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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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President Obama and Illegal Immigration
"As the chaos on the southern border mounts and thousands of children pour into the USA, President Obama finds himself in a very bad place. He has not been able to secure immigration reform and now, as things are falling apart, Americans are growing angry. So the president has decided to take matters into his own hands, and some of his solutions will anger his liberal base. Current immigration law grants all children from Central and South American political asylum hearings, allowing those kids de facto legalization status. President Obama wants to eliminate that law and send the kids back quickly, which is not what the open border folks want to hear. So how to solve the entire immigration mess? Talking Points has come up with a plan that is fair, humane, and can be implemented quickly. Number one, President Obama must demand that Mexico police its own borders and stop illegal aliens from crossing into Mexico from Guatemala. In addition, Mexico must control the border with the USA. On the other side of the border, the American military will also be patrolling to back up the Border Patrol at the hottest spots. If Mexico does not cooperate, President Obama should threaten trade sanctions. What about the undocumented aliens who are already here? All of them must register at their local post office within three months, and if they don't it's a felony. Once a foreign national registers, he or she is sent a tamper-proof ID card allowing them to apply for working papers. They can also apply to be citizens, but their applications will be placed behind those applying legally. The feds should have the power to immediately deport anyone they feel is dangerous, criminal, or a social miscreant. Also, the aliens could not receive entitlements, although their children could. There's no amnesty, but there is hope that a hardworking foreign national might build a life here. That's a fair plan that would put a severe dent in a problem that has been vexing America for decades. Finally, it is long past time for the ideologues on both sides to stop the nonsense and do what is best for the country. The border must be controlled, amnesty is not fair, criminal aliens must be jailed and deported, and anyone caught sneaking in after immigration reform is passed will also be charged with a felony. That's reform that would work."
Pushing Immigration Reform
Guests: Monica Crowley & Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley put forth their opinions on how to deal with the immigration chaos. "I disagree with the president about sending children back," Powers began, "and I don't understand how he's going to do this. Who is he sending them back to? Is he just going to throw them on a bus and send them back to their dangerous countries? These are human beings and I support amnesty." On the other hand, Crowley endorsed President Obama's stated plan, but expressed skepticism about his willingness to follow through. "This sounds good on paper, but the problem is the president's credibility. No one believes him now about anything, but if he follows through I'll be the first one to give him props."
The "War on Women"
Guests: John Stossel
Some on the left are in a tizzy after the Supreme Court ruled that some small companies do not have to supply female workers with certain forms of birth control. Fox Business host John Stossel ridiculed the accusation that the ruling is another salvo in the 'war on women.' "Nobody is talking about taking anybody's access," he stated. "Even if all this stuff was banned, buy it yourself! It's not saying women can't have it, it's just saying other people shouldn't be forced to buy it for you. And if you can't afford it, Planned Parenthood will give it to you for free. This is the totalitarian left saying that unless someone else pays for your health care you aren't getting it. Some people are so hell-bent on seeing oppressors of women that they actually believe it."
More on the Hobby Lobby Ruling
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl also opined on the Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby birth control case. "The president thought the court was going to say that small corporations do not have freedom of religion," Wiehl theorized, "and he got that wrong. The court had already ruled that corporations are people, so the court got this right." Guilfoyle ridiculed those groups that claim women are the victims of bigotry. "There is hysteria and political propaganda. This was a really sound legal decision, the court had the standing to be able to do this, and it was a narrow decision."
Pushing Immigration Reform
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
Charles Krauthammer entered the No Spin Zone to put forth his own immigration plan. "This is not new," Dr. K began, "but this is the way to do the decent thing. I have two premises - number one, Americans are a humane people and they don't want to see 11-million people living in the shadows. Number two, Americans believe in a sovereign America that chooses who comes in. Therefore, if you could assure the American people that you would secure the border, they would then say we will legalize the cohort that is here now. However, if they feel there is no enforcement and there will be another 11-million in ten years, then they won't do it. So you have to secure the border, and when that is certified I would legalize. I would not give citizenship to those who broke the law, but they should have a right to work if they pay a fine." The Factor stressed that much of the onus has to be placed on those who have entered illegally: "I am very specific about what the illegal alien has to do because they have a responsibility. They have to register, obey the law, and get a job. And they don't get entitlements."
What Happened to Patriotism?
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
Returning for a second segment, Charles Krauthammer analyzed a new poll showing that only 56% of those questioned often feel proud to be an American. "If you break this down by ideology or party," he said, "these are mostly Democrats and liberals, people who take their cues from the president. Remember, in 2008 Michelle Obama said it was the first time in her life she was proud of her country, which wasn't just a slip. And then her husband traveled the world for a confession tour in which he talked about all of America's sins. This is new and quite remarkable and it's coming from the top. But for conservatives, the numbers are still quite high on patriotism and American exceptionalism." The Factor questioned why so many liberal Americans remain loyal to the president: "What I don't understand is why the president's core still believes in him and still echoes what he says. His worldview is obviously not working and is making this country weaker."
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