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Monday, March 17, 2014
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Where is the Missing Malaysian Plane?
Guest: Scott Brenner
"Everywhere I went over the weekend people were asking me about the Malaysian jetliner that has disappeared into thin air. When David Letterman asked me that on his show Friday night, I said, 'It looks to me like pilot suicide.' That is speculation, and I don't like to do that here on The Factor, where we try to stay factual. However, many Americans want to hear all kinds of theories about what might have happened to the plane. Based on the information we have now, I believe the jet is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Because most of us fly at some time in our lives, we identify with air disasters because the scenario is so horrible. You're helpless in the sky, dependent on the pilots. And it is very frustrating to cover a story like the Malaysia Airlines jet in a responsible way. But the world is engaged, no question about it."

The Factor asked former FAA official Scott Brenner to assess the latest information on the missing flight. "One of the communications systems was shut off," he said, "prior to the pilot signing off with air traffic control. It's very telling that a pilot has the calmness to shut down one system, checks in with air traffic control, and then turns off the transponder. If this was not pilot suicide, it was an incredible attempt by someone on board that aircraft to take over that cockpit. That would be very difficult to do." The Factor reported that the pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was politically active in Malaysia: "The pilot was very upset that a political figure in Malaysia had been sentenced to prison, and in fact he attended the sentencing shortly before the flight. That tells me that this guy was upset, and I'm going to keep my theory of pilot suicide on the table."
Vladimir Putin Wins
Guest: Lt. Col Ralph Peters
Citizens of Crimea have overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to separate from Ukraine and join Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation. President Obama reacted by imposing sanctions on a some individuals in Russia and Ukraine, a move that did not impress Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. "The fact that a couple of dozen Russians and rogue Ukrainians can't vacation in Vegas this year," Peters scoffed, "is not going to get Putin out of Crimea. It's appalling to me that these tepid measures introduced by the president are so timid that they only encourage Vladimir Putin." Peters predicted that Putin will not stop with the annexation of Crimea. "I know the Russians and I understand Putin, unlike most people in this administration. Putin believes Ukraine is an integral part of Russia and he wants vengeance on Ukraine. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Putin is not satisfied and that he will take at least eastern and southeastern Ukraine when he's ready."
The End of ObamaCare?
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
The Obama administration now says that in many instances it will not enforce the individual mandate that is a lynchpin of the Affordable Care Act. The Factor asked Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham whether that is in effect a death knell for the law. "This is a fantasy being spread by the right-wing blogs," Williams replied, "and it's meant to sabotage the law. You can apply for a 'hardship exemption' from the individual mandate, but that doesn't mean you're going to get it." But Ham argued that just about anyone can avoid the mandate by claiming a hardship. "Juan is right that the hardship exemption used to be reserved for some very serious things, but it has been expanded after the apocalyptic rollout of this law. Now, if you believe that these new health care plans are unaffordable, you just sign a piece of paper. It doesn't require documentation." The Factor told Williams that in fact he is the one living a fantasy: "Juan, I know you're a big ObamaCare guy, but you have to wave the white flag. It's over! We need to go back to the drawing board."
Future of the GOP
Guest: Karl Rove
Fox News analyst Karl Rove, who says it is highly likely that Republicans will capture control of the Senate in November, entered the No Spin Zone to explain. "There are four Democrats in red states running for re-election," he began, "and Republicans stand a good chance in those four seats. There are also three states that were carried by John McCain and Mitt Romney where the Democratic Senator is retiring. Those three states are likely to go Republican as well." The Factor asked Rove to scrutinize the Senate race in Minnesota, where Democratic incumbent Al Franken is running for a second term. "Mike McFadden is thought to be the Republican front-runner," Rove said. "He is a former investment banker who started a charter school to serve some of the poorest kids in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He has an incredible record, but he has to get past a primary and a state convention." The Factor minced no words when assessing the incumbent: "It's a disgrace that Al Franken even got elected in Minnesota. He has voted 100% of the time with Barack Obama, he's a shill, and he's the worst."
Where is the Missing Malaysian Plane?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
If you've been watching coverage of the missing Malaysian plane, you know that much of the reportage has been based on speculation. Is this irresponsible journalism? Bernie Goldberg weighs in on the story everyone is talking about.
The USA & Putin
Guest: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters took his crew and his inquisitiveness to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, home to thousands of Russian immigrants. Here's what some of them said about Vladimir Putin: "Putin is very smart" ... "He is not a Nazi" ... "Putin is helping Ukraine" ... "He is schizophrenic and he is torturing two countries right now" ... "Putin has strategy, but Obama does not" ... "When he says something, he means it and he does it, not like Obama!" When summarizing his own Brighton Beach memoirs, Watters reported that most of the locals seem to admire and support Vladimir Putin.
Viewers sound off on the missing plane and Beyonce
Factor Words of the Day
Carl Brummett, Maydelle, TX: "Bill, you and Dobbs are wrong. The Republican nominee must bully the heck out of Hillary Clinton to see what she is made of."

George Mclachlan, San Dimas, CA: "The uninformed speculation over the missing jet is over the top. Everyone should slow down."

Jack Chesebro, Rome, NY: "Mr. O, thanks for a wonderful performance with Letterman. You back up your criticism of Beyoncé and others with facts."

Beth Sayers, Roanoke, VA: "As the mother of a teenage girl, I want to thank you, Bill, for speaking out about the messages Beyoncé is putting out. Bring back Aretha!"
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