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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
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Guest:Chris Kofinis
"For more than a year, conservatives and Tea Party groups have been pressing John Boehner to establish a select committee to investigate Benghazi. Today he described why he finally relented, accusing the White House of playing 'a significant role' in how the attacks were incorrectly described. Boehner's tough talk is red meat for the conservative base that had been frustrated by the speaker's foot-dragging on Benghazi. It's also a stark contrast to how he described the president's credibility during deficit talks last year, when Speaker Boehner said he 'absolutely' trusts President Obama. So last March the speaker could absolutely trust the same president who sold a phony narrative about Benghazi weeks after it was debunked. How can that be? The White House political operation has been masterful at selling half-truths and outright lies about Benghazi, the IRS targeting scandal, ObamaCare, and their record on immigration enforcement. The president has also repeatedly abused his executive authority rather than going through that inconvenient body known as Congress. So I suggest that Speaker Boehner take today's clear-eyed assessment of the White House and apply it beyond Benghazi, to issues like the budget, trade, and immigration as well."

For a view from the opposite side, Laura welcomed Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis. "It seems pretty obvious to me," he said, "that this is a select committee that will be formed with the conclusion already pre-determined. If the idea is to find out what happened on that terrible day that led to the deaths of four Americans, we've had seven Congressional hearings and an independent study. But if it's a political witch hunt, which it clearly seems to be, it will gin up Republicans but alienate the very voters that are needed in the fall. So from my perspective, go ahead!" Laura was perplexed by Kofinis' analysis, asking, "There's nothing about Benghazi you find disturbing or bizarre, given the administration's parroting of these phony talking points for so long?"
Culture Clash
Guests:Harris Zarar and Zhudi Jasser
The United States will help the Nigerian government hunt down the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, which has abducted and enslaved hundreds of schoolgirls. Laura examined the crisis with Muslims Harris Zarar and Zhudi Jasser. "The girls are being used by a radical militant group that has been bombing churches and finding every opportunity to attack the West," Jasser lamented. "Boko Haram means 'western education is a sin,' and we need to save these poor girls. The bigger picture is that Secretary Kerry, who just gave a speech in Ethiopia, didn't talk about Islamic radicalism. This administration has no strategy." Zahar urged all decent people to fight back against the terrorists. "If the Nigerian government isn't able or willing to bring these radicals to justice, we stand by anyone who is willing to help stop this reign of terror. It's also incumbent upon the leaders of different faith groups to fight this war of ideas." Laura pointed out that Christians are being slaughtered in many Islamic nations, including Syria and Egypt: "Our heart breaks for this horrific violence against religious minorities and Christians, who are being destroyed. The lion's share of this religious violence is Muslims against Christians and non-complying Muslims."
The Return of Monica Lewinsky
Guests:Alan Colmes & Chris Plante
Tuesday night on The Factor, Lynne Cheney speculated that Vanity Fair's new piece on Monica Lewinsky could have been engineered by the Clintons as a way to get the story out of the way early in the election cycle. Laura ran that theory past Fox News analyst Alan Colmes, who reacted with ridicule. "They all got into a room to plot 2016," Colmes said scornfully. "They plotted how to do a story in Vanity Fair at this particular moment to get Monica Lewinsky out of the way. And she's obviously on the Clinton payroll trying to help elect Hillary in 2016! Is that what you're trying to tell me? I'm just shaking my head at this whole thing." But conservative radio talk show host Chris Plante put some credence in Cheney's hypothesis. "The reality is that with the Clintons it is impossible to be too cynical. If they're looking at Hillary launching a presidential campaign, there's this thing hanging out there that could become an issue. Well, they pulled her out by the hair, they threw her into Vanity Fair, and she has been eviscerated ever since in the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Washington Post."
Looking Forward to 2016
Guests:Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
Speaking of Hillary Clinton, the former first lady has begun speaking about substantive issues, including the need for some limitations on gun possession. Laura asked Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers to opine. "I don't think her presidential campaign is going to be about gun control," Powers said, "and I think this was a boilerplate Democratic applause line on guns. She's just taking about some limitations, it's not an article of faith that every American should be walking around packing heat." But Obenshain contended that Clinton is trying to excite the left wing of the Democratic Party. "We know Hillary needs to move to the left and nothing she says is by mistake. She wants to portray Tea Partiers and those who believe in the Second Amendment as 'crazy right wingers.'"
The War on Drugs
Guests:Sharda Sekaran & John Walters
Far-left billionaire George Soros, who has spent big time to legalize marijuana, has written an op-ed arguing that the war on drugs is a $1 trillion failure. Laura explored the issue with former national drug czar John Walters and Sharda Sekaran, whose organization opposes the drug war. "It would be good if these people got their facts straight," Walters declared. "Drug use has gone down when we had national leadership and pushed back against it. But there are too many drug users and no family I know of wants more drugs. If George Soros wants to experiment, would he give drugs to his children? That would be horrifying, so why does he want to give drugs to someone else?" Sekaran echoed Soros' contention that the drug war has been a colossal failure. "He is not alone in that position, he's joined by a growing number of people around the country. The drug war has become an increasingly indefensible position, many Americans think we would be far better off if we put our resources toward treatment and if we stop over-incarcerating our brothers and sisters."
Jailing a U.S. Marine
Guest:Lou Dobbs
25-year-old Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was jailed in Mexico last month after he allegedly made a wrong turn and inadvertently brought guns across the border. Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs entered the No Spin Zone to vent his fury. "This is insanity and it's outrageous," he pronounced. "Why doesn't the Obama administration insist on the release of the sergeant with all of his belongings, including his three guns, which were legally purchased in this country. It's typical of the passivity of this administration in the face of a gross insult." Laura urged leaders of both parties to stand up for Sgt. Tahmooressi. "We have all these politicians saying it's 'brave' for illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows, and it would be nice if they showed the same concern and empathy for a young Marine who served this country in battle."
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