to explain the latest changes in the Affordable Care Act. "This is the 31st delay, but the president says the law is working just as it should," she scoffed. "This one is blatantly political. When everybody started losing their health insurance, President Obama told people they could keep their plans for a year. And now he's adding two years to that. Coincidentally, this will move the extension of those 'crappy' plans from one month before the midterm elections to two years later." Kelly also looked at the case against Teresa and Joe Giudice, stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." "They've pleaded guilty to mail and wire fraud conspiracy," Kelly said. "They were basically applying for mortgages and saying they had income that they didn't have. It looks like Joe could go to jail for up to four years and Teresa could be going to jail for up to two years."
Bolder Fresher
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters took in a recent "Bolder & Fresher" show in San Diego and spoke with some of the folks who showed up to see O'Reilly and Miller. "I can't wait to see what it's going to be like tonight," one fan told Watters. Another seemed to be in the wrong arena, asking, "Who's Bill O'Reilly, we came for the Watters show!" After his head-swelling subsided, Watters reported one thing he found surprising: "A few people took their significant other to see Bolder & Fresher on their 30th wedding anniversary. If I had done that I'd be sleeping on the couch."
Room at the Inn
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Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Grace Wheatley, Edmonton, Canada: "Bill, I know you are a man of goodwill. Please send Putin one of your shirts. I can't stand to see him topless anymore."

Billy Dunn, Oklahoma City, OK: "I was deeply offended by Kirsten Powers saying the Iraq War was stupid. I served two tours and can tell you that the troops did not think it was stupid."

Albert Bushey, East Longmeadow, MA: "Bill, your condescending attitude toward Colonel Hunt was downright insulting!"

Betty Laster, Waxhaw, NC: "Congratulations, Bill, you made Colonel Hunt laugh. I had never seen him smile before. He is so handsome."
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