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Thursday, March 13, 2014
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President Obama and your Paycheck
Guest: James Carville
"President Obama has signed an executive order raising the overtime pay level for working Americans to combat what he calls 'income inequality.' American companies are not required to pay overtime if a worker on salary makes more than $24,000 a year. That threshold could rise to $50,000 with the president's action. So if you earn less than $50,000, your employer has to pay you time-and-a-half if you work more than 40 hours. Liberal Americans see this as a great thing, but the likely outcome will be a cutback of hours and a loss of jobs. Companies have three options if they want to sustain their current profits - hire fewer employers on salary, cut back their hours, or pass the costs on to consumers. Talking Points supports a rise in the minimum wage, but on the overtime deal, the president is again trying to manage the private economy, which has failed for the past five years. President Obama is a theoretician, a man who looks at the world through the lens of what should be. The unintended consequences of his policies have held the American economy back big time. Talking Points wants American workers to make as much money as possible, and the way to do that is job creation by the private sector. That's how you overcome income inequality."

Switching to another economic front, HHS boss Kathleen Sebelius told Congress this week that she has no idea how many Americans have actually signed up and paid for ObamaCare. The Factor asked Democratic strategist James Carville to opine. "She doesn't have the information," Carville said in defense of Sebelius. "People enroll with insurance companies, who would have the information. You're confusing government insurance like Medicare with private insurance like the Affordable Care Act. The government is not the insurer and she doesn't have the information. This act is working." The Factor ridiculed Carville's defense of the indefensible. "Kathleen Sebelius doesn't know how many people have paid the premiums or how many people who signed up were previously uninsured? C'mon!"
Protecting Unsupervised American Children
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Some entertainment reporters have taken The Factor to task for claiming that Beyoncé is harming young children with her salacious new video. Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham analyzed the dustup. "Beyoncé and Jay-Z are entertainment royalty," she said, "and the industry circles the wagons to protect their big money-makers. Showing Beyoncé looking like a stripper throughout a lot of her video is probably not the best message to send to young girls. But maybe Beyoncé feels this is the way to remain relevant in a culture that is continually becoming more hyper-sexualized." The Factor urged entertainers to use their great gifts to improve society: "Beyoncé has $350-million in the bank and she's talented, she could be on Broadway. So why on earth would she choose to do this?"
Ukraine and More
Guests: Carl Cameron & James Rosen
Correspondents James Rosen entered the No Spin Zone with the latest on the chaos in Ukraine. "Secretary of State Kerry is heading to London," Rosen reported, "for last-ditch meetings with his Kremlin counterpart. The goal is to cut some kind of deal that would stave off the referendum that the Crimeans are scheduled to have on Monday. The vote will almost certainly result in having the Crimea formally annexed to Russia. But the odds of Kerry striking a deal seem remote." FNC's Carl Cameron turned to Congress, where Republicans are threatening to sue President Obama. "Conservatives say President Obama hasn't been enforcing a whole bunch of laws," he said, "so every House Republican and five Democrats voted for the 'Enforce the Law' Act, which will let Congress sue any president who doesn't enforce laws. The White House has already issued a veto threat and Harry Reid in the Senate says it's dead on arrival."
Your Angry Emails
Guest: Heather Nauert
Some viewers are ticked off and Fox News anchor Heather Nauert tried to answer their angry missives. One viewer, Diane Arrington of Texas, feels ignored because she is a white heterosexual who pays her own way in life. "There are a lot of people out there who feel the same way," Nauert said. "If you're pulling your own weight and taking care of yourself, nobody is too worried about you. But people argue that there are babies who are born out of wedlock who need some extra help." Another viewer, Kelliene Fisher of North Carolina, wrote to say that the actual "war on women" is being waged by movie producers and rappers who exploit women. "They are really appealing to the lowest common denominator," Nauert complained. "The lyrics today are about sexual violence and killing. Eminem talks about tying a woman to her bed and setting the house on fire! The companies are at fault for putting this garbage out there."
Teen Sues Her parents
Guest: Megyn Kelly
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly scrutinized the bizarre case of New Jerseyan Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old who sued her parents for financial support. "She has moved back in with her parents," Kelly reported, "probably because the judge indicated he was going to throw out her lawsuit. So she's back home, but she has not dropped the lawsuit. She claims they have been abusive to her and that, even though she moved out and refused to follow their rules, they need to pay for her private school and college tuition. She wants to not follow her parents' rules, but she wants their money." Kelly also watched a TV spot that mocks people who are high on marijuana. "The state of Colorado put this out because driving while high on pot is now more than half the DWIs in Colorado. This isn't anti-pot, it's anti-driving-after-having-smoked-pot."
The D-Man Returns
Guest: Dennis Miller
The Factor welcomed Dennis Miller, who took aim at the Senate Democrats who pulled an all-nighter to bloviate about "global warming." "When somebody burns the midnight oil to make a point about too much energy use," Miller observed, "it kind of eats into the efficacy of the argument. Our leaders are idiots! Barbara Boxer is an idiot who sleeps upside-down, so if she thinks there's global warming that's enough of a reason for me to not think there's global warming. They always disparage you as an idiot and won't answer your questions. If I asked Barbara Boxer, 'Why is it getting colder if it's getting hotter?' she would fake an answer." Miller also mocked the Oregon family that called 9-1-1 because they were terrorized by their angry cat. "The cat is in therapy now and the cat's going to be all screwed up because his whole life he's been told to stay off the couch and now the shrink wants him to get on the couch!"
Viewers sound off on Beyonce
Factor Words of the Day
Allen Bushnell, Jomtien, Thailand: "I just removed all of Beyoncé's songs from my playlists after her disgusting video. It's a small shot across the bow but I want to send a message."

Roy Grieder, Henniker, NH: "Bill, you and Beyoncé are the same: entertainers who want to make money."

Eileen Slovak, Chesapeake Beach, MD: "I agree with you, O'Reilly. Beyoncé is a talented role model. As a mother raising a young daughter, this made me sad to watch."

Diane Fisk, Los Angeles, CA: "Beyoncé has sunk to a new low. It's obvious she feels no responsibility to young girls."
Put Up .... or Shut Up!
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, who recently claimed the Constitution is 400 years old, proves an old adage: If you don't know what you're talking about, don't say anything.
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