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Monday, May 12, 2014
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A Recap of last Week's Biggest Stories
"The Benghazi situation is fairly clear, it's now apparent that the Obama administration tried to mislead Americans about what happened. Four Americans were killed and no terrorists have been held accountable. Some believe the fault lies with Hillary Clinton, then the secretary of state, but to be fair she was running all over the world and really didn't have her attention on Libya. After the attack, she should have stepped up and explained the situation, but instead she referred to an anti-Muslim video as inciting the violence. The key question right now is whether President Obama himself came up with the false narrative. No committee is ever going to get that defined unless a guy like John Dean steps forward. He was Richard Nixon's counsel and his testimony took the president down. As far as the IRS scandal is concerned, the one woman who could break the case, Lois Lerner, has been held in contempt of Congress. If a federal grand jury is convened, she could be charged with a crime, and that is the only way she might tell the world what happened. Just one man will make that decision - the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald Machen. But he works for Attorney General Eric Holder and was appointed by President Obama, so Talking Points does not expect Ms. Lerner to face a criminal proceeding. Did the White House actually order the IRS to target conservative groups? We're not likely to get to the bottom of this because our system is flawed and you can't make Lerner talk. In other matters, a Muslim terrorist group kidnapped 300 girls in Nigeria and once again the world is shocked by the actions of fanatical Muslim terrorists. There are scores of Islamic groups terrorizing civilians all over the world, but what are the Muslim nations doing about it? Very little. How much more trouble can one group cause? Most Muslims are good people, but a substantial minority cause trouble. Finally, there is a very interesting social situation here in the USA, with gay football player Michael Sam drafted to play for the St. Louis Rams. Talking Points says this: Let Mr. Sam play football, but the gay thing is way overplayed. It's annoying."
Talking Points Reaction
Guest:Brit Hume
The Factor asked FNC's Brit Hume to opine on the Benghazi scandal and Hillary Clinton's possible involvement. "I don't disagree about the prospect that she may have had something to do with what I think was a cover-up," Hume said. "We don't know why Chris Stevens was there and we don't know why the U.S. had that compound in Benghazi. When we know what the mission was, we'll have a better idea of whether it might have involved the secretary of state. We don't know what Hillary Clinton did that night or what President Obama did that night, so there's a lot to be learned." The Factor compared Democrats' reaction to Benghazi to the Republicans who circled the wagons around President Nixon. "They said it was a 'third-rate burglary' and didn't matter, that's exactly what we're hearing now. It's almost exactly the same and Benghazi is a bigger story than the initial Watergate break-in."
Nigeria Update
Guests:Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
Juan Willams and Mary Katharine Ham weighed in on the abductions in Nigeria and the silence of the broader Muslim world. "Where is the Nigerian government," Williams asked. "This is an oil-rich country but so rife with corruption and indifference that they are closing their eyes to this Islamic group that wants to establish its own caliphate in Nigeria. They are making these girls into sex slaves!" Ham reacted to the widespread ridicule of "hashtag activism," in which people express their outrage on Twitter. "Some people have picked on the '#BringBackOurGirls,' and hashtag activism can be a problem when it's a substitute for action. But when it spurs action it can be important, and in this case governments are failing women. I don't know if it will rescue these girls, but it may form a framework where you can build a community of women."
President Me
Guest:Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla, whose new book "President Me" lays out his oft-humorous political prescriptions, was recently trashed in the trade publication Variety because he's a Fox News regular. The Factor invited Carolla to react. "It's funny that 'Variety' is called 'Variety,'" Carolla pointed out, "which should mean a potpourri of thoughts and ideas. But it's only 'Variety' if you agree with them. The thing with the left is that anyone who disagrees with them must be drinking O'Reilly's Kool-Aid, that I must be brainwashed by you and the good folks at Fox." Turning to a political issue, Carolla blasted those on the left who say it's "voter suppression" to require IDs at the voting booth. "I flew here and I needed my ID to go through the airport, I needed my ID to check into the hotel, and I needed my ID to get into this building." The Factor agreed, saying "The 'war on women' and 'voter suppression' are the two most bogus political issues."
Fair Journalism?
Guest:Bernie Goldberg
A new survey shows that only 7% of journalists identify themselves as Republicans, while 28% claim to be Democrats and 50% independent. The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to crunch the numbers. "The poll is ridiculous," Goldberg declared. "I'll buy the fact that 7% identify themselves as Republicans, but only 28% say they're Democrats? Impossible! They know people think they're liberal, so when pollsters come around they say they're independent. If you inject these people with truth serum, about 85% would admit that they voted for Barack Obama twice. We need affirmative action for conservatives in the media." The Factor theorized why media outlets are so dominated by one world view: "The reason behind the liberalism in reporting is that the people who hire are liberals. If you walk into the New York Times or NBC and you have a pro-life point of view, you're ostracized and you can't exist there."
Controversial Comments
Guest:Jesse Watters
Two Democratic Congressmen, Steve Israel and Bennie Thompson, have maligned the Republican Party as basically racist. After they declined invitations to appear, Jesse Watters hopped a train down to Capitol Hill to confront both men. "You are picking up on something that was out of context and happened three weeks ago," Israel protested. "We need to get away from ascribing motives and just pass a comprehensive immigration bill." Thompson, meanwhile, refused to back down from his characterization of Clarence Thomas as an "Uncle Tom." "People I represent have a real problem with his lack of sensitivity ... I disagree with his opinion as it relates to people of color." When Watters asked Thompson why he won't enter the No Spin Zone, the Congressman gave a pithy answer: "I choose who I talk to."
The Plane Truth
A tip for dealing with incompetent and/or lackadaisical airline management: If a plane is more than two hours late for no good reason, let's give a 10% refund to all passengers, and if it's four hours late that refund goes up to 25%.
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