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Thursday, May 1, 2014
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The Benghazi Story Grows
Guests:Col. David Hunt & Lt. Col Ralph Peters
"Today retired General Robert Lovell testified before the House Oversight Committee about why the U.S. military did not respond at all to the terror attack in Benghazi. General Lovell was in Germany awaiting orders to strike at the terrorists, orders that never came. So the U.S. military, the CIA in Libya, and pretty much everyone else involved knew within hours that it was not a 'spontaneous demonstration.' But the Obama administration created a fiction that the attack was a reaction to an anti-Muslim videotape. The cover was blown off that deception this week when a memo from White House adviser Ben Rhodes was released. Incredibly, even after the memo became public, White House spokesman Jay Carney denied that it was even about Benghazi. The Wall Street Journal editorialized today that Mr. Carney 'must think the press corps is stupid.' While Carney may think the press corps is stupid, he knows the press corps doesn't care, and that's why he says these outrageous things. He knows the coverage will be minimal, except on Fox News. Again, according to General Lovell's testimony today, the U.S. military made no attempt to defend the Americans under siege because they were not asked to do so. That means then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has some explaining to do, but so does President Obama. Forces didn't mobilize to save people under siege? Talking Points is angry! The Obama administration was completely derelict in the Benghazi terror attack and dishonest in the aftermath. And the national press doesn't give a damn? Disgraceful!"

The Factor turned to Lt. Col Ralph Peters and Col. David Hunt for analysis. "Every man and woman who has ever worn a military uniform," Peters declared, "knows that you do all you can to rescue Americans under fire. But our military cannot act independently against a sovereign state. This administration despises the military, there is a hard-core lefty cadre at the State Department that looks at our military as a bunch of blue-collar rubes." Hunt added that only President Obama could have given the go-ahead. "We had a Special Forces unit four hours away in Croatia and we had jets that could have been uploaded with bombs. The president never gave the order and we don't know why. We were never told to do it and people died."
The Benghazi Story Grows
Guest:Ed Henry
For more on the newly-released email written by White House aide Ben Rhodes three days after the Benghazi attack, The Factor welcomed FNC White House correspondent Ed Henry. "The bottom line," Henry reported, "is that this raises questions about why there was a Congressional subpoena out there for many months about Benghazi documents President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and others said they had turned over all the documents. Well, maybe they didn't!" Henry added that many of his colleagues continue to downplay the Benghazi fiasco. "Other reporters will kind of tease me about how this is a 'Fox story,' and there are many people in the press corps who believe that. In the last two days other reporters have been asking tough questions, but what did Jay Carney do? He went after me and Fox."
Voter ID Cards
Guests:James Carville & Andrea Tantaros
While many conservatives want citizens to display photo IDs before voting, some on the left consider that an onerous restriction that harms the poor. The Factor hashed it out with FNC's Andrea Tantaros and James Carville. "Voter fraud is an infinitesimal problem," Carville claimed. "The Bush Justice Department made this a priority, but out of 197-million votes cast they were able to secure 26 voter fraud convictions." Tantaros took issue with Carville's stats and logic. "James and his buddies are nervous, so they have to gin up the base by creating an issue about voter suppression. We know voter fraud exists and liberals are defending fraud, they're defending a crime!" The Factor concluded, "Every citizen should have an ID card and it will happen."
What Ticks You Off?
Guest:Heather Nauert
FNC's Heather Nauert joined The Factor to field emails from angry viewers. One of them, Pennsylvanian James Dugan, is mad at former basketball star Charles Barkley, who called the NBA a "black league." "Barkley is correct that 76% of the players in the league are black," Nauert reported, "but what bothers people is that this is divisive. Barkley goes after Fox, he has a big mouth, and he defends the use of the 'n' word." Another viewer, Rev. George Jachimczyk, quarreled with the suggestion that disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law was given a "cushy job" at the Vatican. "From the Vatican's point of view," Nauert said, "he did not get a 'cushy job,' it was a demotion. But to lay people like you and me, he is on one of the seven hills of Rome and it is a cushy job." The Factor asserted that Law "should be in a federal prison."
Another Racial Controversy
Guest:Laura Ingraham
Congressman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, has called Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom" who doesn't care about black people. The Factor invited radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to react. "Some people have a worldview," she theorized, "that minorities have a lot of grievances and the system is rigged against them. So a conservative like Justice Thomas doesn't make sense to them. They don't know much about his jurisprudence, but they do know that the man himself represents a rejection of much of what they believe. They can't debate him because his life stands in contrast to many of the things that they espouse. What Thompson said was personal invective and he should be censured." The Factor pointed out that Thompson's comments were generally ignored, saying, "Obviously what the man said is terrible, but it didn't receive nearly the attention that Donald Sterling got for his comments."
Caught on Tape!
Guest:Martha MacCallum
FNC anchor Martha MacCallum watched tape of Senator Harry Reid equating Donald Sterling's racism with the Washington Redskins' nickname. "I find it bizarre that Harry Reid is using this much time and energy on this," she said, "when the latest GDP number shows one-tenth-of-one-percent of economic growth. But this is what Harry Reid has decided he wants to focus on. Some Native Americans in upstate New York are upset about the nickname, but other Native American groups have come out and said they don't have a problem with it. In fact, the Redskins were named for a coach who was Native American." The Factor described the situation as totally absurd, saying, "It's almost impossible to believe that the Senate majority leader is equating the Redskins name to what Sterling did."
Outbreak of Media Honesty
When the entertainment network TMZ conducted a poll asking its viewers about Beyoncé's latest video, most of them agreed with Bill's contention that it is overly sexualized and sends the wrong message.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
George Rikard, Panama: "Bill, you nailed the Benghazi cover-up to the wall. I believe the national media is complicit in it."

Richard Semff, Plano, TX: "After yesterday's Benghazi press blackout, no honest person can say the media is not a major problem."

Robert Hochman, Delray Beach, FL: "O'Reilly, the efforts by you and Karl Rove to tie Benghazi to Hillary were clearly driven by political motives, not genuine concern for the four murdered Americans."

Judy Crew, Quincy, IL: "Hey, Buddy, take a breath! You're gonna have a heart attack on TV. Your quest to force your opinion down everyone's throat is nuts."
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