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Thursday, May 15, 2014
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Money, Women & Politics
Guest:Laura Ingraham
"The New York Times has fired its top editor Jill Abramson, and some say it's because she thought she wasn't paid the same wage as men in her position. The New York Times is a very liberal newspaper that has bought into the 'war on women' political pose. Last month the Times editorialized about the claim that women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, a claim we have debunked here. The editorial said the pay gap 'reflects overt discrimination ... there is no doubt that the pay gap is real.' Apparently Jill Abramson hired a lawyer to investigate why she was not receiving the same compensation that men in her position received in the past, and if that's true the Times could be in legal trouble. This comes on the heels of the White House paying women 12% less than men, a revelation that embarrassed the president. So the two leading gender equality promoters are now involved in pay controversies concerning women. I think this is karma - the phony 'war on women' and the attempt to divide Americans along gender and race lines is appalling. Talking Points will say once again that you will never have equality in a free marketplace. Talents vary, experiences vary, circumstances are all different. Intelligent Americans know that when they hear the word 'equality' it's being used to push a social agenda. If the majority of American voters buy into the inequality scenario, bad things are going to happen. What has made this country great and strong is free competition and the individual drive to succeed, not a 'nanny state' that seeks to level all playing fields."

The Factor asked radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to elaborate on the New York Times situation. "We don't know all the dynamics," Ingraham said, "but I do know that when we raise issues like experience and other factors when trying to combat the 'equal pay' mantra, they never want to consider that. There's a lot of hypocrisy on the left and this is egg on the face of the New York Times. Jill Abramson's departure was really bloody, she didn't even show up at the announcement. This was really humiliating and ugly, so I wouldn't be surprised if she sues." But The Factor predicted that Abramson won't sue her former employers: "This was a negotiated package, when a person leaves a position like that they get a big check. But they have to sign a paper saying they won't disparage or sue the company."
Politically Correct Madness
Guests:James Carville & Kate Obenshain
For their elementary school talent show, some North Dakota kids wanted to mimic The Village People singing 'YMCA,' but one mom objected because a member of The Village People dressed as an American Indian. The Factor solicited reaction from Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat James Carville. "This is political correctness at its finest," Obenshain groused. "There is a code set up by leftists and academics where you can't offend people, this is ridiculous. These first-graders weren't allowed to perform in a talent show because one of them was dressed up as an Indian!" Even Carville agreed that the offended mom is out of bounds. "I'm at a loss, I guess the school board didn't want controversy. It seems a bit extreme to me, but I do think the Redskins name is hideous, they should get rid of it."
Obama in New York
Guest:Ed Henry
President Obama was in New York City Thursday to dedicate the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, who covered the dedication, described a very emotional day. "One of the most chilling parts of the museum," he reported, "is the voice mails from people who were on the planes that were being hijacked and who didn't know if they were going to live or not. We all knew people who were lost that day, so this was a rare occasion where politics was put aside." The Factor added a personal note: "Scores of men and women where I live on Long Island were killed at the World Trade Center, and their children are friends of my children. I see them every day and I know the profound effect that this terror attack took. Some of them have never gotten over this."
What Makes YOU Mad?!
Guest:Heather Nauert
Fox News anchor Heather Nauert joined The Factor to field emails from angry viewers such as Pennsylvanian Bill Walsh, who is ticked off at Shaquille O'Neal's insensitivity. "O'Neal put up a picture," Nauert reported, "of himself and a 23-year-old man with a genetic disorder. He really sort of mocked him, but he has come out since and apologized. People like Shaq, he's gregarious and he seems to be a nice guy." Another viewer, Paul Singelyn of Illinois, got on a roll and complained that toilet paper is getting narrower. "This is true," Nauert said, "and it's called 'product shrinkage.' 20 years ago toilet paper was 4.5" by 4.5", but now it's 4.1" by 3.7". And it's also thinner."
One on One with Barbara Walters
Guest:Barbara Walters
84-year-old Barbara Walters, who began her career with The Today Show more than 50 years ago, is stepping down from The View and her ABC News specials. The Factor pointedly asked Walters why she is the single most successful female television journalist in history. "I never thought it was going to happen," Walters said, "and hard work helped. Hard work means weekends and hard work sometimes means difficulties in your personal life. Also, I'm good with questions, I'm curious, and I'm a wonderful editor. Do I have an enormous talent, no. But I have a great deal of courage in my professional life - I'm not afraid to go anywhere, I'm not afraid to interview anyone." The Factor lauded Walters, concluding, "You are courageous in that you had to take a lot of flak in your career."
Who Will be the Next President?
Guest:Charles Krauthammer
The Factor was joined by Charles Krauthammer, who theorized that a Republican may well be elected president in 2016. "Looking at it from more than two years away," Dr. K began, "I think the slight likelihood is that the Republicans will win. Since 1953, with one exception, every time one party has held the White House for two terms they get thrown out on their ear. The country is tired of Obama, the country is in a semi-depressed mood, they are not in the mood to reelect a Democrat. And I think the Democrats grossly overestimate how popular Hillary Clinton is." Krauthammer advised Republicans to nominate a candidate who can put forth conservative principles in a cogent way. "If you argue the issues, you win if you're a conservative. We need to find someone who can make the case and has an acceptable personality. That's not impossible to find."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Chelle Howard, Cleveland, OH: "Mr. O'Reilly, you can not be exempt from 'white privilege' simply because you grew up with limited means. As an African-American woman, I know you are part of the circle of privilege and white supremacy because other Caucasians bestow favor on you."

Lisa St. Agathe, Brooklyn, NY: "I agree not all whites are privileged. However coming out of the womb white is a distinct advantage in life."

Darrell Rahtburn, Columbus, OH: "African-Americans have had 50 years of 'black privilege.' It's called affirmative action."
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