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Friday, May 9, 2014
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Celebrity Activism
Eric began Friday's show with the horror story in Nigeria, where 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. He was joined by columnist James Hirsen, who has ridiculed the celebrities who are suddenly interested in Islamist terror. "Hollywood is a place of trends and fashion," Hirsen said, "and now this has become a fashionable cause. They're all jumping on the bandwagon, they all want to show that they are compassionate. But terrorists aren't going to be intimidated by Kim Kardashian tweeting a selfie. These are hardened thugs and the only way these girls will come back is with military intervention. This is a case for satellites, drones, and special forces, which these celebrities protested against during the Bush administration." But Democratic strategist Marjorie Clifton defended Hollywood's social media activism. "Celebrities can move the court of global opinion, they move people's hearts and minds. The objective here is to create more awareness around the plight of women and girls internationally, and to put international pressure on the powers that can go in and do something." Eric criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who failed to sanction Boko Haram during her tenure. "She is now calling Boko Haram a terrorist organization, but if she had done that two or three years ago things may have been different."
Assessing Her Accomplishments
Mitt Romney has described Hillary Clinton's performance as secretary of state as ineffective and incompetent. Eric invited Democratic strategist Jennice Fuentes to react. "That's a lot of baloney," she proclaimed. "During her tenure, she restored the leadership and the good name of the United States across the world in extremely challenging times. Hillary Clinton made things better, she helped build and maintain a coalition on Iran. Do you think that was easy, or that it was easy avoid an all-out war in Gaza?" Eric reminded Fuentes that many areas of the world are filled with tension: "Iran was a massive foreign policy failure, US-Russia relations are as strained as they've been in decades, and what has she done to help us with China?"
The Growing Benghazi Scandal
Speaker of the House John Boehner has named the seven Republicans who will serve on the select committee tasked with investigating the Benghazi attack. But will and should Democrats also join the panel? Eric posed that question to former Obama aide Steve Leser and liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall. "This is between the fifth and the eighth investigation into the Benghazi attacks," Leser said, "so this is not just beating a dead horse, it's like going back a seventh time to beat the dead horse. This is going to be a rehash of the same material, so what is the point?" But while Leser advised Democrats to steer clear of the committee, Marshall urged her party to take part in the proceedings. "Democrats need to be present to make sure the truth comes out, although I do think it's a waste of taxpayer money. I agree that this is politically motivated, nothing has shown that there was any kind of cover-up at the White House."
Traditional Values Under Siege
Twin brothers David and Jason Benham were scheduled to star in a new show about real estate on the House and Garden Network, but it all came asunder when activist groups complained that the Benhams have taken part in an anti-gay marriage rally. David and Jason entered the No Spin Zone to explain their religious views. "Jesus loves all people," David said, "but he does not love all ideas, and there's a difference between the gay community and the gay agenda. The gay agenda seeks to silence those who disagree with it, and it begins with Christians who hold to traditional values." Jason expanded on his brother's sentiments. "We're living testimonies of what an agenda will do. We built a real estate company that has served many gay individuals and we love them just like anyone else, but we have a problem when an idea seeks to silence another idea. That's what happened in our case, so we are now show-less. HGTV got bullied and our hearts go out to them for that." The brothers maintained that they are not victims and that HGTV had every right to cancel the show.
Dishonoring our Veterans
A Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix stands accused of allowing as many as 40 veterans to die while awaiting treatment. Eric welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who provided the latest on the scandal. "There was a 'secret' waiting list," Rivera reported, "that showed the waiting times were much more onerous and unreasonable than the 'official' list. A whistleblower says 40 people died because of that excessive waiting time." Nevertheless, Rivera vigorously defended VA boss Gen. Eric Shinseki, who is facing calls for his resignation. "He is a twice-wounded and decorated Vietnam veteran, a 4-star general, and a man who cautioned us against getting involved in Iraq. He's a concerned military officer and we need to give him the dignity of finding out what happened." But Eric countered, "Shinseki is the boss, we thank him for his service, but when the team isn't winning you fire the coach!"
Income Inequality
With Pope Francis urging governments to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, Eric introduced Bill's interview with former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, a long-time advocate of redistribution. "You start out with raising the minimum wage," Nader prescribed, "which would give a raise to 30-million workers. The next step is to get rid of tax shelters for big multi-nationals - companies like General Electric and Verizon have made billions of dollars without paying federal income tax. We should also stop these very expensive wars overseas, take that money and create millions of jobs rebuilding America. And we have to revise these job-destroying, sovereignty-shredding trade agreements, which allow corporations to ship American jobs and industries to communist and fascist regimes." Bill praised Nader as a patriot, but warned that his prescriptions could have unintended consequences: "You can't suck corporations dry and think they'll provide jobs and expand. We need business expansion, we need a robust marketplace to come back here."
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