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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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Hillary Clinton vs. Karl Rove
Guests:Carl Cameron and James Rosen

"Speaking in Los Angeles last week, Karl Rove questioned Hillary Clinton's physical health, saying she had 'a serious health episode' while secretary of state. Mr. Rove's opinion is not going down well with the Clintons or the Democratic Party, which is counting heavily on Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. A catfight between a political big shot like Rove and the most powerful woman in the country is always great theater, but Talking Points believes Republicans should lay off Hillary Clinton. The GOP should be convincing American voters of two things: First, that President Obama's 'social justice' policies have strangled the economy, which is the key issue of this year's midterm issues and the presidential election of 2016. The secondary issue is that through Mr. Obama's policies, America is becoming a nation of grievances. The mentality is shifting away from 'I'm going to make it' to 'you're going to give it.' The president has promoted income inequality, gender inequality, everything inequality! Getting folks to understand just how the entitlement society is strangling the economy is a big winner for the Republican Party. Hillary-bashing pales next to that."

Beyond issues of her health, Hillary Clinton is also being pummeled by Republicans for her role in the Benghazi scandal. The Factor asked Fox News correspondent James Rosen to expand on that issue. "In your Talking Points on Monday," Rosen said, "you argued that Hillary Clinton's sole liability in Benghazi relates to her post-attack role in the promulgation of a false narrative. I take issue with your suggestion that Mrs. Clinton faces no legitimate avenue of further inquiry because she was ostensibly focused on bigger things than the security of the consulate in Benghazi. That ignores the cables about security in Benghazi that have been introduced into the record." Correspondent Carl Cameron joined the conversation to examine new reports showing that federal authorities have released hundreds of criminal illegal immigrants, including sex offenders and killers. "The Center for Immigration Studies," he reported, "says the Obama administration released 36,000 illegal immigrants from custody last year who collectively had over 87,000 convictions. One Congressman says this would be the worst prison break ever, except for the fact that the Obama administration authorized it."
Confronting Evil in the World
Guests: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

Vladimir Putin is running wild, North Korea is rattling sabers, China is making hostile moves, Syria is gassing its citizens, and Iran is building nukes. Military analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters assessed the various global threats. "The most dangerous thing is the collapse of America's strategic capability under the Obama regime," he declared. "Long-term I worry most about China, mid-term we should worry about Iran's continuing nuclear program, and short-term there is Syria. Over 160,000 people have died there and President Obama's empty threats have encouraged bad actors around the world, including Vladimir Putin. Our strategic position is in an absolute shambles - we are not trusted by our allies, we are not trusted by neutrals, and we are not feared by our enemies. Thank you, President Obama!"
Race and Privilege
Guests: Stuart Varney & Jacques Degraff

The notion of "white privilege" is being promoted on campuses and even in some businesses. The Factor dissected the concept with Fox Business host Stuart Varney and FNC analyst Jacques Degraff. "White privilege speaks to the benefits some enjoy based on their race in this society," Degraff said. "It isn't about your skin pigmentation or how much money you have in the bank, it is about you being a beneficiary of years of whites having an advantage in this country." Varney argued that the white privilege movement is actually exacerbating racial tension. "White privilege existed in the past, but I don't think you right historical wrongs by guilting the present. This 'white privilege' idea is divisive - teach a class in that and you are dividing that class and dividing America."
Dirty Politics in California
Guests:Carl Demaio

California Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio, an openly gay Republican, is under attack from liberals who say conservatism and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. He entered the No Spin Zone with his political prescriptions. "I'm trying to focus on the economy, the national debt, and the problems at the VA," DeMaio began, "but the other side has been engaging in some shameful tactics. Last week my opponent promoted on his campaign website a blog post that used a gay slur to refer to me. He didn't have the courtesy to apologize, he blamed it on his staff. I support gay marriage, but people in San Diego don't think of me as the 'gay politician,' they think of me as a reformer who gets results." The Factor reminded DeMaio, "The people in California decided they didn't want gay marriage, but it was overturned by judicial fiat."
Miller on airline chaos
Guests:Dennis Miller

The Factor welcomed frequent flier Dennis Miller, who came locked and loaded with observations about the airline industry. "I've had flights that were so bad," Miller quipped, "that the pilot could have come on the intercom and said, 'We're going down,' and I would have said, 'Good!' I just flew to Hawaii and when I reclined my seat I felt like I was in an Amish gynecological office, there was so little recline. I got stuck in the metal detector line behind a piercing addict kid breaking out his new areola-kebobs, setting off every alarm in North America. Then they did a cavity search on me and I said, 'Hey, can we do an actual dental cavity search and save a little money on health care.' Then, getting on the plane I get stuck in a line behind a moron who calls a freezer box a carry-on, he's trying to jam it into the overhead with hydraulic jacks. Airlines are crap, but you have to fly so you put up with it."
Dining with your dog
Guests: Martha MacCallum

A proposal in California would allow dogs to eat alongside their owners at outdoor restaurants. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum elaborated on the prospective law. "First we had to have everything be kid-friendly," she growled, "and now the California legislature has decided that you should be able to dine with your dog outside. There has to be a separate entrance for the dog so he doesn't have to go through the restaurant to get to the outside area, and you have to bring your own disposable containers of dog food and put them on the ground. But what if I want to bring my cat or my ferret or my snake?" The Factor wondered aloud, "What if the dog wants to pick up the check?"
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