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Thursday, May 8, 2014
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Outrage in Nigeria
Guests:Dr. Michael Rubin and Katherine Mangu-Ward

"Nearly a month ago more than 300 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school by Islamists from the group Boko Haram. As their plight became more widely known, politicians and celebrities began speaking out about the need to rescue them. Hillary Clinton called it an 'act of terrorism,' but the Daily Beast reported today, 'The State Department under Hillary Clinton fought hard against placing Boko Haram on its official list of terrorist organizations.' Terror experts are now saying that decision may have hurt our ability to confront this vicious Muslim terror outfit. This past February the group burned 59 young boys to death in Nigeria. There were no loud calls to intervene then, but now suddenly political elites want U.S. action. Where was that powerful drumbeat for justice against those who slaughtered American citizens in Benghazi? We don't even have one person in custody for those murders! Justice should be brought to Boko Haram, but we as a nation should be just as united and just as outraged in our demand for answers, accountability, and justice for the American victims in Benghazi."

Laura explored the prospect of U.S. intervention in Nigeria with Katherine Mangu-Ward, an editor at libertarian Reason magazine. "This is a terrible story," Mangu-Ward began, "but one thing weird about this political moment we're having right now is the pretense that this is somehow special. Unfortunately and horribly, it isn't - these kinds of things happen all the time and the U.S. can't police every single bad thing around the world." But Michael Rubin of the conservative American Enterprise Institute argued that the USA can help alleviate the suffering. "I oppose putting boots on the ground in Nigeria, which is a corrupt country. But if we had the intelligence assets to find these girls, for example from the drone base in Niger, that could be a major issue. This attack could really reverse the attractiveness of jihadism because people are really horrified about this." Laura contended that most Americans have intervention exhaustion, saying, "The American people don't feel like we've gotten a lot for all the money we've spent overseas, they want to rejuvenate prosperity at home."
Benghazi and 2016
Guests:Richard Goodstein

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not surprisingly, has expressed her displeasure with the House select committee that will investigate Benghazi. Laura was joined by former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein, who agreed with his former boss. "There have been 13 hearings and 25,000 documents," he said, "and Hillary Clinton has testified under oath. There's a little corner of the world, and we're on it here at Fox, that will not be satisfied unless she does some self-flagellation and gives a tearful confession. But the rest of the world has looked at the bipartisan hearings that basically exonerated her." Laura countered that a select committee is necessary: "We had four Americans slaughtered and we have no answers. We're missing a lot of documents about Benghazi and 51% of the public believes the investigation should go forward."
Hillary's Hurdles
Guests:James Carville

Laura next welcomed Fox News analyst and former Clinton aide James Carville, who also opined on the impending Benghazi investigation and its possible effect on Hillary Clinton. "The perfect strategy is 'bring it on,'" he declared. "I think Congressman Trey Gowdy should have 90 minutes with Hillary Clinton and ask whatever he wants. I think she'll be prepared for it! 90 minutes, bring it on!" Carville also commented on Monica Lewinsky's new piece about her affair with Bill Clinton and the attempts to discredit her. "If there's somebody that doesn't know what happened, it may hurt Hillary Clinton, but I think this thing is about at saturation. Monica Lewinsky has the right to write a piece, I hope she has a fine life, but this is all baked in the cake."
Terrorists at Public Universities
Guests:Chapin Rose

James Kilgore, a convicted murderer who was a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army terror group, landed a job teaching at the University of Illinois in 2012. But the school's recent decision to not renew his contract has outraged his supporters in the student body and faculty. Laura spoke about the dustup with Illinois State Senator Chapin Rose. "This is just crazy," Rose said, "and my constituents are beyond angry. The state of Illinois has all kinds of budget problems but there's apparently money for this. This guy has a Ph.D. in African Studies that he earned under an assumed name and the most recent thing he was doing was teaching art. He's entitled to live his life, he's served his sentence, but that doesn't mean we have to put him on the payroll."
Danger in the Middle East
Guests:Dr. Walid Phares

With Christians under attack in many Islamic countries, Laura discussed the carnage with Middle East analyst Walid Phares. "The Obama administration has ignored the fact that there is this ideology," Phares complained, "and Boko Haram is the result of this ideology. Everybody is excited to go after Boko Haram, but where were we two years ago and five years ago? The other side knows that this administration is afraid of engaging their ideology, afraid of recognizing that we have a growing problem. The Obama administration decided to partner with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia and it failed." Laura portrayed the Obama team as a study in naiveté: "The administration thought new leaders would emerge and there would be pluralism and respect for religious minorities, but Christians are being murdered or terrorized or forced to convert to Islam."
Watters' Greatest Hits
Guests:Laura introduced a few of Jesse Watters' most memorable reports, beginning with his visit to Key West, where locals had these observations about life in Margaritaville: "I moved here in 1999 and I'm just wasting time" ... "You come Key West on vacation, you leave on probation, and you come back on violation" ... "I trade food stamps for beer and vodka and cigarettes." Watters also visited the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, where he asked some rockers for their political observations. A few responses: "I have no idea what you're talking about" ... "I never believed that musicians should get involved with politics" ... "It would be nice to have an election instead of an auction." Also, when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was under fire because his aides ordered lanes closed on the George Washington Bridge, Jesse interrogated some Garden State residents, who had these reactions: "It took me two hours to go six miles" ... "I wanted to rip the steering wheel out of the car" ... "Everybody's all bent out of shape over a little bit of traffic, they're making a big issue out of nothing."
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