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Friday, March 28, 2014
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Equality and the President's Falling Poll Numbers
"As the world waits for Putin to make his next move, President Obama's leadership position is becoming more precarious; a new AP poll says 59% of Americans do not like the job the president is doing. Putin understands the president is having trouble with the American public, and he is taking chances because he senses weakness. The question now becomes, why is our nation in decline? 'Equality' is what is hurting President Obama. The left has seized that word to push its progressive agenda. We have income equality, marriage equality, gender equality, and on and on. So instead of solving real problems, the president is living in a world of theory and is shocked when someone like Putin upsets his idealistic vision. The truth is there will never be equality in this world, it's impossible. I will never be as smart as Einstein, as talented as Mozart, or as kind as Mother Teresa. President Obama has spent five years trying to social engineer this nation and convince the world to act in harmony. In doing so, he has neglected to fix the economy or set up effective deterrents to villains like Putin. The only path to social justice is building a strong country that can provide opportunity, and economically only the private sector can make that happen. We have become a weaker country on President Obama's watch. Most Americans know that, and so do all the villains of the world."
Tensions Mount in Ukraine
The Factor was joined by Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who scrutinized the massing of Russian troops near the border of Ukraine. "This says to me that Ukraine is screwed," Peters said. "As the West folded its cards in the face of Putin's aggression, he just upped his bid. Of those 80,000 to 100,000 troops, about half of them are relatively elite, they're the shock troops that would go in first. If they go in, you're going to see quite a spectacle, attacks on multiple targets. Just to rub it in and show off, Putin might even drop in airborne forces. His military would wrap its arms around eastern Ukraine, and we would do nothing about it. Weakness encourages aggression, I don't know why people can't figure this out."
Tensions Mount in Ukraine
Continuing on the Ukraine, FNC's Geraldo Rivera put forth a far more optimistic view. "You and Col. Peters are way too grim about what has happened in Ukraine," Rivera stated. "Remember that before Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown by the pro-Western two-thirds of Ukraine, Putin had all of Ukraine. He had Ukraine squarely in the Russian sphere, but what does he have now? He has the Crimean peninsula. If he invades eastern Ukraine, the world will turn against him. We have imposed mild sanctions that are already disrupting the Russian economy, and if he crosses into eastern Ukraine, severe sanctions will crush Putin's economy."
Visiting the Saudi King
The Factor welcomed White House correspondent Ed Henry, who is with President Obama in Saudi Arabia. "The headline today," Henry said, "is that some reports are suggesting that President Obama may be a little more flexible about sending air defense systems to the Syrian rebels. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has been pushing for the administration to give more heavy artillery to the rebels. But the fear is that if you give the rebels heavy artillery, it could wind up in the hands of terrorists who could then take down a commercial airliner." Henry also reported that Saudi Arabia may eventually go nuclear. "I'm told by a well-connected source that King Abdullah thinks President Obama will let Iran keep its nuclear weapons program. If that happens, the King is hinting that he'll start his own nuclear program. The Factor contended that President Obama could have been far tougher on Syria. "After Assad gassed civilians, we should have raided all of his airports and blown up all of his planes."
Powerful New Film
Actor Kevin Sorbo entered the No Spin Zone to discuss his new movie "God is Not Dead." "In this movie," he said, "you get the scientific view from an atheist, but you also get the scientific view from Christians. The story is a professor's battle with a freshman student who wants to prove that God exists." Sorbo added that, as a man of faith, he is an outsider in Hollywood. "I'm a believer and my manager has told me many times that there's a backlash for me standing up for my political views and coming on shows like yours. Have I heard hatred and anger directed at me for having a different point of view in a city that claims tolerance? Yes, definitely." The Factor identified with Sorbo's ostracism, saying, "There are certain people in Hollywood who don't want to do business with me because their cocktail invitations decline."
Wild Coverage of the Missing Plane
Bernard McGuirk and comedian Tom Shillue tried to answer that burning question: "What the Heck Just Happened?" Mocking CNN's breathless coverage of Flight 370, McGuirk put forth his own fanciful theory. "According to my sources," he began, "two Iranian nationals went to the cockpit and joined the Muslim pilot and co-pilot. They said prayers, turned off the transponders, made a left to face Mecca, and then flew to Saudi Arabia to pick up their Muslim mastermind President Obama. Let the jihad begin!" Shillue proposed an equally plausible scenario. "Bermuda Triangle! We haven't heard much of it lately, but due to El Nino it has blown over to the other side of the planet. And it's not even a triangle anymore, it's more like a rhombus."
A Columnist, a Kook, and a Congresswoman
Shillue and McGuirk returned to name the week's most ridiculous people. Shillue singled out New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. "He used to work alongside Nate Silver, who is famous for using data to show that President Obama was going to win the election. Democrats loved Silver and Krugman praised him, but now Krugman doesn't like him anymore because Silver is predicting a Republican victory in the Senate." McGuirk nominated North Korea tyrant Kim Jong Un, saying, "He has mandated that his people, primarily college students, get his stupid Moe Howard/Adolf Hitler haircut." And The Factor singled out Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California: "I called her a 'race hustler' recently after she implied that Congressman Paul Ryan is prejudiced against blacks. In 2011 she accused the entire Republican Party of trying to deny blacks the vote. She said the Bush administration botched Hurricane Katrina relief because blacks were involved, and she branded Congressman Steve King and William Bennett 'racists.' Not only is she a pinhead and a race hustler, she's a liar!"
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Factor Words of the Day
Tom Mulligan, Chatham, NJ: "Krauthammer is right for calling Kathleen Sebelius a liar. You've danced around the word for years, Bill. Time to join the party."

Jeff Connell, Australia: "You second-guessers make me sick, O'Reilly. The judge who sentenced the child molester to one year is within the law. No doubt you prefer lynchings."
Giving Back, Double Time
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